Last week I told you my good friend, Daymond John, was gifting you both of his top-rated business books-gratis, as a big favor to me. I suggested that you watch last week’s episode of Shark Tank last Friday to “get” the flavor of why it has been the runaway, smash reality TV hit show in its category. Again, if you didn’t (or haven’t) watched it the concept is powerful and insightful. Entrepreneurs present their operating or start-up business proposition to a panel of hard-nosed, no-nonsense, super successful business legends…to try and raise funding. Most people get shot down. But the questions and issues the panel of “sharks” pose to each presenter are exceptional lessons in critical thinking, business building and success thinking. My friend, Daymond, is probably one of the more intriguing “sharks” on the panel (which includes Mark Cuban, real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, technology whiz Robert Herjavec, and mega-mogul Kevin O’Leary). Daymond, you may not know, took a tiny cottage industry of selling hats and transformed it into a billion dollar, worldwide fashion dynasty. He’s since branched out and has interests in over 50 companies. He has advised or partnered with everyone from pop icon Kim Kardashian, to International superstar Pitbull, and countless others. And…he’s written two important books. The first chronicles his rise from obscurity to fashion brand dominance on four continents. The second book shares Daymond’s rather impressive strategic philosophies, business building methods and a treasure trove of advice and strategic instruction on branding your company and/or yourself. Reading both books will provide a broad-based understanding of how to hurtle your current business or career into a stratospheric place above all those you compete against. He’s giving you both books-gratis. Go here to get them: To download just use REFERRER CODE: Jay Abraham, and PROMOTIONAL CODE: JA-TBW-810 There’s nothing being sold afterward. It’s merely a gesture of faith and belief from one supremely successful entrepreneur (Daymond) in another up-and-coming entrepreneur (you). Also and this is important. I purposely awaited sending this out to you until today because I want to get you hooked on watching Shark Tank every Friday on ABC. Why? I think you can learn more from watching this hour-long business reality show, than from purchasing many seminar or training programs you’d ever attend. By the way, both Stanford and Harvard business schools use excerpts from Shark Tank episodes and perhaps successful or unsuccessful funding presenters as case study material for their grad students. Read both of Daymond’s books in this order: “Display of Power” first, then “The Brand Within” next. Friday night/tonight, ABC watch Daymond, Mark Cuban and all the other sharks “slice & dice” the theory away from the propositions people make them. You’ll learn more watching this business reality show than just about any other real-life situation you could experience. Also I love watching the show with my wife and kids. Two of my sons in college one at Cal-Poly and the other at Santa Cruz, love watching. Invite your spouse and teenage or older kids to watch with you tonight. It’ll be a giggle for you all. Again, to read both books online go here: . To download just use REFERRER CODE: Jay Abraham, and PROMOTIONAL CODE: JA-TBW-810 and enjoy with Daymond’s best wishes.