Show 275

An Encounter with Tom Phillip‪s‬

On this week’s podcast episode we pull a presentation segment from waaay back in the archives with Tom Phillips (founder of Phillips Publishing International).

Show 274

Gain an Ethical Advantage in Your Industry With Bryce Hal‪l‬

In this episode, Bryce Hall interviews Jay about how he has become so successful in business. Bryce asks about performance maximizing efforts and hidden assets, and learns how looking outside one’s industry can change the game in business.

Show 273

Voice Encounter – Jay Interviews Harry Legg – How to Get Your Message Heard Above the Din of the Crow‪d‬

In this episode, Jay interviews Harry Legg, the voice of some of the biggest companies on the planet, like Nike, NBC Sports, and radio/TV stations worldwide. Harry shares why his voice is like a brand, and how his voice is behind the signature sounds that play a part in powerful marketing efforts.

Show 272

Let’s Go Fishing and Get Hooked on Great Marketing Concept‪s

Show 271

Edward Hallowell, Switch From Running on Square to Round Wheel‪s‬

In this episode, Jay interviews Dr. Edward Hallowell, an American psychiatrist, speaker, author, and podcast host. He specializes in ADHD and is the founder of the Hallowell Centers. He is also the author of 20 books, including Driven to Distraction, and the host of the Distraction podcast.

Show 270

The Only Three Ways to Grow a Busines‪s‬

In this episode, Jay is interviewed by Martin North, a senior consultant and executive specializing in creating enhanced shareholder value and improved business performance in firms ranging from multinational companies to start-ups.

Show 269

Take the Risk on Success with Denis Waitle‪y‬

In this episode, Denis Waitley, an American motivational speaker, writer, and consultant, speaks about mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, and making empowered decisions. Denis has spoken from the stage for over 25 years and has been inducted into the International Speakers’ Hall of Fame.

Show 268

How to Think Outside the Box with Sangram Vajr‪e

In this episode, Sangram Vajre, one of the leading minds in B2B marketing and the co-founder of Terminus, interviews Jay Abraham. Sangram taps into Jay’s mind and learns how to start thinking outside the box by thinking beyond exponential.

Show 267

Drew Kaplan, Approaching Sales From a New Perspectiv‪e‬

In this episode, Jay interviews Drew Alan Kaplan, the founder of the DAK Catalog and DAK Industries. Drew is a long-time entrepreneur and tech lover, and fueled his passion for providing the best tech to consumers with his business.

Show 266

Exponential Growth Masterclas‪s‬

In this episode, Jay gets interviewed by Nick Bradley, an investor, entrepreneur, “Scale-Up Specialist,” and host of the Scale Up Your Business podcast. Over the last decade, he has helped grow and scale 22 businesses that have sold for a combined value of over £3 billion pounds.

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