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The Strategy of Preeminence – this is the foundation of all I stand for. Actually, it’s both a strategic philosophy and a philosophical strategy for operating a preeminent business. I learned it from a client who used this belief system to hurtle their company to dominant leadership in an ultra-competitive industry. More interestingly, they out-sold their closest competition by 40% and had margins 35% higher. This “mini-collection” explains how they did it – how I do it – how YOU can do it, too!

This strategy should become the underpinning of your culture, hiring, marketing, client interaction – everything should flow from this powerful belief system and new world business view. You receive three components: One, a transcription of a live discussion I did of the concept to a huge conference group. Two, the key belief points to always focus on. Three, an edited video of an actual personal presentation I did. This should be next in your progression cycle.

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This is a full-length, 60-minute video instructional I did a few years back on how to master/harness (and harvest) all the amazing abundance that’s yours when you embrace the Strategy of Preeminence.

Taken from the central, key segment of one of my large-attendance Mastermind Marketing Programs this 30-minute video explains, explores, examines illustrates and demonstrates what being preeminent looks like for both the person experiencing it i.e. you/your business, as well as the recipient i.e. your prospect/client.

If you want your business to be more preeminent, you can watch me here doing a keynote at the Fitness Business Summit that teaches specific implications/applications that dimensionalize what it means, how it’s done, what it feels like on the receiving end or dispensing side.

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In order for you to successfully adopt and embrace the Strategy of Preeminence, philosophical strategy in your organization, you have to start a bunch of different shifts in the way you refer to everything you deal with. In this transcript of an interview I did with the late Chet Holmes, I dive deeply into how and why you must do this if you want to be relevant to your market.

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If you’re looking for the abridged, “Cliff Notes” version of the Strategy of Preeminence then you’re sure to find these notes taken by one of my longtime clients, Carlos Dias, incredibly useful to gain a quick but thorough understanding of the subject.

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