Masterful Thinking

Jay believes that most businesses don’t understand that…you’re paid to think.

The driver of business performance today is a surprisingly simple understanding: You are paid by the world, to think differently, and to solve problems or create opportunities (and create value) in better ways than others.

Primary Strategies

Find out how to improve your strategy, transform your entire marketing approach, enhance your competitive positioning, and uncover new profitable revenue sources…


How does your business consistently get the highest and best outcomes? Optimization. It is one of Jay’s foundational business principles.

PDFs and Reports

Develop and master Jay’s “360° Strategic Business Vision” principles — and the implementation stages and steps needed to maximize and monetize your results through this diverse compendium of documents on a wade array of business building topics.

Case Studies

Learn about Jay’s business successes and expand your knowledge and understanding of the applications of his theories through case studies from the front lines of capitalism.