A Different Slant On “Keynote” Addresses

Jay approaches group presentations differently from most keynote speakers…

He does not merely do the standard one-hour canned presentation. Instead, he typically does a hybrid of principles and examples, followed by 2+ hours of problem solving, Q&A, and opportunity mining clinics with participants.

His forte, is the ability to think “way outside the box” while thinking “way inside the box” when addressing multiple potential scenarios has enabled him to find creative, preemptive, solutions (with high-performance results) to very complex problems on demand, live at events.

Some of Jay’s proprietary methodology includes:

  • Three Ways to Grow A Business Model
  • Power Parthenon of Geometric Business Growth
  • Nine Drivers of Exponential Performance
  • The Strategy of Preeminence
  • The Advanced Strategy of Preeminence
  • Maven Marketing Manifesto (co-author)
  • The Sticking Point Solutions
  • Leverage Marketing
  • Mining, Monetizing, Managing Relational Capital
  • PEQ Optimization

PLUS, when time permits, he interacts with participants in special VIP mini-masterminds and meets with sponsors all for the same fee equivalent experts charge for simple one-hour.

In addition he provides unimaginable resources the event sponsor can share in advance with their prospects and allows them to reside on your website, ALL without any extra charge!


  • Opti-Port Spark Conference — September 26th, 2018 — Las Vegas, NV Jay shares the stage as one of two keynote speakers for this national alliance of leading multi-office eye care providers.
  • Collective Genius Event — October 15th-16th, 2018 — Austin, TX
  • Titans Mastermind — October 24th, 2018 — Connecticut “What is holding you back in the growth of your business?” Jay joins Brian Kurtz at his private mastermind event to share with this high-level group different perspectives and tactics on growing your business.
  • Success Resources — November 7th, 2018 — Hanoi, Vietnam

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Past Events

Aug 2018 Billion Dollar Body Event – Keynote

Spend two hours absorbing mind-altering ideas and strategies from Jay. He discusses business and life with a room of business owners working to create an ultimate state of health, power, and confidence.

Aug 2018 Tom Ferry – Success Summit Keynote

Here's your chance to experience Jay's keynote speech from Tom Ferry's 2018 Success Summit held at the Anaheim Convention Center on August 9th.

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