It’s a well-documented fact that my company, The Abraham Group Inc., under my direct hands-on leadership has probably helped more business owners/entrepreneurs, in more diverse industries, make more money, in more breakthrough or disruptive ways — than, perhaps any advisory source of business building expertise in the entrepreneurial space.

See the list of 7100 + categories that have sought our help/assistance here.

This statement is not meant to sound brash or audacious. But facts are facts.

So how do we help our client companies “up-end” industries and out think, out market, out sell, out position, out contribute, out strategize their formidable direct and indirect competitors?

We understand how to harness the power of geometry in up to 50 separate impact points in your business to identify then mine, monetize and maximize hidden opportunities, untapped assets (tangible and intangible), overlooked possibilities, under-performing activities/efforts, under-utilized relationships, distribution, alternative approaches that dramatically outperform what your competitor typically accepts.

We carefully evaluate/identify the precise “impact levers” that can and will have the most stunning positive effect on the marketplace you’re after. We assess all the competitive concerns, both explicit and implicit, to formulate transformative/disruptive, and frequently incomparable business models, revenue approaches, marketing strategies.

Because of my direct experience with 465 industries, 300 world-recognized experts, the world’s largest multivariable testing organization, the world’s largest specialized psychological and sociological research organization, and the creator of optimization (W. Edwards Deming) – our firm understands a far higher spectrum of the options, opportunities, and performance enhancement possibilities available.

Whatever competition, concerns, market challenges, or broken business models your organization may be struggling with – we are fascinated, possess absolute zeal and boundless energy, and well-hedged boldness to figure out what will multiply your sales, increase your profits, and maximize your competitive sustainable market advantage.

Our services range from private long-term advisory/strategic counsel from me directly, to high-impact small attendance specialized group training.

We purposely do not sell many information-type products anymore – preferring to gift them freely to you instead, to help expand your sense of all that’s possible for your business future.

We teach clients, attendees, and beneficiaries of our freely disseminated resources how to create a transformed culture inside and outside their business — This is called the Strategy of Preeminence we have been synonymous for creating.

Here are six of Jay’s top business growth strategies

Relational Capital

Relational Capital — ethically taking full advantage of relationships you have with people and companies that you interact with by forming strategic alliances and partnerships. Relational Capital can be used like a blank check to access a near infinite amount of resources and also allow you to target highly receptive markets with no investment, little effort, and zero risk. You can also use this powerful form of capital to reach a regional, national and/or international market almost overnight!


The Strategy of Preeminence is a powerful, yet simple strategy where you see yourself as your market’s most trusted advisor. At the heart of it all, you also have to believe that what you’re doing is for a greater good, that you’re selfless in your business goal to serve the client better and more fully than anybody else does. the money will follow, but that is just an acknowledgment that you are serving others in ways they value and want to reward. As a result, your perception and persona will transform the relationship with the client.

Leverage Marketing

Leverage marketing is the science (not art) of finding highly multiplied performance yield out of every revenue harvesting activity and sub-element your business uses now – PLUS, it’s learning to identify, examine, and correlate the contributing relationships or lack thereof for each-and-every sub-process in their revenue system. Click HERE to download a document on 61 different leverage points.

Three Ways To Grow A Business

There are three ways to grow any business. Increase the number of clients, increase the average transaction value and increase the frequency of repurchase and/or get more residual value out of each client. Do any one and you can grow in a linear manner. Do any combination of the three and you grow exponentially. 

9 drivers

There are nine drivers of upside leverage and exponential business growth. Jay has analyzed and examined how the highest performing businesses were driving their growth, profitability and competitive superiority. These specific drivers of revenue/sales growth, profit explosion, and market dominance that can be universally applicable to ANY business. Enjoy leveraging-up the results and performance yield of everything your business does from now on.

Critical Thinking 

The driver of business performance today is a surprisingly simple understanding: You are paid by the world, to think differently/critically and to solve problems or create opportunities/value in better ways than others. You are paid to think differently and more critically than your competitors think – about everything from business model, to brand position, to distribution channels, to marketing, to superior competitive market strategy.

Jay as also found that — the majority of businesses out there are unknowingly stuck in one of multiples of nine ways.

  • 1Are You Stuck Losing Out to the Competition?

  • 2Are You Stuck Not Selling Enough?

  • 3Are You Stuck with Erratic Business Volume?
  • 4Are You Stuck Failing to Strategize?
  • 5Are You Stuck with Costs Eating Up All Your Profits?
  • 6Are You Stuck Still Doing What’s Not Working?
  • 7Are You Stuck Being Marginalized by the Marketplace?
  • 8Are You Stuck with Mediocre Marketing?
  • 9Are You Stuck Still Saying “I Can Do It Myself”?

If you want to do business with people who think decisively different than all your competitors, you’ll enjoy the perspective we share on this site. If you’d like/need to take your business strategy to the next level by discovering new, more sophisticated ways of thinking — we’ll move your mind and critical thinking to be decisively better.

If you’re tired of warmed over theories and cliches, we’ll provide hard-hitting, no-nonsense, non-traditional ways to look at your market, competitors, and actions/activities that will definitely change the way you play the game/run your business.

If you’re searching for ideas that can make a profound mark on your thinking, behavior – these resources and advice will shatter your conventional thinking and herd-mentality models and approaches.

Finally — it is my sincere hope that our site will open your eyes to new possibilities for profit in your business activities, efforts, and opportunities.

Remember this: it costs your business the same fixed investment of time, effort, capital, human capital, talent, opportunity cost — whether you run ads, use digital/social media, dispatch a sales person etc. — to produce 1X the result, 3X the result, 10X the result or more.

It costs the same to acquire a prospect, lead, visitor, trial — whether you convert 1%, 3%, 5%, or 10%.

It costs the same to gain that first sale whether it’s $50, $100, $250, or $500.

It costs the same to generate that buyer whether they buy one time a year and never repurchase, buy once every 6 months, once every 3 months, or once a month. If you can get ads that produce X — to produce 2X, salespeople who close 1 out of 10 prospects to close 1 out of 5, buyers who used to only buy $50 to start buying $125, or buyers who used to buy only once — to by twice or thrice annually – the result is an exponential explosion of sales and an even greater increase in profit.

Welcome to our world. I hope you find our ideas, and those ideas of all my well-reasoned expert friends and colleagues truly enriching.

Jay Abraham