50 Shades of Jay # 36 – Discover Your Biggest Opponent

I love unconventional, nonlinear, contrarian thinkers whose perspectives prove out, time and time again. Many, if not every one of us can learn from studying these mammoth minds, whose ideology and philosophy is usually unimaginably simple. In shade #36, I share with you two of those fine minds: Tony Robbins and coach John Wooden.

Coach John Wooden is among the finest minds in the world of quality high, sustainable performance – as well as someone renowned for building better character, ethical compasses, and collaborative mindsets in his team than any coach before (or after)! Tony Robbins does one of the finest, most penetrating, stimulating, and thought-provoking two-hour long deep-dive interviews on personal values with John Wooden. It is considered a legendary classic.

The winningest coach in basketball history challenges YOU to compete against yourself…

(and make everyone on your team better)—Don’t compete against your opponent!

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Click Here To Download Audio

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