Shade # 1

The Maven Matrix Manifesto

Being the most trusted advisor, go-to source, and thought leader

Shade # 2


Being Seen as Your Most Trusted Advisor For Life (and for everyone else in your life who is important to you)


“Out with the Old, in with the New”

Compare and contrast the evolution of my philosophical views and see for yourself what new (and powerful) distinctions I’ve discovered from my sphere of worldwide activities.

SHADE # 3.2

“Shaded Shade”

Me and Tony Robbins from Different Angles


CEO Who Sees Around Corners

How to Make the Right Reality-Based Strategic Decisions in a Fast-Moving World


Unlocking Your Inner Greatness

Components to elevate, accelerate and multiply your abilities to be great in all areas of your life.


The Doctor is "IN"

Learn how to masterfully manage and maintain maximum focus — and harness the enormous power of your mind!


"Paid To Think"

What wins today in business IS NOT the ability to "out-muscle" or "out-resource" the competition. Rather, it's the ability to out think your competitors!


Oldies but not Forgotten Goodies


Bedtime Stories for Business Owners

A rather provocative, cartoon-driven, business book titled "Find the Motherlode of Wealth in Your Business"

SHADE # 10

New Slant the Strategy of Preeminence

Everything you need to get you started toward a great strategy or business model

SHADE # 11

Jay’s Grab Bag

A thought provoking amalgam of components intended to move your thinking a bit more to the right.

SHADE # 12

Jay’s Theme Song and Classic Music Video

SHADE # 13

Off-The-Record & Raw (& Private)

Answers to private and personal questions – – most of which shockingly different than the standard questions in a typical interview chain.

SHADE # 14

Hot Seats Galore!

SHADE # 15

Overall Performance Enhancers

Explore leverage or impact factors that either positively or negatively affect sales, marketing, positioning, and competitive efforts.

SHADE # 16

The “Swiss Army Knife” Shade

Eleven Different Tools in One!

SHADE # 17

The Connection, Connection Shade

An extemporaneous discussion of how to connect strategically, meaningfully, and successfully.

SHADE # 18

Crazy Eights

Eight interesting, provocative - yet loosely connected - intellectually, conceptually, financially, and philosophically stimulating resources.

SHADE # 19

Reader’s Choice “BOOK LIST”

SHADE # 20

ABRAHAM 101 — The British Point of View

SHADE # 21

Crashing Weddings in the Puerto Rican Sun

A laid back overview on thinking differently — in way that will prevent you from becoming a commodity. (Version 2)

SHADE # 22

A Chinese Dossier For Your Eyes Only

Raw and authentic hotseat summaries worth millions...

SHADE # 23

Nine Drivers — Upside Leverage At It’s Finest, 9X

Leverage-up the performance, profitability and preeminence in your business — nine powerful ways!

Shade #24

Your Secret Wealth

My Famous Course Turned into a Book

Shade #25

50 Shades of Jay # 25 – London Broil (#1)

1 hour of highly-focused, non-theoretical, no-nonsense Q&A

Shade #26

London Broil (#2)

1.5 more hours of highly-focused, non-theoretical, no-nonsense Q&A

Shade #27

London Broil (#3)

The final 1 hour of highly-focused, non-theoretical, no-nonsense Q&A

Shade #28

A Different Side of Jay

See A Side of Me You Haven’t Seen Before — Warts and All!

Shade #29

Direct Response Greatness + A Famous Sales Letter

Shade #30

Happy Chinese New Year!

Finding Quality Prospects, 3 Ways To Grow A Business, And Challenges Vs. Opportunities That Can Help Start Your New Year Off Right!

Shade #31

The Super Shade

Shade #32

Billionaire Success Principles

Investor Ray Dalio Shares His Top 210 Principles in a 123-Page Manifesto.

Shade #33

Mechanics of Reputation Management

Control Your Reputation Online & Trust Building

Shade #34

Blog-athon — “When the Mood Strikes"

A "Sneak Preview" of the blogs to come…

Shade #35

Attack of the 600+ Slide PowerPoint(s)

Shade #36

Discover Your Biggest Opponent

Winningest coach in basketball history challenges YOU to compete against YOURSELF

Shade #37

The Mentor-list

Famous legends and their masterful thinking partners.

Shade #38

The Non-Shade, Shade

70 Provocative Resources Gathered Just for You

Shade #39

Critical Thinking And Socratic Interviewing Shade

Shade #40

The Many Faces of Jay: A Virtual Exhibition

Shade #41

Preeminence or Bust!

Key Components to Help You Become the Most Trusted Advisor in Your Clients' Lives.

Shade #42

The Non-Shade Shade – Take 2

100+ interviews, presentations, books, articles, blogs, etc. – gifted throughout 2017

Shade #43

A Message To The Millennials

Interviews, Presentations, Articles and More.

Shade #44

The Distillation / Reconnection Shade

Books broken to their core


Expanding Your Worldview…



John Paul DeJoria
Billionaire Owner of Paul Mitchell/Patron Tequila Shares His Secrets of Success in Business and Life