You’ll like this.

I just returned from ShangHai, where I did three solid days of $25,000 per person, 1-1/2 Hour Hotseats on stage – using two translators: one for me to the person ON the Hotseat, and one for them to respond back to my penetrating questions and marketing makeover recommendations. 

One of those two translators is the woman who actually sells the Hotseat Experience to entrepreneurs throughout China. By the way, SHE got nearly 350 entrepreneurs to pay $5,000 each just to come watch, take notes and mastermind together with me.

That stated, the woman, Ms. Fiona Freeman, took comprehensive notes for each Hotseat – and put together a wonderful summarization of the “Big Impact” distinction and more powerful methods I devised on these Hotseats. She was originally scheduled to do a 45-minute wrap-up review at the end. But it got cut off, which I think is a tragedy.

So I asked Fiona to put her biggest “impact” thoughts down in English and send them to me – and I’d send her deeply impressive observations out world-wide to my list.

She sent them last weekend, and true to my word, here they are – what I’m calling the Chinese Dossier.

At first I was going to edit her writing a bit.

But upon reflection I decided to keep it raw and authentic.

Oh and as most often is the case – Fiona’s Hotseat observation’s document sells absolutely nothing.

I think you’ll enjoy Shade 22. Carefully review it – and work through the occasional difference in English language translation.

That’s it.