I’m embarrassed. I’ve been traveling mercilessly the last four months:  Tokyo, Singapore, Malaysia, Tokyo again, Puerto Rico, DC, Italy, London (twice!), and just returned from Shanghai.

Anyhow, while gone, I thought an editor had sent to my office the videos of two days of Keynote I delivered for the Wedding Planners in Puerto Rico.

But, only one day made it, and until now I didn’t even know it!

There’s a complete first day with a very intriguing overview, a fast-paced Keynote I did to set off the entire process. This “missing link” lasts approximately an hour.

You haven’t seen it yet, but now you will. 

It’s just been added to Fifty Shades of Jay as Shade 21 (Version 2)

Here are more notes from our “Chief of Quality Control…” 

His  favorite one is #19 below…  Powerful!

1.) Make everything you are doing work harder (higher yield).

2.) Take what works in one industry and apply it to another. The biggest breakthroughs don’t always come from within your industry; they can also come from outside.

3.) You could do linear growth, or you can do geometric/exponential growth.

4.) Invest in making whatever you are doing work better – (Test different approaches to all key factors).

5.) Create referral generating processes, systems, and strategies that you work all the time, and that your entire team consistently adheres to.

6.) Being strategic allows you to slow down, to go faster. 

7.) Most of the things we do are sub-optimized.

8.) If your business was a mutual fund, would you buy it?

9.) Change your marketing/strategy/utilization of capital/business model/processes & procedures/ideology and change your results (Test every leverage component in your marketing). 

10.) Most small entrepreneurs have no idea what strategy is and operate tactically.

11.) You should only do things tactically that advance and enhance your clear cut strategy.

12.) The vast majority of small businesses only get 20% of the productivity that their team could deliver until they commit to optimizing.

13.) Everyone in your organization needs to be trained in consultative advisory selling.

14.) Learn who already has a strongly-bonded relationship with the market you want, and learn to control the opportunity and relationship ethically (Strategic alliances).

15.) What do you do after the immediate relationship with the client is over—How will you be involved in the continuum of their life, since they already trust you?

16.) Figure out the process you have in your business that applies to others in your industry that makes them more efficient, and license that process to them.

17.) See yourself as the most trusted advisor in your market to your clients. Always tell your clients what is in their best interest. Never allow them to buy fewer quantities/quality/combination/frequency than they should.

18.) You don’t have to wait for money to change hands before you invest massively in the relationship.

19.) Understand what the tangible/intangible/emotional/economical risks are in a relationship first, and preemptively overcome them.

Here it is: Shade 21 (Version 2) – Enjoy! And, apologies for the mix-up…