My intention in creating “50 Shades of Jay” was to transfer from me to you an immense spectrum of fresh, powerful business-building wisdom unique to me – – and now unique to you.

So today’s gift to you is one you wouldn’t normally expect – – and yet, absorbing the disarmingly understated scope you’ll gain from reading this uncategorically clarifying new book.

Called “The CEO Who Can See Around Corners,” it’s a three-year collaboration between famed intellectual super-consultant Carlos Dias (Former CEO of Adidas Latin America), the man who engineered 200 license deals from France to Latin America, including Louis Vuitton.

Anyhow, the purpose of this is creating a “Master Business Game Plan” for a thriving, outsized, high-performance/percent business.

Simply put, my partner Carlos Dias and I invested painstaking time, effort and passionate commitment in creating this rather indescribable book. It is intended for a large-sized business owner, however I’m confident you’ll gain enormously from reading it.

Here’s the link

I did an excerpt of the book last week and asked a group of 56 people to candidly read and review. Their comments were off the charts.

By the way, the book does not sell anything except teach you how to make critical-thinking based, reality business decisions in an utterly turbulent, competitive world.

Enjoy “The CEO Who Can See Around Corners.

– Jay

PS — As always, please feel free to share “The Ceo Who Sees Around Corners” with anyone that could benefit from reading it. And, if you truly enjoyed the content, a brief review would be greatly appreciated as well.