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Learn what type of companies JAY ABRAHAM will pay a "King's Ransom," to find and collaborate with...

  • Jay only works with High Achievers who are absolute MONSTERS OF EXECUTION and IMPLEMENTATION.
  • Clients must be fanatics about non-linear thinking and engineering breakthroughs for the GEOMETRIC growth of profits.
  • Jay wants to be paid 95% of his $1 Million Dollar Consulting Fee on his "Performance" not on a "Flat" retainer fee.
  • REFER A CLIENT and get paid a minimum 3% residual commission for LIFE on any business that comes from the connection!

Dear Entrepreneur

If you currently own a successfully operating business with verifiable revenue and massive growth potential—or you have connections to these types of companies—you are going to want to read on….

JAY ABRAHAM is looking for companies that have been doing at least a Million dollars in revenue for the past 3 years and looking to grow stratospherically higher. What does stratospherically higher mean?

Simply put Jay wants to help any client he takes on make at least 18 Million Dollars in new revenue so he can earn a $1 Million dollar fee for his effort counsel and advise.

That’s an 18-to-1 ratio in your favor.

And it gets better…

Jay is willing to take on 95% of the risk by making the majority of his money of performance. A small starter fee of $50K get’s you in the door—but it’s your job to keep the door open.

Stated differently you will pay the first 5% of Jay’s million dollar fee upfront (or in payments for a small additional charge) and the remaining 95% will be paid when and after Jay makes you more profitable than when he found you.

Watch the video below to hear directly from Jay himself:

- How the process works

- Who it’s right for

- and what makes him pick one person over another.


If you already know Jay's "Track Record" and you want to reach out to Jay’s Director of Client Admissions directly to set up a call—you can email Rob Mosquera at:

See the cover letter of the Actual Long Term, Private Mentoring Agreement below...


Since Jay is taking on 95% of the risk in his time and opportunity cost—this is just the summary of a typical agreement—and a more comprehensive/formal agreement is uniquely created on a “Case-by-Case” basis.


[SAMPLE] Long-Term Private Mentoring Agreement


The following is a long-term agreement for purposes of securing the collaborative best-reasoned private mentorship recommendations of Jay Abraham (JA) representing The Abraham Group Inc. a California Corporation to help [COMPANY NAME] a [PLACE OF BUSINESS] based business entity on a long-term basis.  The goal is to help identify highest and best methods to grow business revenue and income.  This mentorship will address both existing and new sales marketing and revenue-generating activities unless otherwise indicated.

Specifically this arrangement is designed to focus on helping uncover a pathway to stimulate the long-term creation of and achieve a target goal of approximately $18M additional dollars to be generated by [COMPANY NAME] over a reasonable period of time through the cooperative collaborative mentorship sessions that JA holds with [COMPANY NAME] and any other members of its executive team.

The arrangement is specifically designed to focus on results—not time expended.

Towards that arrangement JA only agrees to provide one 60-90-minute per month deep-dive mentoring session — focused on what seems to serve the business most advantageously that month. Sessions will focus on the most high-impact/high-leverage integrative elements of the business that JA feels the business needs to work on first second third etc.  Likewise 95% of the entire $1 million mentoring fee will be “performance-based”.

The duration of the agreement will be until [COMPANY NAME] has achieved up to $18M increase in revenue (see revenue sharing schedules below) and paid JA the total fee of $1 million — or until either party decides to terminate the relationship in accordance with timelines below.

The operating structure of the arrangement will be as follows:

In the beginning JA will invest approximately four hours of “hands-on” discovery effort immersing himself in understanding the business via Skype conference call or the equivalent.  [COMPANY NAME] will prepare complete/detailed timely answers and data to fulfill the request(s) which JA will pose during discovery sessions.  This allows him to be as knowledgeable as possible about [COMPANY NAME] and know where there seems to be the highest-and-best need for focus and where mentorship attention should first be concentrated.  It should also reveal where the greatest levels of underperformance undervalue and untapped opportunities may lie.

Thereafter on a monthly basis a high-level “compression-accelerator” based high-performance mentorship session will be held — again which will be a minimum of 60-minutes and a maximum of 90-minutes a month.  It may be conducted as one session or JA may determine to conduct it broken into two segments—based on what JA deems most warranted and what issues/progressive discussion will best serve the outcome goals of all parties.

Specifically the entire mentoring process is performed and offered by JA on best efforts basis-only.  That is why 95% of the fee paid to JA is purely performance/results based.  JA will be mentoring your business to squarely focus on helping generate up to $18M in quality revenue over the fastest safest time period possible.  The intent is to create an 18-1 value proposition.  But results will be highly dependent upon what [COMPANY NAME] does with perspectives JA shares.

There are no guarantees in life; there are less in business.

The only guarantees that JA provides is that he will render his best-reasoned best-experienced mentoring perspectives from his expertise —drawn from an enormous reservoir of successful real-world knowledge and experiences.  He is offering to help [COMPANY NAME] uncover (then mentor them) to develop promising strategies to produce the target growth goal in the safest fastest most profitable and pragmatic way JA knows possible.  Again this is a “best-efforts” arrangement that [COMPANY NAME] is always free to apply or reject.


The basis of this arrangement will be two parts

Initially [COMPANY NAME] will pay a one-time non­refundable “starter fee” of $50000 US dollars.  There will first be a $5000 good-faith qualification assessment deposit [COMPANY NAME] has immediately provided.  This is to allow JA’s team then JA himself to determine [COMPANY NAME]’s true suitability and compatibility to this highly “performance-weighted” form of long-term mentorship.

The $5000 good faith deposit paid in advance for JA’s team and JA to evaluate assess and perform due-diligence on [COMPANY NAME]’s true potential for this collaborative process will be fully applied towards the $50000 starter fee—IF [COMPANY NAME]—is deemed suitable and accepted.  Then upon positive notification the remaining balance ($45000 or $95000 depending on whether or not client is a Tony Robbins Platinum Member) will be due and payable to The Abraham Group Inc. within 10 working days.

If the company is not deemed appropriate—the $5000 starter deposit will be immediately returned and the application will be respectfully declined.

If [COMPANY NAME] IS accepted after the evaluation/examination process and [COMPANY NAME] elects NOT to go forward your $5000 qualification assessment fee will be kept by JA for effort/time invested but you would owe The Abraham Group Inc. nothing more.

Also—if you are accepted but short-term cash flow issues make paying in installments more convenient—You may pay the remainder of the starter fee in four equal installments of $15000 over 6 months (every 45 days).  The first payment would only be $10000 because you are credited $5000 for the initial assessment process you already paid for (then the last 3 payments are $15000 each).  This flexible payment structure comes to a slightly higher amount of $60000 total.

However it gets paid this starter fee is non-refundable and will be used as evidence of [COMPANY NAME]’s long-term commitment to the mentoring process and is considered by JA YOUR price of entry to participate in this 95% performance-based/result-based mentoring program with JA.

On a monthly basis JA will provide regularly scheduled direct access to Jay Abraham himself by phone Skype or the equivalent.   [COMPANY NAME] will in turn provide satisfactory evidence that they have executed applied and implemented the appropriate ideas/strategies being discussed in these sessions.  They will also provide required documentation of financial performance within all relevant aspects of the business that JA’s mentorship discussions address.

More specifically JA may focus his mentoring conversations on different areas and activities of [COMPANY NAME]’s business impact/leverage points as well as current activities not performing optimally and different internal or external opportunities not being properly/fully or even meaningfully pursued. In addition the mentoring relationship may address new forms sources and channels of opportunity that both parties feel are appropriate.

Every month financial data must be submitted so that JA can gauge the revenue growth resulting from various concepts recommendations strategy or tactical shifts covered in the previous mentoring discussions. There will be simple forms furnished and templates for [COMPANY NAME] to use. None will be difficult or onerous. All information provided will be kept confidential by both parties.

As quality revenue grows that can be clearly (and mutually) agreed IS a direct result of the mentoring ideas and recommendations JA provides he will receive variable compensation in the forms and structured levels defined below:



Beginning the first day of the sixth month after the effective date of the start of this agreement and every month thereafter [COMPANY NAME] will pay JA in compensation payable to The Abraham Group Inc.:

*Zero/no variable payment is due for the first $150000 that results from this mentorship. This is to account for the “starter fee” paid at the commencement.

*On the Next $2000000 of revenue generated from this mentorship [COMPANY NAME] will pay JA 8% of revenue.  In essence you will keep $920000 per million and JA will only receive $80000 per million on first two million.

*Thereafter the variable fee drops down to 5% of the remaining $15840000.  Until the total one million dollar fee is paid in full.

* Note:  If JA introduces creates entirely new revenue streams profit sources business models products or services that were clearly and demonstrably NOT part of [COMPANY NAME]’s existing business dynamic—prior to this mentorship beginning JA will receive 10% on the first million dollars 7% of the second million then 4% on the remaining revenue from any higher profit newfound revenue sources that JA helps create.  These payments for new profit streams will count along with the above existing business increases all towards payment of the full $1 million total fee.

Once the full fee has been paid [COMPANY NAME] may use any/all intellectual property JA has developed for them during this mentorship-forever on an ongoing basis with no further fee or compensation due or payable to JA thereafter.  This may be amended by mutual consent and separate addendum.

The compensation will be paid out to JA as earned throughout the duration of the relationship—unless one of the following events occurs:

At three month intervals JA has the right to elect to terminate the relationship if:

  1. [COMPANY NAME] is not reasonably executing in a timely way on the basic ideas and recommendations they have been offered.  If this outcome is a possibility [COMPANY NAME] will receive a warning one month ahead of intended termination with an opportunity to correct/rectify the situation a month prior to termination.


  1. [COMPANY NAME] is executing but does not provide company financials or performance updates/appraisals for Jay Abraham to adjust course correct or build on.  A warning will be issued to the client a month prior to termination with an opportunity to rectify the situation by providing said financial documents.


  1.  [COMPANY NAME] does provide financials to JA but does not pay the variable compensation when due.

Protection for Mentoring Client

At any six-month interval [COMPANY NAME] is free to terminate – for any reason with a 30-day notice.  The only stipulations for termination are:

1.)  [COMPANY NAME] does not receive back their starter fee or any variable payments made to JA.

2.)  [COMPANY NAME] must pay JA any current royalties or percentages owed for the period.

3.) [COMPANY NAME] agrees to immediately and affirmatively abandon and stop using any and all strategies intellectual properties marketing copy or sales approaches that clearly trace back to JA creating them.

The intent and design of this agreement is very self-regulating.  Simply put the goal is to select high-performing mentoring relationships–representing high commitment prejudice towards action keen open-mindedness desire to become preeminent direct-ability high long-term viability of achieving the target goal high collaborative capabilities and a shared vision/ideal.  Also the hope is to initiate one or more breakthroughs to accelerate the achievement of the mutual revenue goals.

If both parties accept this agreement it means we are entering into a long-term collaborative relationship that’s based on a mutual best efforts basis and warranting to each side that we will do everything  “in good faith” within our respective power within the terms of the agreement to honor and fulfill our requirements to the other side.

It is the hope of both JA and [COMPANY NAME] that collaborating together for the betterment of [COMPANY NAME] can produce the $18M revenue growth in the fastest safest most profitable time period possible.

JA can’t guarantee anything other than the fact that his combined knowledge base should bring higher performance capability to the activities focused on —if [COMPANY NAME] implements executes and applies assiduously.  We think this a very fair and equitable agreement for both sides.  [COMPANY NAME] agrees to these terms by signing and executing then sending back two copies of this Agreement.

Date     / /2014

(Client Signature)

Date    / /2014

(Jay L. Abraham President The Abraham Group Inc.)


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