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Get a jump-start on joining Jay Abraham’s New 26-Week Mentoring Group– where only 100 people will be accepted. We are sharing this opportunity with you, (before the general public even sees the offer) because of your commitment to learning from the Hard-Drive. The email that will be going out in the next week is below…

Subject:  Me Sharing What’s Working: 26 Weeks, Two Hours/Week: Focus: Growing YOUR Business!

This is intended for those of you who areor are fast becoming—an industry transformer.

You’re beyond wanting/needing mere technical insights.

From your side—you want to grasp what’s REALLY going on out there. What’s really working strategically and transactionally. Specifically, what new things are happening in the business world. The big shifts in marketing, strategy or communication that the sharpest minds are pioneering—RIGHT NOW. 

From my side—you want to know what new ways I’m doing things with my worldwide portfolio of diverse clients. What performance-shattering acceleration and elevation resources are available to hurtle your results higher, better, bigger, longer.

STATED DIFFERENTLY: You don’t have the interest (or time) to waste on learning what “used” to work. Transformers who want to be at the top of their field want fresh perspectives, new ways of thinking, new strategies for doing things at the highest levels of impact and performance possible!

Why am I setting THIS lofty expectation up for you, here?


I’m extending an invitation—of sorts, to the type of person who belongs in the electric/eclectic group I’ve described above. 

My outright intention here is to offer you exceptional economic “performance enhancement” for and from all you do. 

But—it’s also to quench the insatiable thirst (I suspect) you have…for discovery, understanding, comprehending blockbuster ideas and powerhouse stratagems that can have monumental, positive impact on ALL you ever do. 

If you’re NOT the kind of person who HAS the ability and perception to seek out ideas that elegantly (but exceptionally) leverage-up whatever it is you’re doing now, how you do it, why and where you do it—I think you should probably NOT even consider what follows.

I don’t have the interest or infrastructure to conduct another big seminar here in the U.S.—like the “monster,” three to ten day events we used to do. But I DO have an enormous amount of highly evolved knowledge that I’ve acquired, assimilated, absorbed and developed/perfected over the last five years—since I stopped doing North American seminars; knowledge few others possess.

I’ve been very impressed with the dynamic/mammoth minds I’ve gotten to collaborate with, work side-by-side with, learn from—worldwide. 

I’ve enjoyed utterly brilliant, fascinating, unimaginably-stimulating and deeply-penetrating exposure to more original thinkers, innovative/breakthrough business growth discussion, pioneering idea formulation and wildly/wonderfully successful, iconic entrepreneurs in this last five years—than all my previous thirty year career—combined.

The quality of the ideas and thinking I’ve gained from, the diversity and spectrum of industries I’ve been exposed to…well, let’s just say it’s orders of magnitude beyond interesting!

Even the work I’ve gotten to do with Relational Capital—I really don’t know anybody on the planet who’s gotten to try out as many potent business strategies, experiment with more business models, comparatively test-out more marketing approaches, engineer and validate more competitive re-positioning structures, develop and prove-out more value-added propositions—than I’ve been as fortunate to architect. 

I understand, perhaps better than most, the enormous power and force this mammoth knowledge base represents—when properly harnessed to an enterprise that’s stuck, yet poised to explode upward—like a just-released, tightly coiled, high-compression, industrial strength spring!

Back now, to my purpose in writing….

Everyone wants me to do one more ultimate seminar that’s an integration of the best composite-distinctions I ever came up with from my nearly 50 different, unduplicated specialty past programs. But they ALSO want me to “add-in” ALL the latest discoveries I’ve either personally engineered worldwide, or have been privileged to learn from MY high-level mentors, colleagues and contemporaries.

Everyone also keeps asking if I’ll be hosting another wild n’ wooly Master Mind group, where participants can pose critical/deep/complex questions in a face-to-face setting and receive priceless solutions to their most stubborn business challenges.

Truth is—I’ve repetitively refused all.

It’s too much organizational effort for my limited staff. There are too many promotional requirements involved. I’d rather reserve my resource capacity for channeling big-payoff ideas to high-yielding clients that compensate me continuous revenue/profit shares. 

But, I have to admit, I HAVE enjoyed dealing with real business growth at the deepest, most diverse, loftiest levels—and I’ve covered more areas of sales, marketing mastery and profit enhancement than I can even list. 

I feel that anything I do at this point in my professional life MUST be done in a somewhat “epic” way to have enough value to make it worth either my or your opportunity cost.

I’ve somewhat collided between wanting to never do another seminar again and wishing I could exchange everything worthwhile (and profound) I know that works—with everyone I can possibly reach or touch. Talk about a huge dichotomy-conundrum. 


So, I finally reconciled my rather tormenting dilemma:

I’ve decided—ONE TIME ONLY—to personally orchestrate/conduct a 26-week, two hour a week, knowledge-exchange, mind shift, brain boosting, “intellectual growth gala”—via group conference call—beginning in November.

My name for it is "Reshaping Your Business Future”.

My intention?

For all the very best “stuff” that resides in MY highly evolved brain to get transferred, translated, instilled and richly installed into YOUR sponge-like, agile mind! 

But it’s going to be much more than just a typical “seminar” I assure you, because participants will be interacting directly with me at the end of each call.  This will help them apply the concepts being revealed specifically to their individual business situations. So IF someone doesn’t “get it” on first take, they’ll have ample opportunity to gain mountains of rock solid clarity.

The VALUE of this combination—which will persist onward for 26 solid weeks—is truly off the charts when you think about what it could do for ANY quality business or entrepreneur.

I’ve already carefully outlined an unimaginably fascinating curriculum, developed an innovative process that integrates (at the deepest levels) a unique hybrid of thinking and methodology that represents all I’ve learned—then forged them together—into a most provocative format. 

Try and imagine ALL my best current thinking—flowing “torrentially” into an even wider body of newfound understanding, which I’ve acquired by traveling around the world and traveling amongst 465 different industries! 

Think of it as 26-weeks of explosive volcanic eruptions with red hot ideas flowing unstoppably—every session—like rivers of molten lava shooting to 40,000 feet from the mouth of Mt. Vesuvius!

As I write this, I’ve surrounded myself with over 150 powerful concepts I’m blending together into (arguably) the most stimulating synthesis and unique business “super growth” brain-food-amalgam I’ve ever shared.

I’ve secured commitments from some of the smartest people I know to guest contribute with me on various sessions—none sell anything. These are enormous thinkers, stunning/phenomenal achievers—none are “the usual suspects.” With all immodesty—I’m privileged to “run” with a decidedly more-elevated business crowd.

So I’ll be bringing them along to contribute to the unparalleled experience that awaits. Furthermore, I’ll be blending together my best-reasoned, best-performing, best-influenced, best-inspired ideologies, methodologies and newfound philosophies.

Well, I’ll just say this: I’ve never attempted anything remotely this important, relevant or auspicious.

Now I’m not trying to be brash, arrogant or audacious here. I’m actually rather humbled by all my business life has been fortunate to experience. What it has evolved into. How much it has understood and successfully encountered.

By now, you know that I really don’t particularly care if a symposia-type experimental process I try-out attracts a large crowd—OR merely produces a smaller, intimate, but higher strata “cadre” of the right quality people, i.e. The ones I REALLY want to reach. 

Therefore—I don’t want legions of people to group mentor during this rarified process. Only 100 will be accepted. No more. Period.

Frankly—the process, intent and highly interactive dynamic I’ll be orchestrating cannot masterfully accommodate more than 100 top shelf participants anyhow. So our selection must be limited.

What I want is for THIS 26-week, 52-cumulative hours of “hard-won” knowledge-exchange to contribute extraordinary meaning/impact/outcome—again, for the right people.

I promise those who grasp the magnitude of what I’ll be doing—an exceptional convergence of rare understandings—that should help catapult your actions, transactions and thinking to conquer your business world.

All sessions will be recorded. All participants will have full access to the files.

The price is a bit heady. The deal is NO deal—it’s a single payment.

It’s wholly intended (and reserved) for people “dead serious” about their business growth and personal growth! If you can’t afford it, or need to be sold—don’t do it! BUT—if you’ve already set the bar exceedingly high for yourself—you’ll relish playing on MY “field of thought” for 26 straight weeks.

Stated emphatically—every session (beginning in November) will be no-nonsense, non-theoretical, totally collaborative, fully interactive.


Then email our Director of Admissions, Rob Colasanti, at Tell him you want in and he’ll get back to you right away with the specifics.


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