When the Mood Strikes

The Ultimate ongoing “Blog-athon”

I avoided writing blogs for years — for absolutely no good reason. Then as I evolved, I realized how much of a contribution THE RIGHT BLOGS — irrespective of whether I wrote them or accessed original ideas from other mammoth thinkers good be.

20 Marketing Mistakes

Mistake #1 – Not testing all of your marketing ideas. Corollary: Test all your marketing. Mistake #2 – Running Institutional Advertising. Corollary: Run Only Direct Response Advertising Mistake #3 –Not articulating and differentiating your Business. Corollary: Develop a powerful USP and use it in all...

If a Tree Falls in the Forest – What’s the Lesson?

(OR Is There ANYBODY Out There Listening/Hearing Me/You/YOUR CLIENT?) So ok, when a tree falls in the forest it still DOES vibrate, right? Well when a prospect or client, fan, follower evokes the need to be heard—do you feel their vibrations? Still too abstract? Ok, how about this… Nearly twenty years ago I started...

What Clients Say About Jay

Entrepreneurs worldwide have paid me over $80 million dollars in the last few years for my strategy application-specific advice! Why? Because they knew this advice could double or triple or quadruple their companies’ long-term  revenues and profits! If your business is not making the money or achieving the competitive...

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Buckle your seat belts, get your pen and pad ready, and put some coffee on! Our featured videos show case vintage Jay at his finest and he takes you step by step down the road of expanding your business