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On ABC’s Shark Tank, Fubu founder and branding expert Daymond John is a no-nonsense kind of guy. Here, he shows us a softer side.

What’s one thing your employees would be surprised to know about you?

I actually like them.

What’s your theme song?

“Going the Distance,” by Bill Conti. From Rocky.

Which TV or movie character would you like to go into business with?

The Grinch. He’s straight to the point. He’s a little crazy, and he clearly doesn’t let emotions get in the way.

Who gives you the best advice?

[Marketing expert] Jay Abraham. He always challenges me, and he makes me feel dumb, which is impressive.

Whom would you trade places with for a day?

President Obama. Why not be the most powerful man on the planet? Plus, he’s just cool.

It’s 8 p.m., and you’re traveling alone on business. What do you do all night?

Catch up on emails, start answering the emails coming in from China, and read my goals.

The biggest myth in business is…

You need to be mean and cutthroat to get ahead.

What company do you not want to start but wish someone else would?

A puppy cuddle company. Take puppies around to different places, a bunch of puppies, and allow people to have the puppies jump all over them and cuddle with them. Like puppy therapy.

What have you sacrificed for success?


What have you learned about yourself while running your business?

I don’t take failing easily. That, and all the responsibility falls on me. The buck stops here.