Mistake #1 – Not testing all of your marketing ideas. Corollary: Test all your marketing.
Mistake #2 – Running Institutional Advertising. Corollary: Run Only Direct Response Advertising
Mistake #3 Not articulating and differentiating your Business. Corollary: Develop a powerful USP and use it in all your marketing.
Mistake #4 – Not having back-end product or service. Corollary: Create a profitable and systematic back end.
Mistake #5 – Not understanding your client and their needs and desires. Corollary: Always determine and address the real needs of your clients and prospects.
Mistake #6 – You must educate’ your way out of business problems…you can’t just cut the price. Corollary: Always recognize that you must educate your client as a part of the marketing and sales process.
Mistake #7 – Not making doing business with your company easy, appealing and fun. Corollary: Make doing business with your business easy, appealing and fun.
Mistake #8 – Not telling your clients the “Reason Why.” Corollary: Always tell your client the “reason why.”
Mistake #9 – Terminating marketing campaigns that are still working. Corollary: Don’t stop marketing campaigns that are still working just because you are tired of them.
Mistake #10 – Not specifically targeting your marketing. Corollary: When you prepare your marketing, focus on the intended prospect and no one else.
Mistake #11 – Not capturing prospect & addresses, email addresses as well as pertinent contact information. Corollary: Capture everything on a prospect or client that you can in an organized, retrievable system.
Mistake #12 – Not being strategic. Corollary: Always having a strategy which tactical actions and methods are integrated into.
Mistake #13 – Not having a marketing or sales system. Corollary: Have a marketing and sales system in place and refine it continuously.  Using letter/call/letter call or email/letter/call strategies.
Mistake #14 Not taking advantage and integrating the Internet into every aspect of you marketing and sales efforts. Corollary: Integrating the Internet into all your Marketing and sales activities.
Mistake #15  In sales situations, shooting from the hip. Corollary: Constantly using and refining a sales script.
Mistake #16 – Being stuck doing “what works.” Corollary: Always be willing to change.
Mistake #17 – Not reinvesting your profits. Corollary: Always parlay your success and momentum into greater achievement.
Mistake #18 – Not knowing and leveraging the lifetime value of a client. Corollary: Always understand the lifetime value of your clients.
Mistake #19 – Not maximizing your assets, relationships, opportunities, resources, etc. Corollary: Always explore and maximize your resources, assets and opportunities.
Mistake #20 – Treating marketing and sales as operational “silos.” Corollary: Do your best to integrate marketing components into all your operational and backend processes.