Tony Robbins is a global icon and one of the top business intellectuals in the world. Jay Abraham and Paul Durante speak with Tony about why everyone needs to be an entrepreneur and/or entrepreneurial, what it means to be an ultimate entrepreneur, how entrepreneurship means finding ways to add massive value, examples of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, what customers really want/need and how you can provide it for them, the difference between customers and clients, creating a culture of raving fans, how to figure out what business you’re really in, how to stand out from all the rest, who is your client now and who they need to be for your growth, what people really need psychologically/emotionally and how you can provide it, 5 Ways To Innovate, how asking different questions provides your answers, what social media really is/what it really does and how you should utilize it, and the biggest steps you can take to move forward. Fans of this podcast may register, for FREE, for The Abraham Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Force. Call 1-800-88-12345 or visit to receive FREE resources from Jay Abraham: Downloads, Special Offerings, Private Communiques, Invitations to Exclusive Events, and possibly Participate in Specialized Mastermind Discussions. All FREE and with no obligation.