People always ask what level of content, strategy, elevated thinking I now teach – – in the elite (small group) Beta programs – as well as the 850 person, $5000 per person programs I do in Asia and Europe.

So – – since we have two very distinctive commercial proposals coming to you soon, anyway – – I thought it might be fun, (as well as enlightening) IF I shared the PowerPoint presentations from some of my more thought-provoking programs. We have over 20 different PowerPoints that are still currently being used and expanded upon regularly.  

My PowerPoints are NOT abstract, as a matter-of-fact the average set runs 500-650 (and some have over 1,000 slides), of crystal clear – hopefully – thought-provoking information. 

Although there are some undeniable similarities across a few of these PowerPoints – – rest assured we have painstakingly assembled each to convey a powerfully unique concept – – making each well worth your time to peruse… AND, KEEP IN MIND THE REPETITIVE SECTIONS SHOULDN’T BE SKIPPED BECAUSE THEY ARE THAT IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND.

So “Shade 35” is all about the slides… go and enjoy seeing what I’m sharing with groups of high-performing entrepreneurs, from  all over the world. 

And reflect on the actionable ideas contained in the PowerPoints when you receive those two separate proposals.

– Jay