50 Shades of Jay # 40 – The Many Faces of Jay: A Virtual Exhibition

I hope you are ready because you’re about to see OVER 60 full-length presentations, sessions, interviews, and special examinations into the progressive phases and stages of my life as a strategic marketing business builder.

I’ve chosen a wide array of resources to share: including a video segment from a full-sized, 3-day, $5,000 program we did in the 90’s, interviews of me that became legendary, 60-240 minutes of unedited presentations I’ve done for a rather eclectic array of industry groups, interviews of me from vantage points and iconic celebrities, different specialty groups, the classic proprietary methodology I first introduced, or at least reintroduced, to the business world.

We’ve also included some surprises in this exciting 40th edition of the Shades of Jay – I hope you enjoy!


Interview from Jay for a Japanese Magazine
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Nick Nanton Interview

Jay Abraham on “I Love Marketing” Podcast

Ashley Stahl Interviews Jay

Ashley Stahl Endorses Jay

Willie Jolley Interview

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

>Brink of Midnight Podcast with Jay Abraham, Business Growth Strategist

Brink of Midnight interview with Jay Abraham
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