53 of the most influential business advisors in the world joined forces to launch a monumental business altering initiative, they called it the League of Extraordinary Minds. Here are 9 session of panel interviews with the League.

Panel 1

Getting Customers to Always Choose You over Everyone Else

Experts (in order):
Joseph Jaffe, Jack Trout, Russell Granger, Stephen MR Covey, Bert Decker, Kevin Hogan, Mike Bosworth

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Panel 2

Using Brain Based marketing to Engineer “Irrefusable Offers”: Getting People Who don’t Buy to Buy Enthusiastically

Experts (in order):
Robert Cialdini, Ori Brafman, Pam Danziger, Dan Hill, Christophe Morin, Dan Ariely

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Panel 3

Pre-emptive Marketing: Innovative Tactics That Outperform What Everyone Else is Doing

Experts (in order):
Vicki Kunkel, Paul Cherry, Jay Conrad Levinson, Al Ries, Sergio Zyman, Gary Vaynerchuk

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Panel 4

The Business Building Triple Play: The Three Key Levers That’ll Multiply Any Small Business from the Inside Out

Experts (in order):
Michael Gerber, Brad Smart, Bo Burlingham, Lou Adler, Kerry Patterson, Marilyn Tam, Eric Flamholtz

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Panel 5

The Performance Enhancement Quotient: Making Everything You Do Bigger and Better Starting Now

Experts (in order):
Nancy Ratey, Jim Murphy, Jan Yager, Dave Crenshaw, Julie Morgenstern, Neil Fiore

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Panel 6

MAXIMUM RESULTS FROM MINIMUM EFFORTS: Operating At Peak Performance to Get the Highest/Best Results from Everything You Do

Experts (in order):
Dan Millman, Michael Masterson, Tom McCarthy, Kathy Kolbe, Marshall Thurber, Josh Waitzkin

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Panel 7

THE GREATEST OVERLOOKED LEVER IN ANY SMALL BUSINESS: Leading and Leveraging Your Team to Stunning and Sustaining Growth

Experts (in order):
Brian Tracy, Sam Deep, Fran Tarkenton, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Joseph Grenny, Marshall Goldsmith

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Panel 8

FAST TRACKING YOUR BUSINESS: Accelerators That Drive Rapid and Soaring Success

Experts (in order):
Barry Schwartz, Greg Hicks, Herb Cohen, Paul Schoemaker, Tony Jeary, Paul Zane Pilzer

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Panel 9

MASTER YOUR UNIVERSE: How to Manage, Maximize and Master the Opportunity That Constant Change Presents

Experts (in order):
Dr. Spencer Johnson, John Kotter

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