Neil Fiore

Dr. Neil Fiore is a psychologist and coach from Berkeley, California. He’s the author of 4 books, the latest from McGraw-Hill, Awaken Your Strongest Self: Break Free of Stress, Inner Conflict, and Self-Sabotage.

Neil was a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division, a manager for Johnson & Johnson, and is a cancer survivor. He has published in The New England Journal of Medicine, Working Woman, Boardroom Reports, and The San Francisco Chronicle; and been cited in the Wall St. Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Elle, Self, and Psychology Today.

Neil is also an inspirational speaker and provides his audiences and his one-on-one coaching and therapy clients with practical tools for overcoming procrastination and workaholism, managing stress, and increasing joy and balance in their lives.

Neil is the recipient of the University of California’s Distinguished Achievement Award and was selected by Boardroom Reports as one of their Top-10 Self-Help Gurus.

Neil has presented keynotes and training to Amgen Pharmaceuticals, AT&T, Levi Strauss, Stanford Hospital, UC Berkeley Extension, and The Smithsonian. He has conducted seminars to audiences in Spain, Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Ireland, and Prague.