Over the course of time, I have  realized that the majority of people I interact with don’t fully embody the 12 pillars of business and personal strategy I introduced twenty years ago.


As a quick fix “intervention”, I’m sharing the basic foundational thoughts of the pillars here … and at a later time I will find an audio from past seminars that delve deeper into these strategic ideals.


Think about these 12 in relation to your own business…


They include:

1.) Continuously identifying and discovering hidden assets in your business.

2.) Mining cash windfalls each and every month out of your business.

3.) Engineering success into every action you take or decision you make.

4.) Building your business on a foundation of multiple profit sources instead of depending on one single revenue source.

5.) Being different, special unique, and advantageous in the eyes of your customers.

6.) Creating real value for your customers and employees for maximum loyalty and results.

7.) Gaining the maximum personal leverage from every action, investment, time or energy commitment you ever make.

8.) Networking/masterminding/brainstorming with like-minded, success-driven people who share real life experiences with you.

9.) Turning yourself into an idea generator and recognized innovator within your industry or market.

10.) Making “growth-thinking” a natural part of your everyday business philosophy.

11.) Reversing the risk for both you and your customers in everything you do (so the downside is almost zero, and the upside potential nearly infinite).

12.) Using small, safe tests to eliminate dangerous risks and adopting funnel vision instead of tunnel vision in your thinking.