Michael Bosworth Helping individuals and organizations bring difficult-to-sell products and services to market.

In 1983, Mike Bosworth developed a new buyer-oriented sales methodology called Solution Selling, redefining the sales process for information technology sales specialists. Over the past twenty years, his hobby has been new sales and marketing ideas. These ideas have been taught, cited, sold, and referenced in top industry publications worldwide.

By 2000, the selling environment had changed. Companies were not so much integrating disruptive technology (a problem that Solution Selling addressed) as they were continually improving or replacing the old technology. Bosworth, along with three former Solution Selling Affiliates, began to develop a methodology that specialized in helping companies integrate their tactical marketing with sales CustomerCentric Selling.

Today, Bosworth enjoys his time innovating in the sales and marketing arenas. He develops new course content for Customer Centric Systems, serves on a number of advisory boards, acts as a venture capitalist, writes articles for various publications and is available for hire as a keynote speaker.

Michael Bosworth and John Holland are cofounders of CustomerCentric Selling. Bosworth is the author of the seminal bestseller Solution Selling. He has helped tens of thousands of salespeople and executives define and implement new selling methodologies. Holland, formerly with IBM’s General Systems Division, has trained hundreds of sales organizations in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada.