Kathy Kolbe Kathy Kolbe, an entrepreneur, educator and best-selling author, pioneered the identification of a distinct cluster of human behaviors that led to breakthroughs in the understanding and use of innate abilities. As the leading authority on human instincts, Kolbe has amassed over 500,000 case studies to validate her discoveries in the field of instinct and human behavior. Her research spanning four decades and six continents represents the foremost body of work within the realm of the conative dimension of the mind.

Kolbe has worked with Fortune 500 companies, business executives, government leaders, universities, and professional sports teams to maximize performance potential by using instinctive talents.

Her first book, “The Conative Connection“, shook the foundations of conventional wisdom regarding the mind by identifying its third and most elusive dimension: the conative. The book recounts Kolbe’s steps in putting together the puzzle of striving instincts and the development of her methodology for building upon individuals’ innate strengths. The Conative Connection became a best seller and its success fueled Kolbe’s commitment to a lifetime of casework to support her breakthrough theories. Pure Instinct, Kolbe’s business book published by Random House, details her experience with high performers in the corporate arena and her techniques for helping them to maximize their potential.

Her most recent book,”Powered by Instinct: 5 Rules for Trusting Your Guts“, serves as an individual’s guide to increase personal productivity and well-being by learning to unlock the power of their own authentic, creative self.