Over a three-year period Jay got to personally interview dozens of the biggest, brightest, most innovative entrepreneurs, business gurus and wealth creating business geniuses in the world. Jay paid experts upwards of $35,000 to probe their minds on money making, business building management maximizing issues for hours on end. These sessions were brought down to powerful, 90-120 minute blockbuster tapes to be used in a $200-a-session Executive Business Advisory Service. Each tape reveals different business strategies that our prominent guest used to produce a hundred million to one and one half billion dollars starting from very little. Includes:
  • Denis Waitley
  • Tony Robbins
  • Brian Tracy
  • Bernard Zick
  • Tony Buzan (2)
  • Sir John Harvey Jones
  • Julian Richer
  • Tom Phillips
  • Fran Tarkenton
  • Drew Kaplan
  • Mike Basch
Product Includes: 18 CDs