I get asked to do a lot of interviews. Most I decline for reasons that are understandable. Things like… Schedule conflicts, travel conflicts. In some cases, I don’t like the topic or the ethos of the intended interviewer. Or their intention is too self-serving. There are numerous reasons you don’t see me doing a lot of mass interviews.

However – – occasionally a gauntlet is thrown down that intrigues me enough to pick up – – meaning I am stimulated enough by the topic (and challenge), that I embrace doing it enthusiastically. I especially enjoy this when I am stretched to comment well-outside MY comfort zone – – but the outcome can be meaningful to a new audience I can positively impact.

So, in February, there’s a substantial online conference geared towards health, happiness, spirituality, and other peace-of-mind topics. The interviewer Kute Blackson is a very well-reasoned, thoughtful person who has assembled a quality spectrum of prominent people from the genre to speak.

Anyhow HE wanted to interview me – – more on non-business issues than my usual topics.

That fascinated me, since – – years ago, I contributed a chapter to an NY Times best-selling book called “The Passion Test” (the “Passion” referred to was passion for life, purpose, possibility, etc.)  So, I accepted the invitation and did a pre-recorded hour-long interview that won’t be public until Kute’s “The Secret to Success Summit” event on February 1 – 7, 2016, which I will provide more details about on a non “Shaded” message soon.

But I thought it might be fun – – and (frankly, show me in a light that’s more than a little bit vulnerable) to put myself out there – – and share whatever came out of my mind (and mouth) in that interview – – with you – – unabridged, unhedged, unedited.

I say whatever – – because; when I do interviews, I am totally externally focused and don’t remember a word I said. So I just received the recording. NO ONE HAS EVEN LISTENED TO IT – – but I’m told it was very provocative. No promises you will like the subject, much less the interview itself.

But I CAN guarantee that it definitely presents another side of me you haven’t seen before – – warts and all.

If it’s what I think, it’s a pure interview. Because everyone is leaving for New Years, we don’t have time to edit a word. So hopefully, there is no commercial messaging they added to the end.

I think it may fascinate you, too. Certainly we can call it “A Different Side of Jay”.

Listen to Shade #28 here…

Hopefully, it’s provocative – – if not utterly enjoyable.


Two final thoughts:

1) Happiest of New Year to Each and Every One of YOU and Your Families!

2) When you turn to me for ideas, musings and perspectives – – I don’t hold anything back.