Entrepreneurs worldwide have paid me over $80 million dollars in the last few years for my strategy application-specific advice!


Because they knew this advice could double or triple or quadruple their companies’ long-term  revenues and profits!

If your business is not making the money or achieving the competitive success levels you would like to make, read this section of the web site carefully. It contains the secret technique Ted Turner, Ross Perot, Carl Icahn, Howard Hughes, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Case and dozens of other famous entrepreneurs along with the leading Japanese use to reap fantastic oversized profits! Here’s what they have to say about my Marketing and Problem-Solving Idea’s:

Went From $800,000.00 To 2 Billion!

Jay has worked with us for almost 10 years, and he has engineered some of the best marketing strategies I have ever seen. Actually he might be cheap when you consider last year, I paid Jay $670,000 and in the past 10 years over $2 million. That was Jay’s reward for helping to build my company into the dominant precious metals and coin investment company in America doing over $2 Billion!

Jim Cook
Investment Rarities, Inc.

Made Howard Ruff Millions!

I’m a pretty good marketer. But as good as I am at marketing, Jay Abraham is better. He is the finest marketing mind on this planet. His work for others was wildly profitable, and I decided to get to know him. I finally was forced to surrender to the fact that Jay Abraham is a lovable, eccentric, unorthodox genius, the likes o f whom I will probably never meet again. Once I accepted that, he made me millions.

Howard Ruff
The Ruff Times

Acquired 88,000 Newsletter Subscribers’!

You have sent to me more than 88,000 new subscribers for 17 of my publications. I’m sure I would not have generated this kind of response using my own promotional pieces.

Joel S. Nadel, Publisher
Newsletter Management Corporation

Made A Bundle For Richard C. Young

Very few people are big winners in the marketing game. Jay Abraham is one. We rely on his expertise over a wide area of interests. Jay can produce when most pros are at a loss. Quite simply, Jay’s marketing concepts have made us a lot of money!

Richard C. Young
Young Research and Publishing

Jerome Smith Got 25,500 New Subscribers At No Cost!

We express our appreciation for your work and its results. You launched a strongly innovative “test marketing” program for (our) newsletter in February 1984. As of December, 1984, we had acquired approximately 25,500 new subscribers through that effort – all at no cost to us. All in all, we have been delighted with this program.

David Sanders, Circulation Director
Jerome Smith’s Investment Perspectives

$400,000.00 Added Profit For Target, Inc!

In October, 1982, Jay came to us with a new idea for utilizing our customer names. I was skeptical initially; however, this program provided us with additional income in excess of $400,000 during the 20 months that the inserts ran. I enjoy working with Jay because I both trust him and respect his marketing expertise.

R. Kent Tipton, former President
Target, Inc.

Jay Generates $30 Million For lnc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur Of The Year!

I’m a rare coin dealer. I’ve paid Jay in the past five years approximately a half a million dollars, and he’s generated for me somewhere between $25 and $30 million worth of business, His techniques definitely do work.

David Hall
David Hall’s Numismatic Investment Group

Makes $200,000 Profit In Six Months!

“Thank you Jay Abraham. You are the best advisor I’ve ever experienced in my life. I’ve made over $200,000 in the last 6 months.”

R.C., Pennsylvania

Increased Profits 80%!

“€¦I thought it would be good, but I had no idea that I would receive the wealth of information that I did. We have increased our total sales and profits about 80%. Thank you for your willingness to share your vast knowledge.”

– Andy Treadwell, Florida

Runs Circles Around Competition!

“Your advice is the most valuable material I have received in quite a while. It supports my CPA and Harvard MBA and will allow me to run circles around my competition.”

– H.D., New York

Mailing list Broker Convinced By Jay’s Phone Advice!

“I’ve heard Jay Abraham in action on the phone. His ability to revive failing companies by quickly creating sales is astounding. His fee is nothing next to the results!”

John Finn, Washington, D.C.

Turns Travel Agency Around And Grows 40%!

“You’ve shown us that whether we realize it or not, we are a marketing company selling travel, rather than a travel company that needs to market a product.”

Steve Busskohi, Nebraska

Salon Owner Excited With Potential!

“…we have started to put some of your ideas to work, plus we are working with an agency to help us more. We let them hear your ideas, and they are as excited about it as we are.”

Bob Taylor, Nebraska

Seminar Promoter Pleased With Advice!

“The phone conference we had back in January went very well. I had the distinct sense of your genuine interest in helping your clients above and beyond the mere compensation.”

Marc Torres, California

Manufacturer Surprised With Jay’s Advice!

“Your advice on marketing was more that I expected it could be. You not only put good ideas together, you did it clearly, simply and with brevity, making it easy to digest.”

Joseph Pesko, New Jersey

Restauranteur Gets Good Response From New Ads!

“…I have changed many of my advertising methods at your advice and certainly obtained a completely different view point about advertising I have received some pleasing results…”

Larry Kezar, Oregon.

Help Get His Act Together!

“I have been much helped by your advice. It has helped to crystallize my thinking and take action…”

Fred Reddington, Oregon

35% Increase In Sales!

“Using your techniques, I increased my business 35% in eight months. More impressively, I have gotten about three times the number of reactivated customers I used to!”

– Paul Gallagher, Rhode Island

Collectible Dealer Doubles Profits!

“I sell collectibles and over the last seven to eight months I can attribute about $28,000 in extra profits to your techniques.”

David Haveless, Connecticut

Manufacturer’s Rep Inspired To Actuate His Dream!

“Your advice has inspired me to write a ‘how to’ to be marketed by mail order throughout the United States.”

Chip Klinck, Vermont

Investment House Makes Bigger Profits And Expands!

“Your ideas and concepts have not only opened new markets to me, but most importantly have provided me a new way of looking at every marketing venture I undertake. The additional profits I have made by using your methods have expanded my business and my future business outlook tremendously.”

John R. Warnick
Campus Financial Group, Washington

Roofer Saves Thousands With Jay’s Direction!

“I don’t know how much money you made me with your advice, but I do know you saved me probably in the thousands because of wasted promotions you steered me away from.

Eric Goetisch, California

Dentist Says He Got So Many Ideas From Jay It Will Take Two Years To Implement Them

“The consultation was worth the thousand dollars. At the current rate of progress your advice will last me about two years as far as working all the ideas into practice.”

Jary L. McLean, Kansas

Newspaper Publisher Says Advice Worth 10 Times More!

“Since getting your advice I have used several of the ideas you gave me. Guess what? They worked! You are brilliant, and your personal advice is worth ten times more than you charge.”

Curt Tuck, California

Jay Teaches Doctor How To Get Patients Without Ethics Problems

“I found the recommendations you made to be unusually insightful, particularly considering the many constraints that state laws and ethics impose on doctors.”

Dr. A.B., New Jersey

Turned Dead Assets Into Live Cash With Jay’ s Innovative Sales Program

“Your advice has proved to be extremely profitable. At your suggestion we have…transformed those sales ideas into big winners.”

Mitchell Berko, New Jersey

Bakery Owner Raves About Jay!

“Your advice was great. It was simple, easy to understand to the point…I have read over my transcript of that meeting many times and I look forward to taking the next steps. I am so glad my husband and I made the decision we did.”

Lynda Eggimann, California

Seminar Idea Brings In $1,600,000.00 For Company!

“The seminar concept you gave us has already earned a gross $1.6 million with at least another $800,000 in the next eight months. On top of that, your philosophies now pervade every marketing strategy we make.”

Chris Newton, Managing Director
The Results Corporation, Brisbane, Australia

Jay Gives New Business Owner A Jump Start!

“I have specifically applied the techniques to gross over $18,000 in the last two months. This has been an excellent start for me.”

Paul Slitz New Business Owner

Grocer’s Sales Up $51,333.00!

“…Just by scratching the surface (with your advice) my store’s gross sales were up $51,333.00.” (In 18 months, his gross sales doubled.)

Ron De Licia, New York

Got Back $35,000 In Profit In 6 Weeks!

“I used one of your ideas and made $35,000 very quickly. That very idea will probably bring me in $60,000 more this year for no additional effort.”

Mo Anderson, California

Dermatologist Beats Recession

“We weathered this recession pretty well, and I think the only reason we were able to do so is because of the things Jay told me to do.”

Dave Daniels, California

Contractor’s Profit Up 50%!

“I have experienced almost a 50% growth in the amount I earned this year with the concepts I have learned (from you)…I can’t attach this growth to any one concept in particular but more to a synergism of all the concepts I was able to apply.”

Mark Schumucker, Iowa

Patio, Deck, And Gym Set Business Up 55% During Worst Months!

“My patio, deck, and gym set business has increased over 55% during the winter months (normally our worst time of the year.)”

Matt Layman, Alabama

Chemical Products Sales Up 1600%!

“Just one little gimmick (and) we picked up 3 national distributors which meant $100,000 in sales to us… We experienced a 1600% growth.”

Linda Frite, Colorado

Corporate Maintenance Company Increased Profits $57,000.00!

“I analyzed the profit that is directly attributable to Jay Abraham. A very conservative figure is $57,000 from his concepts (in one year).”

Bob Ceccarelli, Pennsylvania

MD Increases Profits And Reduces Hours Worked!

“The net profit of my medical practice increased by at least 10%. This growth was attained despite reducing my weekly working hours by at least twenty-five hours. I am finally able to spend more quality time with my family, and for me this is priceless.”

Dr. Alejandro Penzo, Florida

Financial Planner’s Revenue Up 38%!

“My quarterly revenue is up 38% and net up 24%.”

Don Blumer, San Jose, California

Salesman Gets 60% Jump In lncome!

“I was employed as a commission salesman, and Jay’s advice increased my income over 50%!”

Bruce Dennis, Florida

Software Company Department Goes From Loss To $250,000.00 Profit!

“Our department went from a loss every year in the past to a profit in 1990 of $250,000 thanks to you.”

Noel Cabell Vice President,
Timberline Software

Furniture Dealer Sees 900% Increase In Sales!

“We were able to sell 11 leather lounges in one day for a total of $45,000. That’s unheard of in our business A normal Saturday would be approximately $3,000 – $5,000. You could see the percentage increase (900-plus) for yourself. Thanks to Jay.”

Chris Gouson, Australia

Attorney Can’t Handle All The Business!

“The referral system that Jay taught me is so disarmingly powerful. In fact, it produces far higher quality prospects and clients than I used to handle Now we get so many calls, people actually have trouble getting in on the lines. All of this happened in the middle of what is supposed to be a terrible recession

John Preston Attorney California

Profits Up Over 200% For Tool Business!

“My sales are up but profits are up 200% to 300% in some areas.”

Jim Keppel, Rochester, New York

Sales Up 95% For Hardware And Appliance Wholesaler – $2,000,000!

“…Our industry typically grows at 5% to 10% a year. Our sales are up 95% over where they were two years ago (when I consulted with you). We went from $2 million to $4 million in a city of 18,000.”

Chappel Dew, South Carolina

$16 million in immediate sales

“Jay is an abrasive, annoying genius of marketing. He “sweet talks” you into trying seemingly absurd marketing tests — and you end up with multiplied profits. He combines two unprofitable deals and you get one very profitable three-sided deal. And lots more. The net/net is that Jay opens your eyes to powerful marketing possibilities that are just sitting there in front of your nose where you can’t see them. In one year, Jay used one  these ‘improbable’ concepts and provided $16 million in immediate sales for us. I paid him $500,000 for this.

— Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur-of-the-Year, David Hall

Advises Syndicated Columnist

Jane Applegate, Syndicated Columnist (“Small Business”) contacts Jay for the marketing advice for her column and calls him the “veteran” marketing consultant for small and large business.

900% Increase In Sales!

“After applying just one of his techniques, we sold $643,000 worth of products in 2-1/2 months! That’s a 900% increase in sales from just one technique.”

Michael Quinn, Simi Valley

Made $200,000.00!

“Thank you, Jay. Your marketing genius is the reason I’ve made over $200,000 in the last six months.”

Roy Como, Real Estate Broker

Single idea triggered $331,760

“I want to thank you for triggering a single idea that has already resulted in building my new business to $331,760 in annual sales. I expect to top the one million figure by the end of this year.”

Stanley Golomb, Chicago, IL

Sales Grow By $28 Million!

“…In less than nine months, our sales have more than tripled and profits more than tripled too! We went from $12 million in sales last year to nearly $40 million this year thanks 100% to Jay Abraham’s principles.”

Gregory Yost, Los Angeles, CA

$10,000 Profit In First Week!

“Jay Abraham handed over the keys to financial security this week. The marketing training has already paid off for me in the first week to the tune of $10,000 cash.”

Francis Randall, Honolulu, HI

$375,000 In Profitable Concepts!

“Jay gave me one idea worth $75,000 to me, and another worth $300,000…”

Guy Rencher, Corvallis, OR

Business Up $700,000.00!

“Our business has grown from $750,000 to $1,450,000 so far. During the recession we are even with last year’s sales. I’ve added three new staff members, and because of that, I am able to take some time off for the first time in twelve years. Thank you.”

Gil Schauer, Huntington Beach, Califomia

Adds $83,000.00 Profits And Repeat Business!

“A new concept you taught us will add about $83,000 in pretax profits… This will be repeat business paying us for years and years to come.”

Mike Jacobs, Idaho

Increased Business 800%!

“After a mailing went out, I started following up (as Jay advised) with telephone calls and that really made a difference. I got 800% more orders after the mailing just by following up! The first month I applied your ideas to my high priced software we sold about 20 companies as opposed to the four or five before we learned your methods. It’s made me personally over $90,000 more this year. Plus I took my whole staff to Hawaii because we had such a profitable year.”

Larry Andrews, Oklahoma

Two Ideas Produce $750,000!

“I used your formulas and sold over $300,000 of watches to fraternity students, There’s a 25-27% net profit. In another business I own, a medical laboratory, I compete with 10-15 other larger companies, Using your idea of a postcard, I spent $500 and sent out a basic postcard to 750 doctors and got 15 responses worth $40,000-$50,000 apiece to me a year. That’s over $450,000 from a tiny promotion.”

Michael Lillig, Seattle

Reduces Employees 37% And Triples Business!

“I went from 52 employees and eight offices down to 33 employees and four offices and I am doing at least three times the business as I was doing before and I am enjoying life and fishing and I probably have more time to myself.”

James Nevins
Hearing Audiologist

Vitamin Wholesaler Thought Jay’s Idea Was Ridiculous!

“I told Jay, ‘This is ridiculous. People aren’t going to respond…’ RESULTS! The phone didn’t stop ringing. Things went crazy. We netted $55,000 on that promotion. Last year we had a 32% increase in our gross sales which meant about $400,000 in extra profit.”

George Zangas, San Pedro, California

$500,000.00 Added Profit Expected!

“We expect to make a half million dollars, and it really should be much more if things go well.”

Sandy Wheeler, Portland, Oregon
CPA, Entrepreneur, Owner of three businesses

Sales Up 30%

“Since taking Jay’s advice, I’ve realized a 30% increase in revenues in my business (of Chinese longevity art) within about six months, which resulted in increase of profits of 25%.”

Paul Galagher

Tree Surgeon Uses 1% And Doubled Profit!

“I’ve probably used 1% of what you’ve taught me. Not out of laziness, but simply because your mind is so overwhelming. Thanks to you, I doubled my income last year.”

Tim, Nevada

Retailer Increased Profit By 40%, And Results By Five Times!

“…one idea I got from you increased my net profit by 40%. Whereas I used to get 50 calls a month, now I get 263 calls a month from the same priced ad!”

H.P., Ohio

Publisher Says Jay’s Advice Worth More Than His MBA In Marketing!

“I have attended dozens of marketing conventions and seminars, and I have an MBA in marketing from the University of Chicago, one of the three best business schools in the United States. I paid tens of thousands of dollars for this marketing education. But I’ve learned more from my association with Jay than from all the other books and courses combined. And I’ve paid Jay over $100,000 – but I made over $1,000,000 from his advice!”

Lee Euler, Maryland

Jeweler’s Sales Increase 50%!

“Since implementing your ideas, weekly sales have increased more than 50%. The first five months of this year, sales equal all of last years’.”

Alan Schoenfeld, New Jersey

Carpet Man’s Sales Go Up 12% First Month!

“That hour of advice… it immediately boosted January sales 12% by working ‘the back end’ and reselling to our existing customers. We expect this to be a real gold mine in the future!”

Tony Meraz Carpet & Upholstery Restoration

Financier Feels Jay’s Advice Is A Bargain!

“…I think your price is really a bargain because your advice is so highly condensed and practical that it produces revenue far greater that the costs. That’s a bargain.”

Charles R. Reits
Western Financial Group

Forestry Expert Says Jay Makes It Easy!

“With what I have learned from you, doing it at a profit will be easy!”

Jon R. Aschenbback
Forestry Consultant, Oregon

Hotel Services Company Pays For Ad With First 3 Responses!

“As a direct result of your suggestions, I have put together seven direct mail pieces so far. The first mailing we did… paid for itself on the first three orders. The rest has been gravy… I received at least 10 to l return on my financial investment. More important, I know how to set our marketing directions.”

Thomas Ferree
Washington Hotel Services

$1,250,000 Increase In Sales And 600% Increase In Prospects!

“Our company sells document imaging systems. Our systems start at $70,000 and go past a million dollars. I haven’t been able to measure everything Jay’s concepts made us, but I know we have three sales where people ask us computer questions that Jay taught us to answer, up-front – one sale was $70,000, one was $180,000 and one was a million. In addition, the first time we listed our training schedule (like Jay taught us), we took in $24,000 in training revenues which paid for six months of sending out our newsletter.

One more thing. We just did a very large trade show, the biggest trade show for us of the year and typically at a trade show we get 300 leads if we’re lucky. Using your techniques, we got 1893 leads at this trade show (over a 600% increase). A conservative estimate of what that alone is worth should be about $75,000.”

Audri Lanford
Maryland Computer Imaging Co.