The Ultimate Entrepreneur With Jay Abraham Show 4 – Joe Polish and Dean Jackson

Joe and Dean are extraordinary marketers. Their podcast and Joe’s Genius Network are preeminent resources for entrepreneurs. Joe is Richard Branson’s largest fundraiser. Find out why Richard has never done laundry and has never been to a grocery store.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur With Jay Abraham Show 5 – Gerhard Gschwandtner

Harvey is a legend. NY Times best selling author and one of the most famous speakers in the world. Learn why EVERYone is a salesperson, his famed ABC’s of selling, why your mentors can be younger than you, and why you must be a risk taker.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur With Jay Abraham Show 6 – Paul Zane Pilzer

Smartest guy in the room. World famous economist and best selling author. The best explanation EVER of ObamaCare (why everyone should have it). Who’s economy is better – China or the US? Why the Sharing Economy just doubled your assets. Why 50 percent of jobs will disappear.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur With Jay Abraham Show 7 – Mitchell Modell, Brandon Steiner and Your Calls to Jay

Mitchell Modell was the best CEO ever on CBS’ Undercover Boss. Modell’s Sporting Goods is an iconic business. Brandon Steiner (CEO/Founder of Steiner Sports) bought and sold Yankee Stadium. He’s sold tens of millions of dollars of DIRT. Plus, Jay takes your calls and helps you make more money.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur With Jay Abraham Show 9 – Jeffrey Gitomer and Your Calls to Jay

Learn how to properly and effectively sell anything with sincerity. Jeffrey Gitomer is the KING of sales/customer service, an incredible speaker, a NY Times best selling author, a master of video content, and a social media expert. His trademark: people don’t want to be sold, but they love to buy.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur With Jay Abraham Show 10 – Gerhard Gschwandtner’s Founder/CEO teaches you the profession of selling and the Customer Experience Economy. People, Process and Technology. Master your selling skills or be the slave of your unpaid bills. Always ask: how can I help the customer win?

The Ultimate Entrepreneur With Jay Abraham Show 11 – Raw & Uncut – Jay Abraham Conference Call

Clients pay thousands to attend Jay’s seminars and conference calls. This is an actual 2 hour conference call featuring Marylou Tyler #1 Best Seller – Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine.

Show 12 – Kevin Harrington and Mitch Russo

Kevin Harrington, original Shark Tank Shark, has aligned himself with Sprint and Tommy Hilfiger to create StarShop, an incredible video channel App that offers celebrity products (Paula Abdul, Rihanna, etc.). Plus, one of the world’s foremost experts on virtual businesses, Mitch Russo, talks about working with Tony...

Jay Abraham Hot Seat Executive Summaries

Executive Summaries “Shade of Jay” or Commercial offer? As you know by now, I’m continuously trying to outdo myself and over-deliver on each new installment of my “Fifty Shades” gift giving extravaganza… We’ve spent weeks going through hundreds of really powerful, 90-Minute Hot Seats...