Well, now you’re on the 50-installment journey into my world. I hope you’re enjoying the adventure. I mostly hope the knowledge, perspectives and ideas I’m sharing are proving valuable, usable… and most importantly, are profitable.
Also, I hope you are honoring my request and generously, expansively sharing my gifts to you with as many other deserving entrepreneurs as you possibly can.
Today’s “Shade” I’m calling “Out with the Old, in with the New” – – or “Back to the Future.”
I thought it would be fun to share two different interviews of me – One done four years ago… One done four months ago… See for yourself what philosophical views I’ve vastly expanded AND -– which concepts I’ve perhaps abandoned. See what new (and I believe powerful) distinctions I’ve discovered from my sphere of worldwide activities.
I think you’ll enjoy the comparison, contrast, and seeing my evolution.
Hopefully you know the adage: “You either grow or die.” That statement is true about your mindset, your business, your relationships.
I hope you see me growing as a mentor, and as a meaningful thinker, as a marketer/strategist – – as a human being.
ANYHOW – Here’s the link www.abraham.com/50shades. When you go there, you’ll see all the previous “Shades” I’ve shared so far. Hopefully you’re enjoying my unexpected “treats.”
OH YES – by the way: The old interview of ME was done by David Goldsmith – author of an impressive book I wrote the Forward for called: “Paid to Think.”
The latest interview of me was done by Tony Robbins in front of 1,000 business owners.
Enjoy! Again, go here: abraham.com/50shades
P.S. As I’ve said before – – with full disclosure – – from time to time I will make commercial offerings of meaningful and distinctive value (In fact, one will come in early next week). But I want to clearly AND purely establish this irrevocable fact:
I will never, EVER, EVER, use ANY of the 50 Shades of Jay gifts or emails to sell you anything. Ever. This is a personal promise.
If I make a commercial offer, that will always be clearly communicated so you can delete it if you’re uninterested. But please, please, don’t pass over the richly rewarding knowledge I’m sharing in the gifts like today’s.
Again – – here is the 50 Shades of Jay link. Enjoy, and pass them onto others.