Vicki Kunkel : League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Vicki Kunkel
Vicki Kunkel
Vicki Kunkel

Vicki Kunkel is a former television news anchor, published author, entrepreneur, nationally recognized expert on mass appeal and persuasiveness, and an award-winning social anthropology researcher. 

She’s also an award-winning social anthropologist who has been recognized as an expert in mass appeal and “stickiness” by over 200 media outlets.

She’s applied her “Instant Appeal” techniques to products, people and social causes.

Vicki noticed a perplexing phenomenon occurring from Washington’s Beltway to corporate boardrooms:  people with outstanding presentation skills were losing elections, court cases and major business deals to people with less skill but more appeal.

This led her on a multi-year journey into research in neurology, neuro-acoustics, social anthropology and social intelligence.  Vicki condensed this research, which became the basis for her “Instant Appeal” theory of mass influence — a theory based on far more than persuasive communications.  She found that real influence is cemented with anthropological and neurological triggers.


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    Vicki’s information was amazing one idea alone from her comments has the potential to flip your business upside down. The panel in general was absolutely fantastic but the examples given by Vicki were very concise and of amazing practical value

    thanks everybody for the amazing content

  • Ted
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    Very good info. Take away: know your market as well as you can, customers want a solution – do your best to provide it and they will sell themselves. Thank you!

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    Vicki answered the questions well and in detail. Her comments were well thought out and extremely useful. Much appreciated.

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    I found Vicki was helpful while the others were not.There was a lot waffling

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    I found Vicki was helpful while the others just waffled