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John Kotter: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

John Kotter

John Kotter, is widely regarded as the world’s foremost authority on leadership and change.  His is the premier voice on how the best organizations actually “do” change. In his newest work, A Sense of Urgency, Kotter shows what a true sense of urgency in an organization really is, why it is becoming an exceptionally important […]

Dr. Spencer Johnson: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Dr. Spencer Johnson

Dr. Spencer Johnson is one of the world’s most respected thinkers and beloved authors. He is often referred to as “the best there is at taking complex subjects and presenting simple solutions that work.” You might recognize Dr. Johnson from his bestselling books, Who Moved My Cheese?®, An A-Mazing Way to Deal with Change and  […]

Tony Jeary: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Tony Jeary

Tony Jeary, America’s “Master Strategic Facilitator”, has personal experience with both success and failure. Tony made and lost several million dollars before he was 30.  Today he walks the talk and practices the distinctions that characterize Communication Mastery and Strategic Acceleration, both personally and professionally. Tony developed Strategic Acceleration, a leadership methodology that combines awareness, […]

Dr. Paul Schoemaker: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Dr. Paul Schoemaker

Dr. Paul J.H. Schoemaker is the founder and Executive Chairman of Decision Strategies International, Inc., a consulting and training firm specializing in strategic management, executive development and multi-media software.  He also serves as Research Director of the Mack Center for Technological Innovation at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches decision […]

Greg Hicks: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Greg Hicks

Greg Hicks is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of happiness.  Along with his business partner, Rick Foster, their extensive and acclaimed research has taken them to six continents where they spent years interviewing people who are thriving and happy, even under the most adverse circumstances. Their early findings culminated into a  system of […]

Herb Cohen: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Herb Cohen

Herb Cohen has been called “the world’s best negotiator”  and is internationally renowned as a corporate and governmental consultant on negotiating strategy, commercial dealings and crisis management.  As a U.S. presidential advisor, he has helped formulate policy on hostage negotiations and terrorism.   His clients have included business executives, entrepreneurs, sports and theatrical agents plus […]

Barry Schwartz: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz explores the social and psychological effects of free-market economic institutions on moral, social, and civic concerns. In his book, The Costs of Living: How Market Freedom Erodes the Best Things in Life, Schwartz finds that market values undermine morals and community-building. His more recent work, The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less […]

Paul Zane Pilzer: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Paul Zane Pilzer

Paul Zane Pilzer is a world-renowned economist, a multimillionaire software entrepreneur, an adjunct professor, and the author of eight best-selling books and dozens of scholarly publications. Pilzer completed Lehigh University in three years and received his MBA from Wharton in 15 months at age 22. He became Citibank’s youngest officer at age 22 and its youngest […]

Jeffrey Pfeffer: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Jeffrey Pfeffer

Jeffrey Pfeffer is the Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, where he has taught since 1979. Pfeffer has published extensively in the fields of organization theory and human resource management. His current research focuses on the relationship between time and money, power and leadership in […]

Brian Tracy: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. Brian’s goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. Brian Tracy has consulted for more than 1,000 companies and addressed more than 4,000,000 […]

Marshall Goldsmith: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is a world authority in helping successful leaders get even better – by achieving positive, lasting change in behavior: for themselves, their people and their teams. Marshall’s newest book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, is a New York Times best seller, Wall Street Journal #1 business book and winner […]

Joseph Grenny: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Joseph Grenny

Joseph Grenny is Cofounder of VitalSmarts and an acclaimed keynote speaker and business strategy expert. For the past 25 years, he has designed and implemented major corporate change initiatives. He has advised thousands of leaders on every major continent, from the board rooms of Fortune 500 companies to the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Grenny was […]

Fran Tarkenton: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Fran Tarkenton

Fran Tarkenton played in the NFL for eighteen seasons and has founded and built twelve highly successful companies. A consultant to numerous Fortune 500 firms, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Drawing on his experience as a top entrepreneur, and displaying the energy and grit that saw him through dozens of professional ups and downs, Football […]

Sam Deep: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Sam Deep

Sam Deep launched his speaking career in 1986 after 15 years of teaching and administration at the University of Pittsburgh. Since then, he has spoken in front of over 100,000 people, his internationally published books have sold over 1,000,000 copies, and his last four audio tapes have been featured on USAir’s EntertainAir. When Dennis Waitley […]

Dan Millman: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Dan Millman

Dan Millman is a former world champion athlete, university coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor. After an intensive, twenty-year spiritual quest, Dan’s teaching found its form as the Peaceful Warrior’s Way, expressed fully in his books and lectures. His work continues to evolve over time, to meet the needs of a changing world. Dan’s […]

Kathy Kolbe: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Kathy Kolbe

Kathy Kolbe, an entrepreneur, educator and best-selling author, pioneered the identification of a distinct cluster of human behaviors that led to breakthroughs in the understanding and use of innate abilities. As the leading authority on human instincts, Kolbe has amassed over 500,000 case studies to validate her discoveries in the field of instinct and human […]

Marshall Thurber: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Marshall Thurber

Marshall Thurber is a successful attorney, real estate developer, editor, businessman, educator, scholar, inventor, negotiator, author, visionary and public speaker. A list of his students includes such success stories as Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen of “Chicken Soup for the Soul“ fame, the founder and creator of Paul Mitchell hair products, Ben Cohen, co-founder […]

Tom McCarthy: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy specializes in results.  When every dollar counts, it’s good to know that you’re going to get a return on your investment. If the result you want is to take your organization to the next level, Tom is the specialist that can help you achieve it. For 21 years as a corporate consultant, speaker, […]

Michael Masterson: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist


Michael Masterson is not your typical businessman. An ex Peace Corps volunteer, he never took a class in business, doesn’t read the business press, and doesn’t like to talk business. He spends his spare time writing poetry, collecting fine art, and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His neighbors call him a bohemian. But he’s also an […]

Josh Waitzkin: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Josh Waitzkin

Josh Waitzkin first caught a glimpse of a chess set while 6 years old and walking with his mother in New York City’s Washington Square Park. He was going to play on the monkey bars, and instead he fell in love with the art that would dominate much of his young life. Josh’s first teachers […]

Nancy Ratey: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Nancy Ratey

Nancy A. Ratey is internationally recognized as one of the foremost authorities on personal and professional coaching for adults with and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As one of the founders of the ADHD coaching profession, Ms. Ratey has been active for the last two decades in developing programs and lecturing on issues related to […]

Jim Murphy: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Jim Murphy

Jim “Murph” Murphy is the Founder and CEO of Afterburner, Inc. and has a unique and powerful mix of leadership skills in both the military and business worlds. After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Murph joined the U.S. Air Force where he learned to fly the F-15. He has logged over 1,200 hours as […]

Julie Morgenstern: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Julie Morgenstern

Julie Morgenstern is an internationally renowned organizing and time management expert, New York Times best-selling author, consultant and speaker.  Her work spans the distance between individuals and workforces – homes and corporations.  The “Inside Out” philosophy that is now synonymous with her name result in customized solutions that are innovative, practical and ensure long-term success.   […]

Dr. Jan Yager: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Dr. Jan Yager

Dr. Jan Yager helps individuals, groups, and companies achieve their potential through her dynamic speeches, seminars, consulting, and writing. Dr. Jan Yager, who has a Ph.D. in sociology (City University of New York, 1983) is a member of the National Speakers Association, and author of more than twenty highly-acclaimed and award-winning books, as well as […]

Dr. Neil Fiore: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Neil Fiore

Dr. Neil Fiore is a psychologist and coach from Berkeley, California. He’s the author of 4 books, the latest from McGraw-Hill, Awaken Your Strongest Self: Break Free of Stress, Inner Conflict, and Self-Sabotage. Neil was a paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division, a manager for Johnson & Johnson, and is a cancer survivor. He has […]

Dave Crenshaw: League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Dave Crenshaw

Dave Crenshaw is a highly sought-after business coach and time-management expert to some of the country’s top business executives and recently expanded his reach to that of an author and speaker. He began his coaching career in 1998 as the youngest independent coach for a large business coaching firm and then later went on to […]

Marilyn Tam : League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Marilyn Tam

Marilyn Tam has had an extraordinarily diverse life, from her beginnings in a traditional Chinese family in Hong Kong to her meteoric rise in the international business world to become an influential corporate leader, speaker, corporate consultant, author and respected humanitarian. Her long, distinguished background includes prominent executive roles at numerous of world-class companies, including […]

Michael Gerber : League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Michael Gerber

Michael E. Gerber has spent his life understanding and improving the world of the Entrepreneur. This passion led to the founding of E-Myth Worldwide in 1977 to transform the way that small business owners do the work of growing their companies. Having coached, taught, and trained over 50,000 small businesses in 145 countries, Michael has […]

Bo Burlingham : League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Bo Burlingham

Bo Burlingham is the author of Small Giants: Companies That Choose To Be Great Instead of Big (Portfolio, 2006) and an Editor-at-large of Inc. magazine. My story in brief: I joined Inc. in January 1983 as a senior editor and became executive editor six months later, a position I held for the next seven years […]

Dr. Eric Flamholtz : League of Extraordinary Minds Expert Panelist

Dr. Eric Flamholtz

Eric Flamholtz is Professor of Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior in the Anderson Graduate School of Management and a Faculty Research Fellow in the Harold Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He is also President of Management Systems Consulting Corporation, which he co-founded in 1978. His major […]

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