The following hand-picked compendium of resources is placed in a sequential manner, designed to guide you towards asking Jay highly provocative questions which will help facilitate breakthrough output/results in your biggest and most pressing business issues/opportunities.

An investment of your time to deeply reflect upon and grasp the magnitude of following content will tune your mind towards a direction that’ll provoke stimulating questions for Jay, which in turn will be of great benefit to you, your business and ultimately, the entire group.

Socrates once’s said, a life unexamined is a life not worth living… Jay Abraham believes that a business which is not constantly being examined and re-examined, is a business not worth owning!

That stated… the quality of the questions you ask are going to not only determine the quality of the answers you get from Jay, but by examining your business at a new level, the results that you’ll experience will be exponentially higher.

Enjoy these resources and we trust that you will profit greatly from them.

-The Abraham Group

Part 1 – Critical Thinking & Socratic Interviewing

Recording of Jay’s Critical Thinking & Socratic Interviewing

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Slides from Jay’s Critical Thinking & Socratic Interviewing Presentation

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Jay’s Critical Thinking and Socratic Seminar


Part 2 – Office Discussion On Submitting Questions

Asking Jay Questions That Stimulates Maximum Output For Your Business

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2 minute intro for Jay’s monthly Q&A call dynamic

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Part 3 – Suggested Question Topics

Here are some suggestions and Ideas on what questions you can Ask Jay (or even yourself).

1.  Is there a better way to position my company in the marketplace?

2. Is there a better way to price my products?

3. Is there a way to accelerate the buying cycle for my prospects?

4. Is there a better way to generate repeat sales?

5. Are there better ways to leverage other peoples resources?

6. Are the better ways to redeploy old inventory, assets, and resources?

7. Am I asking my market the right questions?

8. Am I in the right business?

Part 4 – Asking Critical Business Questions

How to Get the Most Out of Asking Critical Business Questions

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How to Ask Critical Business Questions

Part 5 – The Strategy Of Preeminence

Click Here To Download Advanced Strategy of Preeminence PDF

Jay’s Explains The Strategy Of Preeminence