Greg Hicks

Greg Hicks

Greg Hicks is an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of happiness.  Along with his business partner, Rick Foster, their extensive and acclaimed research has taken them to six continents where they spent years interviewing people who are thriving and happy, even under the most adverse circumstances. Their early findings culminated into a  system of nine choices, which are continually being studied by mind-body researchers at leading institutions, including The Mayo Clinic.

Greg and Rick’s first book, How We Choose to Be Happy, became an immediate national bestseller and has been on bestseller lists ever since. Hicks went on to write LeaderShock — And How to Triumph Over It, which revealed a new brand of behavioral leadership.  It was chosen as the #2 Best Business Book of 2003 by Amazon.

In their newest book, Happiness & Health, they present the first practical guide to the new science of positive emotions and how anyone can choose thoughts and behaviors that enhance our brain function, pump up our immune systems, and bring vitality to our lives.

With a reputation for dynamic and transformational presentations on health, happiness, leadership and team productivity, Greg has taught the Brilliant Health program to over 10,000 doctors and nurses, to patients battling serious illness, and to countless others in organizations such as G.E., Mercedes-Benz, Wells Fargo, and AXA-Financial and are on the faculty of the Health Research and Educational Trust Fellowship programs.

Hicks and Foster are often sought out by the media for their advice and have appeared on numerous national T.V. and radio shows and featured in such magazines as Health, Fitness, Self, Good Housekeeping, Fit, Working Mother, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Readers’ Digest.