TUE 100 | Pivoting In Business

Entrepreneur Disrupted Mini-Series – #13: Pivoting

Is pivoting in business still necessary? It’s an issue that every company, no matter the industry, faces – the need to pivot. Oftentimes, companies come across an obstacle they see no way around and think their only option is a dramatic pivot – laying off half the team, dramatic changes to company structure, going into…...

The Ultimate Entrepreneur With Jay Abraham Show 50 – From Homeless To Billionaire: John Paul DeJoria & Joe Polish

John Paul DeJoria is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Having started John Paul Mitchell Systems in 1980, today he has interest in multiple companies ranging from oil, solar energy, natural gas, Harley dealerships, pet grooming, tequila, and more. After being told by a teacher he would never amount to anything, he...

The Ultimate Entrepreneur With Jay Abraham Show 49 – Reyn Guyer – Inventor of Twister & Nerf

Failure is Relative. Reyn Guyer is the inventor of the iconic toy products Twister & Nerf. Both products began as “failures”. In fact, Twister was pulled from store shelves. Reyn, who believes his dyslexia helps him, has a new book: Right Brain, Red – 7 Ideas For Creative Success.