359 gigabytes of my best profit-producing programs-worth two million? Billion?

You may have been following me for some time now, …. If you have --  you probably know my life work has been in serving the “preeminent” business growth potential for entrepreneurs and business owners of every type, size and scenario.

Dealing with the complex sales, marketing, advertising, profit boosting challenges of business in 465 different industries -- has been my privilege. Our 9+ billion dollars of profit increases says that our strategies have paid off for the people who applied them.

You probably know I’ve worked with hundreds of famous business experts, advisors, prominent business publications -- and mentored tens of thousands of high-performing distinguished entrepreneurial companies around the world. I’ve been through dozens of Inc. Magazine entrepreneur of the year award nominees -- or fastest growing companies.

I’m grateful that… everyone from the founder of Federal Express, Sports Legend Fran Tarkenton, Anthony Robbins, the top sales man in the 3,000-person CBS Radio Network, the world-renowned Deming Organization, two top preeminent icons of the millennial market and a dizzying array of equally as respected icons have all been my clients, students, partners or contemporaries.

You probably don’t know however, that .. I’ve done (perhaps) more high-priced training programs, focused on more high-performance/profitable ways to grow sales, increase clients, multiply income etc – then (possibly) any other practitioner in the genre. I know that statement sounds brash. But -- facts ARE facts and my track record and success stories are well documented on a worldwide basis.

Add to that, the multitude of four and five figure reference sets, home study seminar programs and specialty, advisory/instructional products I’ve created over my career -- and all-told we’ve done a dizzying, jaw dropping quarter billion dollars of training, business building instruction -- and we’re still counting.

But I do very little live training sessions in North America anymore – preferring high priced private, long term performance based consulting with real-world successful companies instead. But I still do a handful of precedent-setting events in Asia.

For example, I recently conducted two separate three, three-day long specialty trainings in Beijing to a total of 1,200 participants paying $5,000 each. I did a $25,000 per attendee -- marketing makeover process in Shanghai with companies from all over China.

Many of you go back to attending my $15,000 and $20,000 "Protégé-Mentor", 5-day program days.

Those transformed the entire consulting world -- resulting in nearly a thousand new consulting experts being created.

Some of you came to my $25,000 per person “makeover intensive” -- people made as much as a million dollars in a month when they went home from those programs.

Others special events like Protégé-Mentor 2 the advanced version, Brain Trust (that had 24, world-class experts advising entrepreneurs for 4 days and nights. Or -- participated in Guardian Angel Wealth Mentorship. It was of course in no risk/no cost empire building for serious entrepreneurs.

Some of you bought my thousand dollar -a- copy “Stealth Marketing”, 72,000 people bought the Mr. X (money making secrets of a marketing wizard) book at almost $400 a copy. We sold out our first run of the $10,000 a set “Abraham Business Encyclopedia”. For Your Marketing Eyes Only advisory subscription service went for $3,750 per subscriber.

Well -- just last year I completed the now legendary, exceedingly limited-access, world premier beta version of the Super Seminar in LA. It was 90% all new material. 90% of all new, mind shifting, paradigm stretching, brain-rattling concepts -- all geared towards “The business of doing business bigger, better, more advantageously and competitively – in the turbulent world we live in today.”

We sold attendance for $9,000 for the four day version. DVDs of the three day portion alone went for $5,000 a set .. DVDs!!

Because, so many loyalists and fanatical students of mine want as much of my work as they can afford -- I created, what I call the “Lifetime Reference Library” hard drive. It’s packed with 350-gigs of incomparable content, that we included (and especially created) to preserve and present a huge segment of my lifetime body of high-performance work.

I call it the “Lifetime Reference Library”, because it’s three quarters of a terabyte -- 350 gigs --chock-full, packed-to-the-hilt, overflowing with pages upon pages, hours upon hours, audio upon audio, video upon video --- and 700 separate complete products, programs, presentations, and prized advisory elements like manuals/special briefing/high level priority reports, and other confidential documents -- of mine. 700 products, manuals, video programs, audio sets … I mean -- it’s outrageous, incomparable, unimaginably comprehensive study into my mind and methods.

It’s all combined together, all conveniently and easily organized as your Ultimate Lifetime Reference Library -- your continuous go-to source of answers, ideas, solutions and strategies for virtually every challenge or opportunity your business life poses. It’s all fully accessible in digital, portable form.

There are indescribably impactful -- and wonderful (only one time in a life-now experiences and events and encounters that are now preserved on audio or video on this hard drive. There are full length three and four and five day programs on the hard drive. They are famous and high priced manuals written reference materials. They are world-famous, sold out events I conducted -- all have been combined together included and packed into this 187-component “monstrously huge” collection/bonanza, extravaganza of “Jay Abraham” high-performance instructional/educational and training guidance. It’s a collector’s dream. Imagine owning the quintessential collection of the most important elements of my body of lifetime work.

We have never-ever-ever-ever-ever actively promoted this hard drive ultra/mega/monster-combined collection of my best high-end material––converted to digital form––ever before.

Let me say it again (we’ve never, ever, ever -- actually promoted this aggregate collection in digital form ever before. We’ve only sold it one-off individually with each seminar going for $2,000 to $5,000 a piece as home study sets - each audio set going for $2,000 a set. Manuals and reference modules going for $400 to $10,000 a collection.

No one except you would possess this extensive of a collection of my business building ideas, concepts, approaches, principles and specialized content.

We put a simple, unassuming, non-salesy page up on our website -- with the option to purchase the “Lifetime Reference Library” (on an utterly irresistible basis) and by chance -- 198 Jay Abraham “fanatics” found it and invested in the 350 gigs, 700-program resource -- before we even found the time to let anyone know it was available.

But now, I’m putting the word out. I want to fairly offer it to you -- in hopes that your competitors don’t acquire this extensive collection instead. So many people who found out that the hard drive exists -- want to know how to get one for themselves – if it’s affordably priced. Why?

-- Duh -- The content we are offering organized and contained in this one hard drive has stimulated over $9 billion in profit increases and revenue expansion for entrepreneurs who put it to work.

Who wouldn’t want to grab a share of that kind of business treasure trove?

So I’ve decided to make the hard drive available -- in an irresistible way -- that no “truly committed” hard-core Jay Abraham loyalist/business builder (who wants to be preeminent and mine every element of your greatness and prosperity) no marketing optimizer -- no strategic value creator -- nor any other entrepreneur committed to propel your business to higher breakthroughs, and non linear, critical thinking strategies and solutions -- could possibly resist.

Seriously -- you’d be hard pressed to refuse my proposition .. get ready.

Here’s the deal. See if IT ROCKS YOUR BOAT:

All told, the separate business building/success proven profit-certain library “power hard drive” originally would cost separately – separately on a jaw-dropping, nearly $2 million in fees, purchase prices, travel accommodation shipping and handling were you to have bought it originally in the live or even the home study version.

$2 million in cost -- but we sold $250 million to live buyers and attendees. They produced 36 times that result in profit increases alone when we stopped calculating 15 years ago. Today I can only imagine what the multiplied totality of bottom line improvements my body of work -- and specifically the components on this massive hard drive have stimulated.

And that’s not marketing B.S. - or hype either. We actually, truly, seriously sold these quantities of each one of the 187 items you’ll find combined together on this hard drive for aggregate prices exceeding two million -- if you include the cost of participating and experiencing each event. We calculated the increases reported and merely extended them out with no increase for inflation and got over $9 billion 15 years ago. You do the math. Is it 19 billion? Is it 29 billion? Is it a 129 billion? At that point it’s almost moot. The point is these resources drove mammoth wealth creation for the companies who learned them and applied them.

However -- I recognize three critical things:

  1. You would probably never think you could afford (or be able, or willing to spend that money on my legendary, instructional work -- like one $15,000 or $25,000 five day event -- or one ten thousand dollar reference encyclopedia. -- Even IF you had/could afford it -- and afford the time or money -- which you probably can’t.
  2. You can’t possibly fathom without actually watching listening reading -- how still monstrously relevant .. and unimaginably invaluable these materials will be to your current and future sales, marketing potency, business performance improvement and profit growth -- right now -- meaning today -- meaning in this 21st century crazy competitive world you’re competing in in your industry market or sector.
  3. You may never have seen my processes in action. You may never have heard my transformative teaching approach in an integrative collaborative highly interactive seminar. You may have never read my mindset shifting high priced materials. You may never have been exposed to the deeply thought-provoking and transcendent/totally actionable materials I’ve created over the course of my lifetime body of work.

So you don’t know how “eminently profitable and actionable” and also -- how much profit power and preemptive advantage all these separate and exceptional, high-priced/highly prized blockbuster components can be worth – today.

So -- I’m willing to offer anyone who is success driven and pulsates with a prejudice towards taking action -- I’m talking about someone looking seriously from major competitive advantage, for higher performing strategies, for tactics and concepts that blow the competition out of the water -- and are committed to not just learn them intellectually but implement and actuate on them.

Anyone seeking a monumental profit explosion and business breakthrough at a order of magnitude incomparable to anything else you’ve done in your business career until now - for you I’m offering this chance to “tryout” with a no risk test drive of the Lifetime Reference Library Power Hard Drive and all 700 components -- packed on to this 350 gigabyte collection in/on your business for 45 days -- not merely without risk -- but merely by putting a single modest $500 “good faith” fully refundable deposit -- down on your part.

Either the massive collection blows you away, rings your bell, transforms your thinking, makes your sales expanse/your marketing improve -- in just those first 45 days alone -- or it doesn’t. It’s that simple!

If it does -- keep the hard drive and pay me only $1,500 more (for a total of $2,000 plus tax and shipping) -- by paying the remaining payment on your credit card after 45 full days from the date of purchase to put the hard drive to the test. I can promise that you’ll be paying for that hard drive out of a small fraction of the profit increases my hard drive earns you -- if you quickly and continuously apply what you’ll immediately learned.

If you just want to pay the remainder in a lump sum I’ll knock $250 off the total price for you. So you’ll only pay $1,750 upfront. You still enjoy full risk reversal. I don’t really want to be your banker anyway so you choose how you want to purchase -- and if you don’t earn at least five times the entire $2,000 in those first 45 days your test driving my hard drive -- I wouldn’t even expect you to keep it.

That way, I’ll only be paid by you if my hard drive performs and I’ll be the one paying almost all your cost to the hard drive out of a small pittance of the profit increases that the hard drive should deliver -- if you act on the mountain of profit expanding impact it reveals. In truth I’ll be paying you to keep it! Think about it.

If you don’t like it -- or if it fails to provide a meaningful five times improvement and increases in the 45 day time test or for a five time result improvement in the 45 day test try out returning the hard drive in new condition and I’ll credit you back your $500 deposit. No hard feelings on my part, either. No questions asked. No hassle on your part.

Do you need to hear anymore? I would -- so check out all that’s on the hard drive here. If you’re ready to have us ship the “Lifetime Reference Library”, power hard drive to you immediately to test drive for 45 days totally risk free --- click here with your credit card in hand, your billing address and other mailing information if different. Again, a $500 totally refundable, “good-faith” deposit is all it takes to plug your business into $9 billion (or $90 billion) of profit-amassing and sales multiplying expert advice.

Again -- see all it contains before you even consider trying it out by going here.

I should tell you though, that this is an offer being extended to people I trust -- to deal in “good faith” and with total integrity. I’m talking about people who adhere to the highest ethical ideals and standards. I don’t want you making copies. I don’t want you taking advantage of my generous desire to invest in you and pay for your success. I’m focusing my life now on larger companies but I still want to be a benefactor to the deserving business owners in smaller enterprises like yours.

What you should be -- in order to make this worthwhile (for both sides) -- is a fanatical Jay Abraham enthusiasm. You need to have an exceptional prejudice towards taking action. You need to be possibility - focused. You must be self directed. You must walk to the beat of a different drummer and not be content with mediocrity. You need to be highly motivated to uncover, discover, engineer the kinds of breathtaking breakthroughs in your marketing, strategy, business revenue model and competitive - edge thinking that can run rings around the competition.

You must want to out think, outsell, out position, out strategize, out market, out compete, and massively out earn the competition.

Those elements not withstanding - you must also enter into the transaction with the absolute committed desire to implement and execute on your part as fully as practical in the 45 day trial period (or it would be a waste on both of our parts to enter into this test experiment) -- and be committed to try out any (and all “killer” ideas you gain from the vast expanse of new thinking and strategic breakthroughs I provide on the hard drive -- that can successfully apply to your unique business situation. MOST will apply to your rewarding and delightful surprise.

This is my way of giving you access to some of the finest business growth thinking I ever delivered in live, high-priced programs and a powerhouse understanding of the success forces and factors that few (if any) of your competitors even know about. It’s all at a pittance of the price live attendees paid for these originally and it’s all just as relevant and applicable right now as it was when they paid $250 million to learn it.

I deeply invested in the expansive written manuals and reference sets I’ve also created in my career as part of my body of work period. I spent thousands of hours creating the live seminars, billions resulted for people who attended.

Go here to see the list of unimaginable components we’ve included and combined into this jam packed 350 gig hard drive. You’ll also see exciting descriptions of all you can expect to gain, learn and profit from immersing yourself in each separate component.

Fortunately we’re not doing this for the money as much as we’re doing this for your benefit and prosperity. You’ll figure that out when you see the outrageous collection of materials and content I’m including for the nominal $500 good faith deposit.

As you review the various list and explanations of all the full-length, complete and unedited legendary components I’ve included in this 187-component “Lifetime Reference Library”, test drive proposition -- think about how many wonderful (and rewarding) ways you’ll be able to start putting each element -- each seminar -- each manual -- each video -- each audio profitably to work growing, multiplying, increasing, maximizing your sales profits for years to come.

One more thing it’s very important -- each seminar probably contains 100 or more breakthrough ideas you have never been exposed to. Each seminar contains dozens if not hundreds of actual interventions, hot seats, lightning rounds, problem solving clinics. Each seminar contains actual real world examples of precisely how different companies representing different industries have directly applied everything from referral generation, to lead conversion, to unique selling proposition, to risk reversal and so much more. There are thousands of actual real life examples. There are thousands of case study condensations. There are thousands of answers and strategies specifically contoured to thousands of real life situations contained in this body of work.

Again -- go here to see all the wonderful training components, programs, manuals and resources to gain the opportunity of test driving them for 45 days without any downside to your business or your bank account whatsoever.

Again if you work these ideas -- I promise they will work profit boosting wonders for you well before the 45th day -- and I’ll be the one paying you for the privilege of keeping it you won’t have to pay a cent to me. If you don’t take action don’t take the test.

Then let your imagination run wild. Click here when you’re ready to take the 45 day, business building test drive of your lifetime.


P.S. If you’ll put a pencil to what I’m making available -- or analyze the most minimal return you need to make on your $500 non-investment (this is not really a committed investment) in those first 45 days you’ll see instantly that this is the best business non-investment of your lifetime. You’ll realize that the only downside to you is NOT testing it out at my risk for those 45 days.

If you’re as astute an entrepreneur as I believe you’ll be clicking here to order right away.

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