Topic: Primary Strategies

Value is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days… but what does it actually mean? And how can you create it in orders of magnitude for the market/clients/partners that you serve?

Well you can either multiply or diminish value. You can either grow value, or the value dies. It’s not static. It’s always moving and changing, so you had better be making it grow in the right direction. Once it’s growing it tends to have a snowball effect. And every subsequent action continues to grow and grow…

Then when you multiply that value across several areas of your business, your personal life, your relationships… you become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

Money is just one form of value, and it’s like a scoreboard of the value you are emanating and giving to others. It’s a hard asset because it’s physical, and easily quantifiable. But there are also soft assets like prestige, notoriety, good reputation, good rapport, and good collaboration potential. These can be infinitely MORE valuable than hard assets. As you can now see, value must be examined, understood, and exchanged constantly-if you want to become a master of creating it.

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