Trust Building

My friend who is the expert and Go-To for all things trust building has permitted me to share with you a document that will stimulate your mind on the importance and value of building trust with everyone you do business with.


Being part of a mastermind of like-minded, acheivement oriented monsters of execution can mean the difference between slow and steady progress and accelerated/exponential growth.

Motivating Factors

Motivation is a key part of your business success. Your ability to inspire, uplift and provoke into action yourself and all those you transact with, can mean the difference between fanatical implementation leading to breakthrough results or procrastination and/or equivocation.

Highest and best use

Highest and best use theory is about making sure that every decion you make, every action you take is the most success probable, the most viable, the most receptive, the most probable based on everything that you do.

Critical thinking & Socratic Interviewing

A thought provoking discussion by Jay on the what, what and how of thinking critically and interviewing socratically which is important to understand to communicate effectively.

Thinking Differently

Socrates said, “A life unexamined is a life not worth living.” I believe that a business that isn’t constantly examined, re-examined, and re-examined again is a business not worth owning. Thinking differently is often times a net result of taking a idea or a concept from one area and applying to another, just as I did...


Jay’s Strategy of Preeminence is a philosophical business and life strategy for seeing yourself as the most trusted advisor to everyone you deal with for whatever problem or challenge it is that they face. Once integrated, It becomes your moral obligation to do everything in your power to move them to action if it best...