Success Stories

Here are measurable and tangible results of the same principles you will find upcoming on this website:

“We express our appreciation for your work and its results. You launched a strongly “innovative test marketing” program for [our] newsletter in February. As of December, we had acquigold approximately 25,500 new subscribers through that effort — all at no cost to us.

— David Sanders, Circulation Director, Jerome Smith’s Investment Perspectives

Chase Revel, Founder of Entrepreneur Magazine says:

Fifteen years ago, Jay taught me how to turn underutilized, intangible assets into cash overnight. The first year, I made $100,000 from his advice and have continued to do the same practically every year with every business I own. That means I got over $1.5 million from just one thing Jay taught me. He’s one of the best market conceptualist in the country.

“After a mailing went out, I started following up (as Jay advised) with telephone calls and that really made a difference. I got 800% more orders after the mailing just by following up! The first month I applied your ideas to my high-priced software, we sold about 20 companies as opposed to the four or five before we learned your methods. It’s made me, personally, over $90,000 more this year. Plus, I took my whole staff to Hawaii because we had such a profitable year.”

— Dr. Larry Andrews, Magnolia, AR

I told Jay, “This is ridiculous. People aren’t going to respond…” We netted $55,000 on that promotion. Last year we had a 32% increase in our gross sales which meant about $400,000 in extra profit.

— George Zangas, San Pedro, CA, Vitamin Wholesaler

Our industry typically grows at 5% to 10% a year…our sales are up 95% over where they were two years ago (before I learned Jay’s techniques). We went from $2 million to $4 million in a city of 18,000.

— Chappel Dew, SC Hardware and Appliance Wholesaler

Our company sells document imaging systems. Our systems start at $70,000 and go past a million dollars. I haven’t been able to measure everything Jay’s concepts made us, but I know we had three sales were people asked us computer questions that Jay taught us to answer, up front — one sale was $70,000, one was $180,000 and one was $1 million. In addition, the first time we listed our training schedule (like Jay taught us), we took in $24,000 in training revenues which paid for six months of sending out our newsletter. We just did a very large trade show, the biggest trade show we get 300 leads if we’re lucky. Using Jay’s techniques, we got 1,893 leads at this trade show. That, alone, should be worth about $75,000.

— Audri Lanford MD, Computer Imaging Company

Furniture Store Increases Sales 900 Percent: We were able to sell eleven leather lounges in one day for a total of $45,000. That’s unheard of in our business! A normal Saturday would be approximately $3,000 to $5,000.

— Chris Gouson, Australia

Pier Tsui-Po of Body Challenge, a huge health club operator, goldrafted his sales letters in and brought in 600% INCREASE in memberships. For every 1,000 letters he mails, he now generates $7,056 in membership fees. He also validated Jay’s instructions on testing when he tested two membership offers and increased his return by 450%. He has put on three, new, full-time sales people to cope with the volume!

With Jay’s advice, I’ve been able to accomplish quite a bit with my client Advil. I proved that the average patient will probably spend $8.00 a year (forever) for our product once a doctor recommends it. So working backwards, they quickly realized that the programs I developed that cost a million to two million dollars would require an average doctor to increase his recommendations in a year by two patients. Using our programs, doctor’s recommendations were up 22% last year, which is the equivalent of six to ten million dollars extra, at retail. Now our goal is to triple that in three years. It’s very gratifying to me.

— Mark Merriman, NY, Medical Advertising

Roger McKee’s computer company doubled their sales, going from $4 million to $8 million. This year, in the midst of the recession, they will double that again, growing to $16 million in sales…..

“After applying just one of his techniques, we sold $643,000 worth of products in two and a half months! That’s a 900% increase in sales from just one technique.”

— Michael Quinn, Simi Valley, CA

“Jay Abraham is the finest marketing mind on this planet. His work for others was so wildly successful, I decided to get to know him. I paid Jay Abraham $600,000 one year because he made me $2 million and all the money I paid him came out of the profits his concepts made me.”

— Howard Ruff, financial publisher

“Jay is an abrasive, annoying, genius of marketing. He ‘sweet talks’ you into trying seemingly absurd marketing tests — and you end up with multiplied profits. He combines two unprofitable deals and you get one very profitable three-sided deal. And lots more. The net/net is that Jay opens your eyes to powerful marketing possibilities that are just sitting there in front of your nose where you can’t see them. In one year, Jay used one of these ‘improbable’ concepts and provided $16 million in immediate sales for us. I paid him for $500,000 for his efforts.”

— David Hall, Numismatic Investment Group, Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur-of-the-Year Award Winner

“One year I paid Jay $670,000 and over the past few years over $2 million. Before Jay came along, our sales were just a few hundred thousand dollars annually. Since teaming up with Jay, our sales for those years were $500 million annually.”

— Jim Cook Investment Rarities, Inc.

“Jay came to us with a new idea for utilizing our customer names. I was skeptical initially; however, this program provided us with additional income in excess of $400,000 during the 20 months that it ran. I enjoy working with Jay because I both trust him and respect his marketing expertise.”

— R. Kent Tipton, former President of Target, Inc.

“Even a single hour with Jay Abraham can offer mind-boggling insights and revelations that will change your life forever! His suggestions cost me just $18,000 to pull off, and that included everything. Less than one day later, the phones started ringing off the hook, and when the dust settled just three weeks later…I had earned over $476,000 in profit! That’s what? Almost a 26-to-1 return? Yeah, I’d say Jay’s idea worked… In my opinion, Jay’s still the best man in the country to brainstorm with. He is also my number one choice when I need to talk to someone outside of my staff about marketing and advertising.”

— Gary Halbert, one of America’s top-paid copywriters and Editor, The Gary Halbert Letter

“Since taking Jay’s advice, I’ve realized a 30% increase in revenues in my business (Chinese longevity art) within about six months, which resulted in increase of profits of 25%.”

— Paul Galagher, Guilford, VT

“He once took an unknown product that was originally doing less than $100,000 a year in gross sales – and helped turn it into a $13-million-a-year household name in only 18 months! (It’s the analgesic balm, Icy Hot.)

Michael Quinn of Fillmore, California, took an idea Jay taught him and made $643,000 in his computer peripheral business. He later sold the company for millions and retigold to Rio in his mid-30s.

Another man who used one of Jay’s simple “postcard” ideas made a $476,000 profit and got a two-page feature article written about him in Inc. magazine.

He taught an attorney a concept that made an extra $15,000 on the first try and generated so many new clients, the attorney had to recruit half a dozen associates to help him. At last count, it added $400,000 to his annual income.

Jay took a start-up business totally devoid of capital and created a marketing strategy that in 6 months generated $750,000 in gross sales and $280,000 in net profits.

Jay generated $100 million in gross profits for two dozen of the top investment advisory newsletters in America.

He produced nearly 6 million leads for Merrill Lynch, John Neveen, Dreyfus, The Wall Street Journal, Citicorp, Forbes, and Fortune.