Reshaping Your Business Future

Reshaping Your Business Future

Below Is the Current 26-Week, Week-By-Week

Curriculum I Plan on Covering


As I shared in my various “announcement e-mails—I have devised a meaningful way to share with you an enormously “integrative education/understanding” of MY most important current knowledge, perspectives, and high-performing current strategic and tactical business thinking. I want to both mentor you—but equally serve as your Masterful Thinking Partner.

Plus, I’ll be incorporating Q &A, problem-solving clinics and strategizing sessions that deal with participants’ “real-world” issues and opportunities. This includes hotseats, lightening rounds and industry specific focus segments galore.

Even more, I’ve engineered into this 26-week process THE most important lessons and teachings I’ve-personally learned/observed and validated from both my extensive, “hands-on” worldwide work with REAL, operating enterprises of almost every imaginable size and kind.

Then—I’ve included the brilliant insights and distinctions I’ve gained from the worldwide network of rather impressive contacts, colleagues, contemporaries and collaborators I have been associating with these past few years.

The result is something rather incomparable, extremely fast-paced, non-theoretical, example-based, highly specific—YET enormously diverse. I believe that I can compress into 26, two-hour sessions—far more than I would have typically delivered during three, separate, specialty-based, three-day live attendance programs (all combined) such as the ones I used to conduct here in the US.

I’ve tried to create an all-new format, curriculum, process and integrative subject matter that delivers a power-packed, totally actionable (and profoundly revealing) breakthrough experience for you—each and every week. Together, these 26 separate, two-hour sessions comprise the integrative basis for an entirely fresh body of thinking and business performance enhancement that I’ve named “Reshaping YOUR Business Future.”

What I think you’ll like most about it all is that you won’t have to travel to me, you won’t incur thousands of dollars in airfare or hotel expenses, you won’t have to sit for days on uncomfortable chairs, you won’t have any distractions.

You WILL have continuous personal access to me through the small-group environment, continuously interactive/collaborative nature of the process I’m using. You WILL be able to mastermind with all your fellow participants—through two different processes I’m using. One is what we’re calling MASTERMIND MOMENTS that will occur throughout each weekly session. The other is called YOUR MASTERMIND COMMUNITY—and that’s pretty self-explanatory.

With this teleconference delivered process you can let ALL your partners, vendors, key clients and staff listen every week—for absolutely no additional cost. (By the way—I use top grade, high-priced conference bridges (not free conference call services) to deliver and manage each weekly experience for maximum outcome to you.You’ll receive summaries of each session at the end of every month—no extra charge.

Also, it represents the perfect training environment because—it optimizes time, minimizes distraction, maximizes content delivery—and it’s actually far more productive for you.

Studies show that people hear/retain/grasp much more by phone than they do at a live event. Consider the blind, whose hearing and concentrative powers develop far beyond those who can see. In face-to-face meetings, your eyes and mind wanders all around the room, sizing people-up, trading pleasantries, thinking about impressions we are making on others—and they are making on us. Plus you get distracted by pictures on the wall, flowers on the podium, interesting or attractive people in other parts of the room. I can go on.

But—bottomline is that, teleconference-delivered, high-level instruction eliminates those deterrents. They produce the highest degree of focused-concentration—which produces the highest probability of clear-cut understanding, execution, action and continuous, profitable implementation on your side!

With THAT preface, here then are the sessions I am currently planning:

Session 1: Getting Unstuck

In THIS session we take the foundation of my book,“The Sticking Point Solution,” and we examine the nine current ways many businesses get stuck, stagnate, stall, suffocate or suppress the growth they deserve—and how to counteract each one of those “sticking points.” This will be ultra-fast-paced, no-nonsense—highly relevant to virtually everyone in the group (since almost everyone is stuck one place or another and doesn’t even know it;nor do they recognize the signs.)

I’ll also teach you:

The Nine Drivers Of Exponential Growth: They will be explained, exampled and“hotseat-position”examined.Here we’ll do a nine stage integration that helps you carefully reevaluate what your strategy, business model, relational capital, highest and worst performing processes and systems, capital/intellectual capital/talent investment philosophy, ideology, overall marketing approach—and how to demand higher/better performance out of each of them.

Session 2: Advertising/Marketing/Selling Clinic

Positioning Power:How to open the door, set up the call, and position yourself /business more powerfully and effectively.

The Godfather Strategy:How to make prospective buyers offers they cannot refuse.

What’s In it For ME?:Grabbing their attention/interest right away!

Selling The Invisible: Selling intangibles or conceptual ideas.

How to Write Copy That Sells: Get ready for a copywriter “Mash-Up!”Multiple copywriters will answer the same questions I pose and then you’ll get a chance to do the same.

Headline Mastery:We’ll look at headlines in amazing ways no one else ever did—with gobs and oodles of examples!

Hiring And Directing Freelance Copywriters And Deal Makers: The ins and outs of getting “Monster Great”results!

Session 3: Maven Marketing

You’ll discover how to turn yourself and your business into the iconic leader in your market. You’ll learn modes of conduct, communication, positioning models, how to evaluate different types of mavens you can model, the pros/cons of each and how to pull your elevated new positioning off majestically.

The Maven Matrix Manifesto: Being the most trusted advisor, go-to source, and thought leader.

Gain Your Market’s Trust: Clearly articulate your market’s hopes, fears, and problems. Feel its pain. Identify gaps in service or quality. State the problem better than anyone.

Establish Your Maven Persona: Memorable personality traits that make the maven more human and familiar in the eyes (and more importantly in the minds) of the marketplace.

Vision for the Marketplace: Why your company exists? Expressing the dream/cause that makes others want to be a part of it.

Predictable Behaviors: Unique things you do or say that your market expects. In other words, they are predictable—and you want the market to feel they can predict your behavior.

Special Phraseology: Your iconic phrases and terminology that makes you utterly unique in your market.

Communication Channels: The communication channels that the marketplace grows accustomed to when receiving information from you.

Velvet Rope: The elements that make your clients, prospects, and staff feel special, better than outsiders, part of a special group.

Client Evangelists: Techniques to motivate your customers to spread the good news of your superior service.

Mentors and Advisors: The guides who understand how to anchor you in the minds of your prospects as the preeminent authority and trusted advisor in your niche.

24 Common Characteristics and Real Live Examples to Model… and More!

Session 4:Seven Ways to Out Think, Out Sell, Out Market, Out Perform AND OUT EARN YOUR COMPETITION

This is the first time I will have shared my system for constantly staying ahead of everyone I wish to compete against or that my clients compete with—by utilizing a mind-shifting way of implementing research, intelligence-gather and chutzpah to ALWAYS be ahead of the pack!

Let’s Play CSI: Examining / Reverse Engineering / Constructively Critiquing current marketing components that are pre-submitted.

Session 5:Leaders Who See Around Corners

The Billionaire’s Secret:I will cover masterminding, mentoring, brain trusts and mentorship—all explained with action planning strategies provided.

Becoming A CEO Who Can See Around Corners: This session will be a distillation of a $60,000 per person educational program I’ve developed with a famous partner who teaches you how to make strategic, reality-based, critical thinking driven decisions and take the correct actions in a turbulent business world.

What You Need To Understand About The BRICS Nations: Brazil, The Former USSR, India, China, South Africa—they represent huge markets, huge threats, huge collaborative possibilities and huge opportunities for partnering and resourcing—but ONLY IF you understand the game that’s being played worldwide (whether you’ve been sitting on the sidelines-uninterested, or not). This segment thoroughly reveals the very good, the very bad—and how to turn the bad into not just good but great advantage for yourself. Taken from my extensive work in China, Japan, Malaysia, etc.

The Navy Seal’s Approach to Management:The web of entanglement untangled, critical thinking illustrated, and then installed in your brain!

Session 6: If I Knew Then, What I Know Now– Shortening Your Learning Curve

The New Marketing Mistakes I’ve discovered—Online and Off: This segment is pretty self-explanatory.

The Cure For The Common Marketer:This segment is purely a reality-check to see if you’ve defaulted to boring, ineffectual, non-descript, un-differentiated marketing and selling. And if so—what to do immediately and differently to turn the picture around.

What Millennials Know That You Don’t:My work with people like RamitSethi, Daymond John, the Thiel Fellowship, the Kairos Society, etc.—has taught me to see mindsets, markets and marketing in an entirely different way. This segment shares what I’ve learned that I didn’t understand or appreciate before.

A Visit to the Inner Sanctum:The lessons I’ve learned from the breadth and depth of my worldwide contacts and experiences over the last two years.

Session 7: Creating aPreeminent Advantage

How To Communicate Your Preeminent Advantage:I want to help you develop or improve your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). In this segment, I will explore, explain and example 19 preemptive positioning strategies.

Media Magic:Are you using PR or various other media communications? Social media? Here, I teach you how to get earned media, instead of money media.

Bonus, Bonus!:You’ll learn how bonuses can double, redouble even redouble again your results. Plus, I’ll teach you how to create, bundle, structure, articulate, revere and maximize the power of bonuses. We’ll cover using complimentary bonuses, bizarre BUT EFFECTIVE non-traditional bonuses, bonuses you pay for and bonuses other companies actually pay YOU to include. You’ll walk away with plenty of real world examples to model. So this segment definitely won’t be theoretical.

Session 8: The Power Parthenon and More…

The Parthenon Philosophy: What would happen to your revenue level and profitability if you combined and integrated a wide array of powerful, proven marketing approaches?

Become The Master Of Your Universe:This is where “Force Multiplier”meets “Power Parthenon!”Learn how to develop, add, manage and fortify multiple sources of revenue, profit centers, income streams and access points—to drive multiplied results.

Session 9: Relational Capital

How To Use YOUR Affinity For Profit:I’ll give you a wide variety of reverse strategic alliances you can structure internally to either your buyers or unsold prospects—complete with wonderful, real-life case studies to model!

How To Put More Tentacles Into The Water:I’ll give you my secrets on how to set up your own freelance sales department, JV team, deal making group—ALL on performance, NOT SALARY!

My World: Welcome To It:This segment will explain how I live my life and what I do differently with my time, relationships and minutes. I’ll reveal how I get knowledge transferred to myself. I’ll discuss the art of giving back. I’ll give you a peek into a typical day, week, month, year in my life—and what all this can mean (and do) for you,IF you model my approach.

Session 10: Crowd Funding and Financing

How To Gain Access And Effective Control—(For Nothing) Of Up To $100 Million of Other People’s Assets!:I’ll share with you how I harnessed some $2 billion worth of work using OPRs (other people’s resources) from nearly 100 different people.

Money For Nothing, Expertise For Free:This will be a short course guided instruction on how to hire almost every kind of expert you could ever wish for—be they marketing, online marketing, book writing, PR management, selling, promotion, management—ALL ON A PURELY PERFORMANCE-BASED, results-based arrangement. I’ll explain the strategy, go over a dozen kinds of experts you can do it with, share actual ways I’ve done just that for clients or myself, walk you through role-playing the deals and share how to get maximum money out of these “profit on performance-type” relationships for both sides.

How To Get The Money For Your Great Business Idea Or Start-Up, And What To Do If You Can’t: I invested two years and thousands of hours creating entirely new systems, strategies and concepts for helping entrepreneurs start, fund and finance their growth. The work has not yet been released—but the content is epic and uniquely usable by anyone. This session will be the first time I discuss deeply this far-reaching series of all new financing strategies. Of course, it will be packed with multitudes of eye-popping case studies my colleagues or I’ve done it for.

Empire Building Using No Capital Or Risk: You’ll learn how to grow a business or build a mini or maxi empire—using no capital, no risk—yet gain control of potentially hundredsof thousands to millions of dollars worth of businesses, their cash flow and asset base using strategies few entrepreneurs have ever even heard of.

Surprise, Surprise Session 10 ½…

A spectacular collection of business icons on an eclectic,2-hour panel along with some rather impressive guests that will parachute in for cameos… as my bonus to you!

Session 11: From Mediocrity to Mastery

Pushing The Entrepreneurial Envelope:I’ll outline the steps you need to take to gofromMediocrityto Mastery, from Good to Great and beyond—throughout your entire business dynamic.

How To Live Your Business Life To The Fullest:I’ll teach you how to maximize, identify and leverage-up all of your hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and untapped internal or external resources/relationships. We’ll discuss repurposing capital and capitalizing on effort you long ago invested. Plus, how to finally make underperforming activities—perform much, much better.

Thinking Outside (And Inside) The Box: I’ll teach you “The Double O Matrix” of multi-scenario, positive inflection points that exist in almost EVERY industry—but that few entrepreneurs see—let alone seize!

How To Be THE ZiegfieldOf Your Industry: I’ll share special “Kick-Ass”, memorable, impactful, and sometimes outrageous—but always successful promotions, events and experiences your business can start doing—for multiplied prospect/client engagement!

Licensing Your Unique Processes:Discover 21 ways to turn things you do (or did) into multiple, recurring license-based royalties, usage fees and/or profit payments to you.

Session 12:Dealing With Prospects or Buyers

The Psychology Of Consultative/Advisory Selling:A short course power primer designed for anyone/everyone in your organization that in ANY way deals with the public or your prospects or buyers.

Getting A Toehold On New Clients: This is a self-liquidating “Starter” course on proven selling/advertising/marketing methods that my clients and I have used…and ARE currently using successfully!

Session 13: Highest And Best Use Theory—Taken to the Max

Here we go granular, examining numerous areas, ways and opportunities for better optimizing almost everything your business currently does. I’ll also cover:

Re-deploying Your Intangible Assets For Pure Profit:Clever ways to reclaim sunk-costs. Plus, how to monetize past victories and successful processes/procedures in ways you’ve never heard before.

Shooting At the Moon, Swinging For The Fences, Knocking The Cover Off The Ball:Join me on this deep dive exploration of the Power Principles and X-Factors (my proprietary methods) I use for generating exponential business/profit growth in companies of all kinds and sizes.

Implementation Mastery:We’ll cover three ways to grow your business, PLUS three advanced ways to grow your business sampled with dozens of relevant examples to model!

Thinking Bigger:This segment is all about mastermind marketing reduced down to its powerhouse core essence—complete with application and execution implementation instructions to follow!


Before I continue, I want to stop for a moment. Because, I think that by now, YOU CAN SEE that every second of every minute of every hour of each one of these 26, two-hour long sessions is designed by me to be:

Absolutely Relevant* Immediately Applicable *Fast-Paced and Actionable *Educational and Instructional * Flexibly Adaptable to YOUR Business Situation* Current and Usable *Consistent and Totally Congruent *Simple, Yet Disarmingly Powerful *Successful and Result-Proven* Turnkey-Presented, So It’s Never Theoretical!

Let’s Continue…


Session 14: Strategic Alliances

How To Build A Powerful Partnering Network:I’ll reveal and dissect 43 separate (and proven) ways you can use strategic alliances, JVs and power partnering to grow ANY business.

Session 15: Upside/Outsized Leverage Marketing

Leverage A-Go-Go:A cat scan, three-dimensional understanding of what Leverage Marketing is all about—meaning what it is, how it works, where it’s best applied. Plus, I’ll give you loads of specific, concrete examples of multiple leverage marketing plays I’ve engineered—and an on-the-line (not online) template to stimulate YOUR OWN leverage marketing play.

What Delivering Higher-Than-Expected Levels Of Value, Service, Performance AndSupport Means… And Looks Like: You’ll learn tons of examples, role-playing, and outright customized recommendations to increase value and performance and overall client experience in your business.

Going From Incremental To Exponential: How to leverage everything you do with specific examples given.

Session 16: Preemptive Marketing

Simply put, I’ll teach you the science of blocking, preempting, nullifying, diluting and making irrelevant some of your most formidable competitors. I’ll go deeply into what I have coined, “The Aikido School of Marketing”—meaning how to use every disadvantage or weakness you have to surprising positive advantage AND how to use “The Claude Hopkins/Albert Lasker” mindset to vanquish your competitive landscape.

Session 17: Using Advertising Classics in Modern Times

The Reading Room:I’ll share the highest action/impact points of the12most important books I’ve ever read.

Hopkins InA Nutshell: I’ll divulge a gamut of powerful modern-day applications adapted/adopted from my two favorite Books; “Scientific Advertising”and “My Life In Advertising.”

Session 18:Reactivating Old Clients and Keep Them Coming Back for More

Process Marketing vs. Sales Funnels: I’ll walk you through the distinctive differences so you can maximize and multiply your results with both.

Why All Communication MUST Convey Value: What this actually means and what it actually looks like.

Reactivating Old Clients Or Prospects: Concepts I’ve perfected for remonetizing inactive, sunk-cost relationships.

The Power Of The Reason Why:Here, I will take a very simple-sounding concept and explore no less than 19 situations that your business experiences every month, where a better reason why (or having a rational reason why) would move the needle decisively in a more profitable result for you.

Frequency Builds Friendships—But Only IF: This session explains the science of frequency, while integrating a stern education on understanding self-servingness vs value creation to your client.

How To Keep Clients Coming Back FOR LIFE!: I’ll teach you how to create solid back-end communication, conservation, and conversion strategies—and show you how to dramatically improve your existing back-end or how to add more levels to it.

Session 19: Encounters With the Masters and Me

Online Hero:You’ll experience a guest panel of social, digital, blog, podcast and marketing MASTERS I’ve assembled for me to host in a round-robin panel process.

Icons Of Entrepreneurship: This segment has me doing group interviews of six prominent iconic entrepreneurs who are each rabidly respected today. The questions I’ll ask and the insights I’ll stimulate will be more than merely entertaining or interesting—they’ll be completely paradigm shifting.

Session 20: Social Media Panel

On Being Social: I’m inviting a panel of world respected social media mavens to go under the marketing microscope with me to perform surgical interventions and lifesaving business reconstructive treatment—on YOUR underperforming social media strategy.

Session 21: Oh, the Possibilities—How to Maximize What You Have and Multiply Your Maximum

Finding More Passion, Purpose and Possibility In What You Do—And Who You Do It For: This session looks at multiplying the value of your own intellectual capital—then working on doing the same with/for your talent/team for gargantuan financial and psychic payoffs.

Fish Where The Fish Are: How to truly know YOURoptimum target market. Plus, I’ll teach you how to focus on the highest and best client sources—along with an array of proven conversion strategies.

Your Creativity Switch: How To Turn It On—AND UP!:You’ll learn my best techniques for creating ideas/innovation/non-linear thinking to grow your business in any economy.

Your Flight Plan—Where You’re Heading: An overview of your journey.

You Are Richer Than You Think: Your unique definition of success.

Session 22: High Performance Impact Points, Leverage Areas and Overlooked/Undervalued Elements, Forces and Factors That Can Hurtle Your Results Into Higher Strata

Running Your Business As If ItWere A Mutual fund:You’ll learn how I teach my top clients how to look at every performance area, every impact and/or leverage point, every sequence and stage of your selling system—as if IT were a stock or investment sitting in your mutual fund—and demanding greater performance, yield, dividends, payoff from each and every thing you do. But first, how to recognize exactly/specifically WHAT those elements are and precisely how they are performing (or non-performing) currently.

Out maneuvering Your Competition:I’ll give you blockbuster ways to either “one-up”, counter-program, fill niches, exploit gaps, maximize your own advantage and capitalize on competitive weaknesses.

How To Command Maximum Respect, Relevance and Results: This will be an integrative amalgam that combines key elements of preeminence, trust-building, and response-psychology together—into a fresh, new synthesis that teaches you or your marketing people how to do it.

Session 23: How to Write a Book

Author! Author!:I’ll coach you on how to get a book written fast, easily and inexpensively. Plus, how to get it strategically distributed or disseminated to promote/establish your prominence and superiority in your industry or field. You can expect that I’ll also provide dozens of inventive ways to use your book that no one else might even think of.

Session 24: Getting Clients

With A Little Help From A Friend:The most universal, profitable predictable referral strategies my past and presentclients have ever used—and how to modify and adapt them to whatever your business does.

Thinking Like A Prospect Or Client:This segment teaches you how to harness the force and might of the “you attitude” in a wide array of scenarios your business faces every day.

Turnabout Is Fair Play:You’ll learn how to get prospects soliciting YOU. Plus, I’ll share what I’ve learned about lead generating (from six million+ leads generated, world-wide).

Session 25: Critical Thinking

Maximum Thinking For Maximum Profit: How to think, act and transact business like a strategic Marketing Master.

How To Shake Things Up AND Make Things Happen!:How to develop, evolve AND MASTERstrategic/systemized/critical/ultra-premier level thinking and actions in all you do.

On Thinking Differently:I’ll share my method for looking at business life from vector points, vantage points, impact points and learning curves that the normal mental model never grasps or utilizes.

Victim Or Victor:This will be a very unusual session on possibility-thinking, greatness and high-performance thinking that is designed to transcend mere motivation and personal achievement. It’s the way MY mentors taught ME to think, act and transact—and How I’d Like to Teach YOU To Do It, TOO!

Session 26: PEQ

Here, I’ll discuss the Quantum Performance Enhancement System I developed that lets you borrow the absolutely best success strategies/approaches from all kinds of other industries or related fields and harness them for yourself. We did three $20,000-25,000 high-level programs on this but it hasn’t been discussed (let alone explained in critical detail) for three years. This session will be loaded with a huge number of examples to motivate and stimulate your highest possible performance.


Click Here To Apply

Okay, my strategic marketing friend.

You asked for an overview of what the 26-weeks would entail. So there it is. Of course—I might expand, move around, add things. But THIS IS what I’m planning at this time.

Again, only 50people max for the beta version of Reshaping Your Business Future. I’m fine if we have far less participants, IF they have the right profiles.

Price again… IS $5,000 for the heavily discounted single payment enrollment. Or, the terms option is four installments of $1,500 each over the six months of the program.

Or, you can purchase single segments for $400 each.

It boils down to as low as $85 an hour to personally interact with me. Maximum will cost $200 per hour—compared to my day rate of $50,000. It’s a great deal—if you “get me” and a terrible waste if you don’t.

Connect with Rob Colasanti immediately by clicking HERE if you want in. Don’t—obviously, IF you don’t.

Click Here

There’s not much more to tell—and truthfully, IF you do need more…you aren’t right for this opportunity anyway. So do us both a favor and respectfully decline.

This is NOT a big moneymaker for me I assure you. It’s a big commitment I’m making to you—so appreciate what I’m doing and I’ll be honored to contribute.

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