Whatever Is Missing From Your Business To Achieve Maximum Growth And Profits, Isn’t Missing In The WORLD. Let:

Relational Capital Mastery:
The Unlimited Checkbook

Show You How To Find It, Leverage It, And Profit From It Without Due Risk, Cost, Heartache Or Time.

From: Jay Abraham, Founder of The Abraham Group
Location: Palos Verdes, California

Dear friend:

For years, the press have asked me THE SAME QUESTION!

If we took all of your powerful concepts and methods away from you – and you could ONLY keep one strategy to use for your maximum wealth – what would it be and why?

My answer is ALWAYS the same:

Give me access to every other business’ tangible and intangible assets – and I can own the world!

Think Archimedes and the lever.

Kevin McNeely, former president of Nightingale Conant, once said, “If you found yourself living in a different city with no contacts, no friends and zero dollars in your pockets or checking account – you’d want Jay Abraham there with you.”


Because he knew I’d figure out how we could both quickly earn a half-million dollars each – using other people’s resources.

And therein lies the purpose of this non-fiction…

Out of all the concepts, strategies, principles and methodologies that I’ve been credited with creating – none are as profitable and as growth-certain as harnessing the near-infinite power of other companies’ resources, brand distribution, brands, distribution channels, assets, and access.

I call it using Leverage Marketing, Power Partnering, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures – to leverage off of everyone else’s past capital expenditures, past credibility building efforts, existing sales forces, marketing stature, brand, distribution channels, etc.

Want proof? No Problem! 

I can provide so many wild and wonderful success stories; it will make your head spin with delight.

Let’s start at the beginning, as Mary Poppins suggests.

Here’s a fast and furious litany of successes – all tied to leveraging Relational Capital:

  • Icy Hot – Went from $20,000 to $13 million in 15 months, then sold for tens of millions.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – Went from $700,000 to $8 million in 9 months.
  • Investment Rarities – Went from $300,000 to $500 million in 15 months.
  • My seminar business – Rocketed up to $250 million with almost zero investment.
  • A motorcycle manufacturer in China – Added $10 million in one year.
  • An infomercial startup – Generated $25 million, leveraging off larger infomercial companies, TV-shows, and products.
  • Carnival Cruises – Built a multi-billion dollar business with it.
  • Allstate – Used it to become a multi-billion dollar car insurance giant.

Need more examples? I’ve got tons! 

  • Like the guy who got control of a multi-million dollar flea market business for nothing. Then flipped it almost instantly for a huge 7-figure, up-front fee and a permanent piece of the future profits.
  • Or the man who initially controlled all of the dot coms and joint ventured to make a massive fortune for himself. 
  • Or, the company that got control of 100 million dollars of free subscriptions to a financial newsletter, which they sold and kept all the profit, plus got a huge share of all renewal income, on top.
  • Or the man who bought a Porsche dealership without any capital or debt and gave away no equity.
  • Or the man who bought one-half ownership of a major hospital and got paid a 2 billion dollar bonus by the doctors just for doing it. 

My point?

There’s a near-infinite supply of assets and access (credibility and distribution) sitting in other companies’ resources that your business can leverage to enormous financial advantage, and it’s completely ethical. 

I spent 25 years becoming the preeminent expert at leveraging up other people’s businesses, other organizations’ assets, other media’s Relational Capital.

We’ve generated billions for partners, clients, and ourselves using this “wealth without risk” approach.

It’s totally real – readily doable. Any size / type of company can utilize it to hustle sales, catapult profits – all with almost no fixed investment or risk, whatsoever.

Any business can use variations of these strategies to secure no-cost advertising or marketing, retain sales forces, create massive distribution channels, develop new products and services with no fixed costs, secure magnificent office space, acquire new equipment and on and on and on.

Don’t take my word for it – watch the highly provocative video — see if it ignites your sense of how much infinite growth, prosperity and greater success is actually achievable / available to multiply your current financial or business situation.

Watch the video – then read the accompanying “creativity switch” document I created called, “The Abraham Mind Shift Challenge.”

If you get truly “stoked,” please contact Rob Colasanti right away to see if my Relational Capital Mastery home-study course – “The Unlimited Business Checkbook” is right for you.

This stellar home-study program is full of recorded content, transcripts, workbooks, and support materials that will teach any of open-minded, highly-aspirational entrepreneurs all the magnificent ways they can create unlimited business growth and prosperity without investment or risk… Using “The Unlimited Business Checkbook” strategy. 

I’m only looking to attract the right people, and you must be able to embrace what Robert Hargrove calls “an impossible future” – meaning, one that vastly transcends any current resource limitations you’ve faced.

Everything you need to do this is in “The Unlimited Business Checkbook.

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Please, if motivated, book your call with Rob to officially sign you up!

Thank you,