What The Press Says About Jay

Los Angeles Business Journal

“Jay Abraham goes for the jugular when it comes to marketing. He is one of the highest paid consultants in the country.”

Success Magazine

“…possibly the greatest marketing expert alive today… a man who can turn you from a marketing greenhorn into a marketing green beret!”

USA Today

“In a world apart from conventional consultancy, he advises clients on their marketing strategies, getting no closer to them than a telephone connection permits…(and) Abraham earns a fortune.”

Entrepreneur Magazine

“15 years ago, Jay taught me how to turn underutilized, intangible assets into cash over- night. The first year, I made $100,000 from his advice and have continued to do the same practically every year with every business I own. That means I made over $1.5 million from just one thing Jay taught me. He’s one of the best market conceptualists in the country.”

Chase Revel, Founder

Comstock Quarterly

Jay Abraham is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. He has engineered several phenomenally successful marketing campaigns, He works with a select group of clients; Jay asks for and receives fees which some might consider expensive. But if his track record is any indication of the value of his talents, his clients have little reason to complain.”

Forbes Magazine

Jay Abraham’s specialty: turning corporate underperformers into marketing and sales whizzes.”
(March 6, 2000 issue)

Investors Business Daily

The power of asking the right question. Abraham directs questions the way George Patton directed tanks.

The New York Times

If the measure of the status of a profession is the fee a practitioners can command, then marketing has come of age. Jay Abraham charges… ($5,000) an hour for phone consultations on marketing… (and) specializes in helping entrepreneurial companies grow.

Orange County Register

Talk means money: (Jay) is a leading marketing consultant… commanding (up to) a $25,000 fee for a 3-day conference. Jay Abraham tells how to find success in the business world.

Inc. Magazine

After attending (Jay Abraham’s) direct response seminar. (Lillig) sent postcards to 750 prospects that he purchased for 5 cents a name. The total cost for printing postage and the list? Five hundred dollars … the return on the investment thus far has been nearly 60,000% (and could easily double) …

— writing about Jay Abraham seminar graduate Michael Lillig of Renton, WA.

Los Angeles Business Journal

He is one of the highest paid consultants in the country. Clients range from educational service companies to electric shaver manufacturers. Abraham once worked for 18 months on “Icy Hot,” an analgesic balm. He developed a national mail order strategy that resulted in $13 million in sales. The product was a key to a buy-out by G.D. Searle.

National OTC Stock Journal

“When talking with Jay Abraham, marketing consultant, be sure to bring along a tape recorder. A well oiled, highly electrified tape recorder. And Tapes. Lots of tapes. That’s because you’ll probably want to remember almost everything Abraham says.”

National Underwriter

“Abraham is compensated solely on the basis of results. If his techniques produce clearly identifiable additional profits, he receives a percentage. If not, he gets nothing.