Introducing Jay Abraham’s…
Introducing Jay's...
“Majestic Seven” 
Mastermind Alliance
Discover How to Get Jay’s Personalized 
Business Building Advice and Masterful 
Thinking Partnering For a Full Year!
Brain Trust-Mastermind Alliance

Dear Entrepreneur,

We quickly filled our Magnificent Seven, limited access, yearlong, “elite”, strategic advisory and masterful thinking partner program.

We ended up rejecting all but seven quality 
entrepreneurs, whose traits and past performance history met my stringent criteria.

This is a labor-of-love, yearlong endeavor for me—not really a great moneymaker. 

But it affords me a unique chance to get unusually deep and close with just seven impressive, but somewhat smaller entrepreneurs who have already distinguished themselves through impressive marketing, value creation and preeminent leadership of their team.

Now they are ready to see their smaller businesses grow and evolve to larger, more profitable ones.

None can comfortably afford my six-figure private consultative mentorship fees. However, their businesses are each large enough and cash-flow stable enough to easily afford the modest $4,000 per month or $43,000 single payment fee I’ve affordably set for the group. 

Magnificent Seven launched a few months ago and I am thrilled with the demonstration of qualitative integrity and collaborative execution each of the clients has demonstrated. So thrilled, in fact, that I want to organize one additional group in the same image and size—AND with the same purpose and processes.
I’m calling the new group we’re now forming 
“The Majestic Seven” and here are the 
requirements for participating

  •  No one is allowed into the group, unless they can prove / validate both their current success level, as well as their superior proficiency (and preferably mastery) of one or more key business performance enhancement “levels”/distinctions (i.e. strategy, marketing, consultative selling, channel distribution, online, Facebook, etc.)                                                                                                           
  •  No one will be allowed in unless their business is both supremely preeminent and is earning at least high six- (preferably seven-) figures annually – minimum.                                                                  
  •  No one will be allowed in who cannot demonstrate both unhedging willingness (as well as capability) to openly share and transfer their profound knowledge over to the other 6 members who may not possess that (or those) specific skill set(s).       
  •  Unlike a typical mastermind, where it’s more collegial than transactional – The Majestic seven will be squarely focused on producing exact, and multiple, “high performance” action strategies and implementation tactics for members to go back and specifically apply – immediately (each time we meet). These concepts will be individually reduced to situation-specific scenarios before each member leaves a session.         
"I’m ONLY accepting seven clients again—And It’s 
Designed To Be An Ultra Collaborative, High-Performance Cadre Of Like-Minded/Preeminent Entrepreneurs That I’ll 
Be Proud To Advise And Think Masterfully For And 
With For A Solid Year."
First off, as a Majestic Seven client, you will receive a four-hour, private, initial intensive orientation session with me at my office, or we can do it by Skype if more convenient. This will enable me to thoroughly establish with you, and fully understand, the target goals and objectives we’re aiming for during our yearlong interaction together. 

Then, you’ll receive nine, deep-dive, roundtable, problem solving/opportunity-mining sessions (up to two-hours each via GoToMeeting) where you and the other six client-members get your current most important, critical or opportune issue singularly addressed. (Every session will be recorded for you so you never miss a single breakthrough.)
Even more—twice a year you and the rest of the group will meet at my office for two solid days of hot seats and systematic masterminding—as well as continuous updates on breakthrough techniques and strategies I’m continuously developing and refining in my world-wide diverse private consulting/strategic advisory work. 

You will also receive a mammoth lifetime reference library of outrageously valuable resources (worth far more than the participation fee itself). 

And, I’ll be gifting a cornucopia of extremely valuable “surprise” bonuses throughout the journey.

So now you know what it is, why it is, AND how it works.
"Now let’s look at outcomes YOU could expect from 
participation—IF you are accepted."
(Again, THIS is a labor of love project that allows ME to work personally with smaller—but surprisingly high-performance-oriented, preeminent entrepreneurs.)

You’ll spend the next 365 days discovering and mastering the real keys to massive, sustainable, business performance improvement.

You’ll be working privately in an elite group of just seven co-members on an awe inspiring collection of little discussed, high-performance issues.

You’ll be reframing the rest of your business life and future—plus, gaining the understanding and ability to harness a veritable wonderland of concepts and strategies that none of your direct competitors know about—much less are using.

Perhaps, for the first-time in your business life you will have the opportunity to encounter and experience firsthand, immediate strategic, ideological, philosophical business change and dramatic potential performance improvement!

You’ll learn how to think, act and transact business at a level of preeminent achievement you probably never thought possible.

Many of you originally sought me, and my body of work, to learn my fundamental business building lessons.

But after decades of sharing them passively, I’ve come to believe THAT merely studying my success principles on your own (in a vacuum) isn’t the answer to massive, rapid and ever compounding business improvement.

Actually living it, experiencing it, and applying successful improvements under a master’s watchful eye—in your own right—multiplies your outcomes and results, by orders of magnitude.

My commitment to the seven members of the Magnificent Seven, and you prospective future members of my newly-forming Majestic Seven, is to do that for you each and every time we connect—be it privately in your immersive orientation session with me, monthly on our issue-focused clinics, or semi-annually in your in-person member meetings at my office.

That’s MY commitment to you!
"I’ve created a yearlong, integrative, processional dynamic that’s far too innovative 
and extraordinary in the  breakthroughs it can deliver during every interaction with you, to merely be called 
a transformative mastermind group."
NO—no matter what the challenges, pitfalls or missed opportunities you may be encountering. No matter which of the nine (or if all nine) of the sticking points have gotten your growth stuck, stagnating or stalling. In just one collaborative year of totally empowering advice, re-thinking, problem-solving, idea-sharing and course correcting—I can promise that neither your mindset, nor your business will ever be the same.

If you commit fully to my collaborative, open-discussion process—in just one year—I know I can fully recondition, remold and restart the ultimate growth machine and the strategic marketing genius that resides UNDERUTILIZED within you.

You have my word that I will never FORCE you to embrace any different path that you are currently pursuing. Instead, I plan on electrifying you and energizing you with newfound understanding of far higher, safer, faster, less risky and enormously higher yielding alternative choices that are available to you. You alone will decide whether to conservatively embrace my (or a co-member’s) ideas, recommendations, constructive critiques, diagnostic treatment prescriptives—or not!

My private clients tell me that spending time in my force-field produces a continuous personal change in how exhilarating, emancipating and wondrous their overlooked opportunities, hidden assets, underutilized resources or underperforming activities and assets really are! 

They also say THAT, when I instill a truly elevated and expanded sense of preeminence into their thinking—they understand, appreciate and get reinvigorated about the magical world of business possibilities they now can play in! It provides a new level. A far higher plane of comprehension and insightful ability than they ever imagined.
"I hold you to a higher standard of performance, achievement, strategic and marketing improvement."
I teach you how to have more certainty and decisiveness in how you pilot your business.

You gain clarity and solutions for how to masterfully/successfully deal with whatever challenges, obstacles, setbacks, opportunities, or unexpected surprises (whether good or bad) that exist or come up in your business life!

Remember, you have my word—as long as I can have YOUR word that YOU will do YOUR part to collaborate, cooperate and execute—and report back outcomes on every session.

- You’ll develop a sense of absolute certainty about your business destiny. 

- I’ll help push and stretch you far beyond whatever plateau or comfort level          you and your business may be content operating at.

- You’ll get answers, tools, lessons, case study instruction, and hands-on              strategic guidance. 

Most importantly, you’ll get first-hand crucible experiences to turn you into a proud, content, satisfied, masterful business builder.
"I, and the group, will get you to take more and 
greater action so you’ll see how to continuously accomplish utterly amazing new things with, for 
and through your business."
But best of all—once our year together concludes, you’ll have learned how to make those 10 or 15 degree shifts in thinking differently that produce quantum shifts in results. 

You’ll gain more momentum and far more creative energy. 

You’ll understand both intellectually, as well as transactionally, my power principles for producing enduring achievement, never-ending personal and business growth, and wealth in all forms—both tangible and intangible!

My Majestic Seven group could represent, “hands-down,” the ultimate business growth and personal strategic/critical thinking experience you’ll ever encounter.

It’s perhaps second only to working with me privately on a long-term basis.

And it will all happen in twelve majestic months together as a collaborative, cohesive, mutually contributing, high-performance machine!

Plus, for the rest of your business life, the lessons, thinking, methodology, ideology and strategic critical thinking you’ll have mastered will build exponentially and continuously—for as long as you live these principles!

In summary, the best way I know to permanently and positively change upwardly the trajectory of a business life—is not by letting you merely watch, read or listen passively. It’s by enabling you to actually experience and apply these strategic, marketing and mindset improvements right there—directly in YOUR business with me looking over your shoulder—so-to-speak. 

That way my knowledge, experience and wisdom gets transferred from me to you and the six other colleagues you’re journeying with in this yearlong adventure. 
"My mindset becomes YOUR mindset." 
By the way—most of the elements, processes and experiences you can expect to encounter over that year are totally new and more powerful than previous methodologies I used to teach, or shared for you to use.

So if you are ready to UP the game of business life you play for years (or decades) to come—and you can commit the collaborative investment of time, trust and execution to the group—plus, of course, comfortably afford the modest fee (but NOT afford engaging me privately)… I am offering an experience you really couldn’t get in the past, nor may you ever see again.
Now... I’m systematically searching for just seven of the right preeminent entrepreneurs who are ready to make big changes in their business, or move up to the next level, or totally skip two or three levels as they catapult higher.

THIS is YOUR invitation to learn personally from me—in situation specific illustrative instruction—my newest, most recent, potent, success-yielding methods, ideas, and strategic breakthroughs.

If seriously interested and qualified—and you can afford both financially and attitudinally the fee and commitment—please submit your application to our Director of Admissions, Rob Colasanti, by clicking one of the Apply Now buttons on this page.

That’s the good news. Now the bad news: 

This IS the ONLY additional seven-member labor-of-love group I plan on offering for the next year. 

Since I rarely do ANY group encounters in North America anymore—except for love or experiment, this may be the last such possibility to work with me in a small intimate, yearlong group you’ll be offered. 
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