JV Mastery

The most profitable no-investment/no-risk business explosion formula known. Master the capability for starting explosive no investment/no risk profit growth by orders of magnitude in this three-month intensive mind shift and implementation mentoring training with Jay.

Relational Capital Mastery

Whatever is missing from your business to achieve maximum growth and profits, isn’t missing in the WORLD. Let Relational Capital Mastery: The Unlimited Checkbook, show you how to find it, leverage it, and profit from it without due risk, cost, heartache or time.

Referral Mastery

Master 150 separate high-profit, low or no-cost referral generating strategies. In Referral Mastery, Jay shows you proven strategies that can be applied in almost every business situation, and bring you new, ongoing streams of profit.

Breakthroughs at Palos Verdes

Experience the Ultimate Business Total Transformation. At Breakthroughs you’ll spend over 30 hours with me discovering and mastering real keys to far more massive, sustainable business performance and profit improvement.

A message from Jay…

Because we believe these books are so important, we are glad to buy you a digital copy of some of them. You are welcome to download and print them for your own personal use. If you’d like a physical copy of the book, you can buy them from the links provided.

The Sticking Point Solution

Businesses can plateau, stall, or stagnate… without the owners or key executives even realizing it. The purpose of The Sticking Point Solution is to help entrepreneurs and executives recognize the ways in which their businesses may be stuck, and to then give them tools for getting unstuck and enjoying exponential growth....

The CEO Who Sees Around Corners

Jay Abraham and Carlos Dias wrote this book for CEOs and senior executives who want to lead their organizations onto a better path for success in a fast-moving, turbulent world. The CEO Who Sees Around Corners introduces the powerful theories, mental models, and proven processes you need to reset your business to succeed...

Find the Motherlode of Wealth in Your Business

In this executive business fable, Jay Abraham and Carlos Dias show you that changing your company’s destiny begins by updating your personal Leadership Mindset. Using the same strategic process toolkit they have used successfully to mentor countless multinational CEOs and their teams, Jay and Carlos help you to find...