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The Most Profitable No-Investment/No-Risk Business Explosion Formula Known.
JV Mastery!

Do you know what OPR stands for? 

You should, if you’re at all committed to exploding your business sales and outsizing its profit performance – by orders of magnitude!

OPR stands for other peoples’ resources. 

More specifically, other companies’ buyers, sales forces, unsold prospects, distribution channels, endorsement of your company’s products/services, co-branding your products or services with theirs.

Those are just six out of over 100 OPR’s I’ve uncovered and tapped into for myself, partners and clients over my career – to the tune of billions of no-investment/no-risk, explosive profit windfalls.

I do it using proprietary “power profiting” methods I’ve discovered and keep upgrading and perfecting over the years. 

I do it by structuring unimaginably lucrative strategic alliances with companies that have the same target audiences I, or my clients, go after.

I do it by engineering PI (Per Inquiry) and PO (Per Order) and PLV (Per Lifetime Value), and performance-only revenue sharing arrangements with online and offline media sources, podcasters, bloggers.

I do it by negotiating mega-level referral deals with influencers, authors, experts, consultants.

I do it by doing utterly ingenious barter deals – sometimes trading my services for their endorsement, sometimes getting companies to give ME valuable items in exchange for my services/advice. 

For example, on barter, I traded: 

  • $2 million of my advice for $2 million of radio advertising (40,000 separate 60-second commercials on over 400 stations) a few years back. 
  • I used it to make my first book a runaway bestseller that led to tens of millions of back end seminar sales. 
  • I used it to trade for $1,500,000 worth of exquisite art: a 7-foot European sculpture, an 8′ x 4′ master-level painting, a 6-foot stainless steel sculpture, a 500-pound solid jade fountain hand carved over two years with smiling Buddhas and turtles. Oh – and I have three, 200-pound white jade Buddhas, too.

Do you like cars? 

I do! 

Which is why I’ve traded for a Bentley, a Porsche 911, a Mercedes GTS, a Maserati Gran Torino convertible with Ferrari engine, a ‘56 Corvette, a Mercedes AMG, a Mercedes G wagon, a classic TR3, a candy apple red ‘59 Bonneville convertible with three 4-barrel calibrators, a Fisker, a tricked-out RV, a speedboat, a brand new Acura NSX, two Rolls Royces. I could go on.

I call all the expensive, expansive methods I’ve engineered for exploding a business’ sales and erupting their profit performance: JV Mastery

And with all humility, I may be the absolute, most masterful expert at all the no investment/no risk ways a given company, individual or professional can monetize it – than anyone out there.

Not because I’m so bright. Rather because I’ve been mentored by the most “wickedly smart” minds on joint venturing, strategic alliances, endorsement dealing, recommended resource/provider status, partners and co-branding that ever lived in the 20th and 21st centuries. 

They taught me their methods and mindsets. 

They walked me painstakingly through more case study scenarios they’d done then you can possibly imagine.

Want a few mind-blowing examples of what I learned to do? 

See these real-life success stories. I can walk you through almost exact details of the strategies of how each one was done…

  • Icy Hot – went from $20,000 to $13 million in 15 months, then sold for tens of millions
  • Entrepreneur Magazine – went from $700,000 to $8 million in 9 months
  • Investment Rarities – went from $300,000 to $500 million in 15 months
  • My seminar business – rocketed up to $250 million with almost zero investment
  • A motorcycle manufacturer in China – added $10 million in one year
  • An infomercial startup – generated $25 million, leveraging off larger infomercial companies, TV shows and products
  • Carnival Cruises – built a multi-billion-dollar business with it
  • Allstate – used it to become a multi-billion-dollar car insurance giant

Need more examples?

  • Like the guy who got control of a multi-million-dollar flea market business for nothing
  • Or the man who initially controlled all the dot coms and joint ventured to make a massive fortune for himself
  • Or the company that got control of $10 million worth of free subscriptions, which they sold and kept all the profit
  • Or the man who bought a Porsche dealership without any money or debt
  • Or the man who bought ½ ownership of a major house bill and got paid a $2 billion bonus by the doctors just for doing it

My point?  

There’s a near infinite supply of assets and access sitting in other companies’ resources that your business can leverage to enormous financial advantage, and it’s completely ethical.

Think unlimited business growth, unlimited business profits, zero capital requirements, zero downside risks!

I spent 40 years becoming the preeminent expert at leveraging up other peoples’ businesses, other organizations’ assets, other medias’ Relational Capital. 

I call it JV Mastery , but it uses a proprietary combination of power partnering, strategic alliance structuring, co-branding, recommended resource preemptive positioning – tied in with mega referral maximizing.

Why am I telling you this? Here’s my reason:

Every time I do group problem-solving clinics, almost half of my recommended strategies, solutions and answers squarely focus on showing that person how to utilize one or more forms of JV Mastery to gain untold profit advantage – almost always without any fixed investment on their part – and almost always with absolutely no risk, whatsoever!

The last Q&A clinic I did – right in the middle I blurted out that maybe I should do an experimental, ultra-high-level JV Mastery course – not a mere superficial, single class.

I’ve done three others in the past for huge paydays. 

One paid $2 million. 

Another $1.6 million. 

And the last was a special deal for a group for only $750,000. 

But those were all years ago – when my JV masterful knowledge was a fraction of a fraction of what I know today!

I said it would have to be reasonably high-priced; since the only people I’ve shared this upgraded specialized knowledge within the last decade were my massively successful clients.

One used it to go from $40 million to $130 million in 15 months. 

Another did $1 million extra profit in the first six months for zero out-of-pocket expense. 

In China I helped one local manufacturer produce $20 million in profit increases his first full year of doing it. 

A man in the UK has acquired a dozen other businesses using my no-risk methods. 

I do it every year with Tony Robbins and generate a $2 million profit windfall in just one day.

Anyhow, I tried broaching the idea with the group clinic participants I was helping and said it’d be $15,000 each to be taught – but only $12,500 if at least a dozen registered. 

My goal was to see relative intent and if enough – go to you next with the same offer.

I got only 10, which fascinated me because including the segment on Referral Mastery, the special expansive segment on becoming a Barter Baron – and the ultra-evolved extra bonus I added on creating barter profit centers that you, or someone else you employ, can run for other companies…

This JV Mastery course will be unlike anything anyone else out there ever dared offer, shared or comprehensively revealed.

Realize please – I’ve actually done everything I teach or if I haven’t, one of my mentors/colleagues has done it many times over and masterfully taught it to me.

I’ve shared above just a few of all the revenue generating spectrum of ways JV Mastery can explode your bottom line. But there are probably 100 other ways to use it to acquire any – and all – resources your business may be lacking.

Need a sales force? No problem. 

Need manufacturing? No problem. 

Or an offer in 10 other parts of the country or world? Again, no problem. 

Need distribution? It’s a snap. 

Need technology? Got you covered. 

Need new products or services? I’ll get you more than you can handle – all for little-to-no out-of-pocket expense. 

Want endorsements galore? It’s readily doable using a variation of JV Mastery

Want to write a book to elevate your brand? I’ve got a way to do it overnight and partner with a world class, best-selling author – again, no investment or risk.

I can go on and on and on.  

But this is only the outer periphery of all that’s achievable through JV Mastery.

Bottom line? 

If a dozen more of you commit at $12,500 – I’m doing the most outrageous virtual JV Mastery ultra-advanced, profound, knowledge transfer training master’s course and mentorship ever orchestrated.

It’s over two weekends, five hours each day (total 20 hours), virtually via Zoom. 

Then a once per month (for three months) mentoring group with me, personally.

All for $12,500 IF enough of you reply. $15,000 each if you don’t.

I’m only doing it to force myself to more clearly codify the nearly 200 new concepts, strategies and distinctions I’ve engineered, devised, evolved, refined, and discovered since I last did them to those experimental large groups 10 years ago.

This is all new, fresh thinking. 

It’s all usable, clearly explained, comprehensive, and results-driven certain – IF you implement, apply, and execute.

It’s either $12,500 or $15,000 – depending on how many enroll. 

No hard sales effort is being made on our part to get you on board.

Either you get me, fully see the incalculable profit power that mastering all the JV Mastery pathways can mean to your proprietary, success and profit amassing ability for years to come – or you don’t.

Again – it’s $12,500 or $15,000. 

The process will entail two weekends in a row, five hours each Saturday/Sunday on March 12-13th and March 19-20 th from 9am-2pm PDT.  It’s virtually delivered via Zoom. 

After the master class training is complete, I will mentor the 20 participants in a private group once per month (2hrs each session) for three months (dates TBD).

I’m telling you so you are not shocked – so you don’t waste my sales peoples’ time or yours. 

Only connect with Rob Colasanti at 1-727-480-8853 or if you are in – and do not need to be sold. 

Alternatively (only IF you’re serious about committing) – you may schedule a brief phone chat with him at a mutually convenient time by clicking the button below.

— Jay