Jay Abraham's Specially Priced Hotseat Thumb-Drive



"Yes I want to add Your New 200+ Hotseat/Lightning Round Thumb-Drive to my Jay Abraham 'Body of Work' Compendium!"

I received your email, it made total sense. Since I already invested in a huge collection of your body of work I've come to realize Hotseats, Lightning Rounds and Q&A sessions are probably one of the most example-clear/powerfully real life illustrative ways I can put your powerhouse ideas to work.

I'd be foolish not to try out the New Thumb-Drive-- the generous 35% discounted special "privileged" purchase proposition you have offered.

I've reviewed the samples below of what's on the Thumb-Drive. Yes, having that compressed collection in a totally portable and permanently accessible platform makes a tremendous offer.

I am accepting your "privileged" purchase proposition.

I get the Thumb-Drive at the preferential price that you're only extending to past Hard-Drive Buyers-- of just $650 outright. That's a $350 savings (35% deduction)!

I understand that I am the only group that I am offering it without having to qualify for it. That you are extending this privilege along with the 35% discount because I demonstrated a commitment to fully grasp and apply your method, principles, and mindsets in a meaningful way.

I appreciate the opportunity you have offered to add to my collection to your body of work. I am particularly excited about the applicability of these real life/situation-specfic hot seats and lightning rounds that will make my business outcome rewarding. Below I've sagaciously provided my billing information to Rob Colasanti, understanding that 78% of all the contents are not duplicated. I recognize that the one or two that are is a modest price to pay for having the Hotseats all organized and assembled in one portable and instant gratification tool.


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30 Gigabyte "USB Thumb Drive" containing hours-upon-hours of Jay giving real business owners sitting "In the Hot Seat,"---highly-situation-specific guidance for their toughest business questions.

  • Real-World-Examples magnify your understanding of "Classic" Jay principles...
  • One-time payment of $650. The most affordable way to get access to 30 GB of Jays "World-Class" strategic counsel.

Order the Hot Seat Thumb Drive 200+ by emailing: robcolasanti@abraham.com

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Here's what's inside!

Order the Hot Seat Thumb Drive 200+ by emailing: robcolasanti@abraham.com

fade-leftfade-rightHere's a Sample of some Questions on Thumb-Drive 200+

  • How to implement and yield better optimization for USP?
  • How to find more cash for our company?
  • How to create a new product? And, how to expand market?
  • How to expand a single store to multiple stores?
  • How can I attract more people, employees and clients?
  • How to model company to become for advantageous for growth?
  • How to switch to different business model and make it successful?
  • How to make stable income without knowledge of life-time value of client?
  • How to start a brand new company with little funds?
  • How to structure a profitable seminar business?
  • How to hire a “right-hand” man?
  • How to educate a sales force?
  • How to increase business, when advertisement is not entirely working?
  • Expanding business; how to bring someone else in the company?
  • How to grow a referral system?
  • How to grow our overall business?
  • How to be the best in the field?
  • How to expand product all over before patent expires?
  • How to franchise business?
  • How to expand sales?
  • How to market in a government controlled field?
  • How to increase clients?
  • How to write better copy for overall advertisement?
  • How to maximize on mailing list?
  • When you don’t have money, how do you look to hire?
  • Good at selling business to business, how to sell business to the customer?
  • Advice on where to start with Jay’s tactics?
  • How to attract a top-talent commission based sales people?
  • If using Maven principle to establish yourself as the leader in industry, what happens when the Maven wants to retire?
  • How many pieces should one send to determine which piece is more affective?
  • How to market intellectual property?
  • What are some creative ways to raise money?
  • What are some examples of going to an outside industry to find new marketing strategy?
  • How to calculate the value-lifetime value of client?
  • Piracy, what should we do?
  • Traditional ads aren’t working! How do marketers move from traditional marketing?
  • What if there is a large company trying to joint venture with a smaller company?
  • How to test different ideas, when having a small client base?
  • Where to look for capital during a tough economy?
  • How to convince a bank to help float loan?
  • How do we turn passion into business?
  • How do we expand beyond foot traffic?
  • How can one better leverage the sales forces of JV partners?
  • How do you add value to selling a cause opposed to a product or service?
  • How to make the most profit running seminars and consulting?
  • How to generate the most amount of leads the fastest way?
  • What do we do with our 90% of sales people who are not superstar caliber?
  • We need rapid funding, what are all the sources of funding one can do?
  • How can one leverage trying different ideas to get the maximum impact in the shortest time?
  • How to launch a product with free publicity?
  • With same business model, how does one expand from two branches into multi branches?
  • Is there a best approach for looking for public funds?
  • How to build a better referral system?
  • How to market for non-profits?
  • How to launch a whole new venture from scratch?
  • Why does doing the right thing, feel so overwhelming?
  • How to determine if one should continue to personally finance their growth, or go outside and seek investors?
  • When managing growth, how to find the right people to fit in the group?
  • When you are not the owner of company, how does one affect change?
  • How to go to a large company, and present your product?
  • How does one establish them self as an expert, especially when having a small time-frame?
  • How to expose valuable information to the masses?
  • How to partner with major players in industry to get support to draw on all resources?
  • How can one start selling their product in US, if outside of US?
  • How does one pick the best method to go after a mass market?
  • How to do a referral system for an unconformable product?
  • In a professional service industry how does someone create a risk-reversal or guarantee?
  • How does one build their backend?
  • How to recruit someone that will be the perfect apprentice?
  • Would the same business model that is used in Europe be successful in America?
  • What would someone look for in a good joint-venture?
  • How can someone gracefully and respectfully turn down business?
  • Power Partnering, what exactly is it?
  • How should one think outside the box for funds?
  • When investing in clients, how does one measure the lifetime value?
  • Difficult employee but super performers, at what point does one draw the line?
  • If all of marketing is focused on client, how does one make sure they are still working on brand awareness?
  • How to integrate online/offline presence?
  • How to identify leverage points in a business?
  • How to create a USP, what’s the process?
  • How to position and portray yourself against the current maven in that market?
  • The 3-5 most impactful actions to be the maven in your market?
  • Key elements of crafting the offer to the client?
  • How many campaigns does one have to run to figure out, which one is best?
  • If one wants to stand out in their market, what (one, two, three) things are universal, amongst all markets?
  • With regards to a calling process, is it a good idea to leave a message?
  • What are three examples of cash-windfall that Jay is able to identify, for small/medium sized businesses?
  • How can one create commitment in clients?
  • What are insights on how to gather the top 20% of clients?
  • How to figure out the best person and relationship for distribution?