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"Jay is probably the greatest marketing mind alive today."
-Success Magazine
"He's one of the best market conceptualists in the country." -Entrepreneur Magazine
"Jay knows how to get maximum results from minimum effort." -Investors Business Daily
"He gets businesses going and growing again."
-USA Today
"Jay is a specialist at turning under performing corporations into sales and marketing whizzes."
-Forbes Magazine
"Jay Abraham is one of the greatest business and marketing minds I've ever known."
-Steven Covey
Hear the Truth For Yourself...
Tony Robbins says: "He's amazing, phenomenal, remarkable. The Foremost Growth Strategist For Small and Large Companies in The World. A True Marketing Master."

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Brian Tracy discusses Jay's track record compared to his own...

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Hall of Fame Quarterback, legendary entrepreneur, Fran Tarkenton talks about this Hall of fame business builder.

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T. Harv Eker Introduces Jay at one of his events...

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elcome to my world of non-linear business building, possibility thinking, performance enhancement, multiplied sales, increased profits and preeminent/preemptive competitive advantage.

I'd like to help you "cut through" the theory and get right down to the crux of what I do, how I do it, why it frequently produces such stunning profit performance impact. I've also provided specific case study examples of my successful work and strategic accomplishments -- This will help you see how and why my methods and strategies deliver such powerful impact.

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Nightingale Conant Interview


Discovering the Greatness Within You - Interview of Jay by Nightingale-Conant (audio and transcript).




Willie Jolley Interview



Willie Jolley - Fun, fascinating interview Jay did with Hall of Fame speaker for his nationally broadcast Sirius radio, talk show.






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Put my methods and mindset to work in your business

  1. My two, top-rated books.


    • Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got:  21 ways to out-think, out-sell, out-advertise, out-maneuver, out-compete and out-earn your competition.

      Little mistakes that cost businesses big profits

    • The Sticking Point Solution:  Nine ways a business gets itself stuck, stagnates or stalls and how to correct these problems quickly, definitively profitably and safely.  I recommend you start here.  The Sticking Point tends to be more strategically focused.  Getting Everything tends to be more tactical methodology base. There are 336 examples in Getting Everything.  There are more immediately implementable transactional guidance/recommendation examples in The Sticking Point.  So, Start there.

    A complete and thorough grounding on The Strategy of Preeminence

  3. The Strategy of Preeminence - this is the foundation of all I stand for. Actually, it's both a strategic philosophy and a philosophical strategy for operating a preeminent business. I learned it from a client who used this belief system to hurtle their company to dominant leadership in an ultra-competitive industry. More interestingly, they out-sold their closest competition by 40% and had margins 35% higher. This "mini-collection" explains how they did it - how I do it - how YOU can do it, too!

    This strategy should become the underpinning of your culture, hiring, marketing, client interaction - everything should flow from this powerful belief system and new world business view.


    You receive three components: One, a transcription of a live discussion I did of the concept to a huge conference group. Two, the key belief points to always focus on. Three, 2 videos I did to seperate groups, one several years ago and one this year. Four, a "Cliff's notes" document containg the most important points for you to focus on.. This should be next in your progression cycle.

  4. Why some businesses achieve many times
    more success in their field than all their competitors

  5. Classic interviews of me done by Tony Robbins and Fran Tarkenton.  These are considered timeless.  They are penetrating examinations of many (but not all) of my best high-performance philosophies, strategies and foundational thinking.  Both Tony and Fran separately interviewed me for hours and hours.  Then a famous editor spent months cutting out all the fat.  While both interviews approach the same topics -- Tony and Fran went about the process totally differently.  So the interviews are intriguingly complementary.  You get them both audio and digitally.  I recommend the Tony Robbins version to listen to first, because it's extremely evocative.  Read the transcript next -- before progressing to the Fran Tarkenton version.  Do the same with it.

    Learn The Keys to Being a Highly Effective Leader

    My interview of Stephen R. Covey on "Effectiveness".
    Stephen R. Covey is author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I conducted a deeply penetrating interview with him where he invested over  90-minutes answering my "hot potato" questions about effectiveness. I've taken the interview and had it carefully transcribed for you so  it's easy for you to read and learn from.


    Discover the fortune that lies hidden in building more trust

  7. "My interview of Stephen M.R. Covey on "The Speed of Trust." I'm purposely putting this interview here - - - between my own proprietary resources. Because it explains to any business person how to command great trust, loyalty, certainty, connectivity, following and multiplied performance results from everyone you deal with -- meaning buyers, vendors, team members. People who've read this transcript say it totally shifted their thinking on everything from communication, advertising, hiring, selling, motivation, persuasion, etc. See what it does for you.


    It's a shame for you not to grow more sales and multiply profits -- when it's so doable

  9. How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be: This is a simulation of what it would be like to spend six weeks-straight, in private consultation with me, twice a week, for 90 minutes a session. It's highly clarifying, extremely well focused. It challenges your thinking, puts current logic to the test. You get audio and a workbook (totals approximate 18 hours of audio). It's over flowing with examples, case studies, and illustrative stories.

    Right and wrong methods of business building

  11. Abraham 101: This is a quick, simple short-course review-primer of my foundational basic philosophies and strategies. It's good to quickly peruse after going through the preceding five elements -- just to make certain you're not overwhelmed, overloaded or failing to see how things interconnect in my business building world.

    A window into my 3-dimensional, cat scan "possibility based" mind

  13. The Abraham Mind Shift Challenge: If you're ready now to suspend linear thinking and explore/encounter some utterly unclassifiable fresh ways to see possibilities, opportunities, options and gaps none of your competitors ever fathom - - - this 63 page compendium provides it. Something like 45 highly stimulating, paradigm-stretching case study examples, stories and illustrations. Don't read this document until you're ready.

    Double your effectiveness, reduce you efforts

  15. John Dudeck: Highest and best use theory. Provides penetrating comprehensive interview with no-nonsense, effectiveness expert who breaks personal and team performance/achievement and performance enhancement down to simple fundamentals-- It challenges you to simply take a sobering look at what your business REALLY pays you to do for it - and perform a reality check to see if you're delivering the goods!

    What these experts know about business building that you don't
    -- may transform your business

  17. The League of Extraordinary Minds Interview Transcripts:
    I interviewed 57 remarkable business icons (everything from top organization -- Harbor, Who Moved My Cheese to famed experts at persuasive influence) - - - dividing them into panel groups of approximately 5 experts per panel (assembled based on their specialized expertise). We (my interview partner and I) posed 5-7 critical issues/challenges/problems entrepreneurs face to each panel and asked each expert to answer separately on each question.

    The vast majority of responses were golden. A few are abstract. But most provided exceptionally actionable insight that any CEO/entrepreneur or P&L responsible manager can immediately put into use.

    An outrageous collection of business lessons, life secrets, high-achievement
    "ethical short-cuts," performance enhancement "accelerators",
    explosive ways to leverage-up your impact/output/results.

  19. This is a one-of-its-kind "Collector-Worthy" compendium of deep, penetrating, Socratic interviews I personally conducted in the last two months with six legendary Super Stars of business, sports, entertainment, arts and entrepreneurship.


    Rather than see the electric ideas I "mined" out of each legend's mammoth brain go unused--I took each unabridged full-length interview (averaging one & a half non-stop hours/15-20 transcribed pages each), combined them ALL together into one wildly enriching compendium--totaling 100 pages of rich wisdom, exceptional insights and rarely discussed fresh "slants"....on business, life, personal performance, competing masterfully...and so much more.



    The secret of making prospects and clients love your company

  21. How to Find Influencers and Win Friends, The Right Way - Dominate Social Media, using methods even the big companies don't know. I collaborated with one of the technology world's most sophisticated research groups to come up with a four-part, insightful look at how a business can best master social media with total authenticity, connectivity and maximum positioning impact. This report is unprecedented.

    Putting my ideas to work, in real business situation

  23. Videos of me in action: Two types, long and short. Both offer exceptional instructional, illustrative guidance of how my mind works in real-world business situations.

    • Here you'll find 35 two to four minute long "quick fix" videos I did, called the Abraham Advantage. They each take on a powerful topic, concept, and distinction and clearly explain/explore it in a way that causes you to think deeply. Some are more relevant to a given business situation than others. But feel free to select any of them by their descriptions.

    • Hot Seats/Lightning Rounds: In these videos, you'll be able to watch me roll up my sleeves and embrace highly, specific business situation scenarios and issues -- in a non-theoretical, no-nonsense, straightforward, high-level, problem solving process.

      The hot seats reveal more probative examples of how I think, work, function. The lightning rounds show how quickly it's possible to re-think a given business situation.

      Hopefully, both examples will demonstrate application of what you've learned from my other resources (you've studied) so far -- Also, hopefully you'll see that my grasp of different business scenarios is quite expansive -- and perhaps it'll inspire you (if suitable) to want to talk with me directly.


    Do you make these mistakes in your business?

  24. Two Questionnaires: Here I'll provide two questionnaires. One is an 87-question self-assessment designed to help you examine how your business really stacks up. It poses many never-before-considered issues, facets and performance dynamics of your business you'll want to carefully examine, explore and reflect upon.

    The second document is a version of a 200+ "monster questionnaire" I ask prospective private fee and performance-based clients to answer. I DO NOT recommend you try and fully answer this longer questionnaire now. Merely review it to see if you even can and let the haunting realization that many of these questions have never been thought about -- challenge you to take all you learn from these resources more seriously.

    Six times more sales from the same efforts?

  26. Nine Drivers of Exponential Profit Explosion. There are nine, key "force factors" or "drivers" a business can concentrate on for highest impact and performance improvement. I've tried to quickly list and explain each force here so you'll start looking at every action, effort, activity and interaction your business conducts more attentively.

    For entrepreneurs who want to think more powerfully

  28. Creativity Switch Transcript. This is a transcript of a disarmingly simple, yet profoundly effective short course instructional we created a while ago to help propel linear thinkers into creative, innovative, inventive, possibility-based creators of value and agents of competitive change.

    Originally it was done in audio format. This is the literal transcript of that short-course primer. If you do the simple requests required -- your paradigm will expand -- your world of possibility will stretch.

    Learn the "ins-and-outs" of Successful Partnering

  30. RECENTLY, I was the "Surprise Guest Presenter" at a unique business conference--focused squarely on teaching business owners the "ins-and-outs" of successful partnering. Rudolph Giuliani was the keynote. Oprah Winfrey's friend, Steadman Graham was one of many speakers. But they brought ME there---for one reason:

    To blow the lid off people's linear-minded thinking about all that's possible---by doing more inventive forms of power partnering deals with other organizations.

    Anyhow... I spoke twice... Each time for about 90 minutes. My working title was called "Maximizing The Leverage In Relational Capital". I barely got through a tenth of my slides...YET my presentations (remember I did TWO) were rated "The Best, most provocative...stimulating, possibility-provoking discussions of the event."

    My Latest Philosophies on Business and Success

  32. If you've ever wondered what kinds of things keep me up at night... what kind of pressing issues I so desperately want to find easier, better, quicker, more efficient solutions for that will help YOU -- the hard working entrepreneur -- so you can make a significant difference in your life, the life of your customers, the life of your team and ultimately your family's life, then you'll want to download and consume this series of 8 philosophical journeys thru the deep recesses of my constantly probing mind.




    Keynote for top Speakers and Authors

  34. Here is a recent presentation I did for some of the world's top Speakers, Authors and entrepreneurs at SANG - the Speaker and Authors Networking Group which is an annual gathering of some of the top minds in the media and publishing world.




    The Ultimate 45 Minute Reality Check

  36. In October I shook up the minds and challenged attendees of SANG - The Speaker and Authors Networking Group to "The Ultimate 45 Minute Reality Check."

    Explaining - Comparing - Describing what he did on that stage in less than an hour is difficult. Suffice it to say that in that period, Jay only talked a total of, maybe, 17 minutes... but what he got the highest performing minds in the room to confront, then do, then share was... well, it was utterly incomparable to any reference model I could describe. So I want to share the entire, unhedged/unabridged 45 minutes of video footage - I promise you'll find it wildly stimulating.


    Keynote for Kinder-Reese Real Estate Partners

  38. Listen in on this unique presentation I gave for the folks at Kinder Reese and discover what I really think of Steve Jobs and my surprising revelation of what the key to his success truly was!


    Then watch me interview the owners of the company, Jay Kinder and Michael Reese, about how they built their agency. Then watch me interview their top sales people - the high performers - who reveal the distinctions that helped them rise to the top of the sales charts!



    A Time Capsule From My Life In Marketing

  40. Back when I conducted those $15,000-$20,000 per person Protégé-Mentor programs - I spent the first four hours of the first day of EVERY five-day event - painstakingly sharing with attendees exactly/precisely and in stage-by-stage steps, activity-by-activity - exactly how I went from Jay Abraham, young, unknown, up-and-coming marketing "aspirant," to media-dubbed "Marketing Genius-Extraordinaire."

    I shared my life in marketing (up to that freeze-frame point in time), BECAUSE I felt it would best demonstrate and connect the dots for people (like you) on how vitally important it is to travel outside your industry -- or your current reference sphere -- to expand your perspective, to enhance your comprehension, to liberate your sense of possibility - to empower you to never again get stuck.

    I want you to watch the same four-hour segment I mandated that everyone attending my five-day $15,000-$20,000 protégé-mentor live program experience. I promise you'll be impacted meaningfully by watching this video.


    Land Your Dream Job - Expert Advice from a Top Headhunter

  42. This is a wonderful e-book a partner of ours created on "How to be Your Own Headhunter." Simply put, he's a world-famous headhunter we have an interest in. But he knows that well-skilled people like many of you - deserve a far better career future - if you're not going to start your own business, right now.

    So he created a one-of-a-kind book to guide you on do-it-yourself, masterful headhunting.

    Think of it as having a six-figure headhunter on your shoulder guiding you through the moves and maneuvers required to secure the premier of career positions - in an economy that sucks. It's a great, self-directing instruction that sells nothing.



    Create a SalesVortex In Your Business That Sucks In Clients On Autopilot

  44. The primary purpose of any business is to create a new client or customer. Bottom-line...without buyers and transactions, no enterprise can sustain, let alone survive. I sat down with a man who has personally developed dozens of the best sales, turnkey automated funnels in the business - and asked him to take his "game" UP to a stratospheric level.

  45. We created the concept of a "Sales Vortex" - rather than a mere sales funnel. The idea here is that once someone is in it - they are honorably, ethically, authentically - but stunningly - automatically, continuously, progressively "advanced and enhanced" forward - until ultimately they transact business or passionately influencesomeone else who CAN transact business with you.

    Your success probability multiplies many times higher if/when you embrace the "SalesVortex Strategy," rather than doing the topical episodic, static-type, intermittent follow-up process - most businesses practice.




Again, Don't feel intimidated by all that's being offered here...

Take your time, move progressively through elements at your own pace. You are certainly welcome to download everything all at once.

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Also, feel free to share these resources with anybody/everybody within your organization that might be benefited -- (or who will benefit you) by understanding these ideas first-hand.

My investment here is long-term. I want you to richly benefit from these resources -- irrespective of whether you ever become a client or not.

I've found it's good business to generously invest in quality business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO's... I'm certain it will come back to me in the future.


And for those who are interested in direct relationship with me

By the way, anyone wanting to explore the possibility of a direct, long or short-term advisory relationship with me -- particularly the type I call a "Profit Partnership" -- where I mostly only profit on performance -- please visit

I hope these resources stretch your sense of possibilities, animate your sense of how much more is truly possible for your business. And open up a vast array of opportunities you've previously overlooked. I promise the materials you're about to receive and my future performance enhancement education I'm gifting here WILL NOT disappoint.



Jay Abraham



P.S. If your review of these resources stimulates you to want a direct connection with me, you can either arrange a highly professional marketing makeover/strategy restructuring - - - a short-term problem-solving session with me. Or we can carefully discuss and explore the merits of a long-term, mostly (or fully) performance-based/profit-sharing consulting relationship.


Here I would provide ongoing advice, strategy, guidance, direction, mastermind your marketing/selling strategy, review and revise your business model and reposition your positioning message/competitive positioning if required -- and participate in the meaningful, long-term profit improvements my contributions produce. (You can explore both ways of working with me - without obligation or commitment on you part.) Simply visit to request an interview with me.