Are ANY of Your Clients Accredited Investors?


If you’re an accountant — who represents an accredited investor — you probably need to learn all you possibly can about Crowdfunding — as soon as you can.


Because on September 23rd, Accredited Investor Crowdfunding became legal. Once that happens — I predict — you’ll start getting a bunch of your biggest/better clients calling and asking you many questions: About the many offerings, propositions, deals, gambits, and business investment proposals that they start seeing recurring on websites they visit – or their mobile devices — in their email inboxes etc.

Are you ready for what some media and regulator experts have called “The Most Disruptive Development in the Accredited Investor’s World in the Last Three Decades”?

If YES — congratulations – you’ve been doing your homework.

But – if you’re not ready – believe me – the onslaught of questions, phone calls, business proposals you’re about to have to field is unimaginable.

Are you prepared to field those calls/inquiries?

If you aren’t, then you might seriously consider attending The 2nd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp, October 14th-16th at The M Hotel in Las Vegas.

Admission is a modest $750 for the entire 3-Day event, which includes networking parties in the evening. There is also a special discount for students and teachers for $450 per ticket…

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Suffice it to say that everybody, everywhere, looking for investment capital — will now have the world as their promotional oyster to solicit, target, and induce (or maybe try and seduce) your client.

Think I’m kidding? Well consider this:

Since September 23rd of this year, Title II from the Jobs Act allows companies to tell everyone they’re raising money, which represents a major break from rules that have been in place since the Great Depression.

“What companies can’t yet do is take money from everyone.  But that’s coming, too, once rules on so-called “crowdfunding” are finalized, likely in 2014.” (Taken from an online Forbes article posted on 09/23/2013)

This allows public advertising of a wide array of offerings targeted for accredited investors.

The biggest law firms, broker-dealers, even the Congressman who got the Jobs Act legalized will be at the Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp.

Shouldn’t you consider being there too? Particularly IF you have any – and definitely if you have many – accredited investors as clients.

Go here:, then consider attending.
To receive a $100 discount (off the $750 ticket price only),
enter the promo code: fund2013

A person in the “know” claims that — last year — 80% as much capital as was transacted in the public market, was transacted in the private placement world – and that’s when public advertising was illegal!

What do YOU think will happen when everyone – good deals, bad deals, crazy deals, questionable deals – all turn to the internet, mobile advertising, or whichever blogger or anyone your clients (with an email list that everyone is trying to siphon investor’s off of) trust…

Game-changing developments that positively or negatively impact your practice dramatically are rare. The implications of Accredited Investor legalized advertising is profound.

Just wait until all the marketers and online advertising people get their hands on these offerings.

It seems to be “the Source” of well-revered experts, quality education/expert-information on Crowdfunding, including Accredited Investor Crowdfunding.

It will be 3 days of high-level, quality understanding, instruction and perspective that merits considerable evaluation — if not attendance — by everyone in business today. The information being shared will be priceless.

“It’s my privilege to provide the new crowdfunding industry, with a global stage that will help it develop into a viable asset class.”

-Ruth Hedges
Creator and Executive Producer of The 2nd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp

Again, here’s a link to the event:
And here’s the promo code: fund2013