What can ANY one expert possibly do for YOUR business growth that is worth $100,000 a day?

Transform your “already successful” business into a far MORE successful one — without any increase in cost, effort, resources, risk, or people investment that’s what! And find huge profits in places and ways no one else can.

Who is Jay Abraham?

Though Jay commands a sizable day fee, he prefers long-term, collaborative “masterful thinking partner” relationships with already successful businesses who aren’t fully maximizing what they currently do.

Jay takes on a few high performing companies for a six-to-nine-month “mutual audition” periods to help them focus on their highest and best overlooked areas of untapped opportunity, hidden assets, underperforming revenue activities, underutilized relationships and undervalued resources and relationships.

He does this six-month test drive for a monthly fee. It shows both sides how well HIS methods work rapidly for the business and how well the business works Jay’s concepts.

If the audition works well for both sides he’ll convert the deal over to a pure profit sharing, pay-only-for-results Pure Performance Sharing basis.

Here you’ll only pay for the significant increased sales/profit results that Jay’s ongoing efforts generate.

Any business contemplating working directly with Jay can see below what you’d be dealing with BEFORE you call to explore a relationship.


  • 6-month price $150,000 / $25,000 a month
  • First six-months, the client receives two 90-120-minute strategic guidance sessions a month and numerous resources
  • The initial 6-month period is designed to see how well and how profitably you and Jay work together
  • At the end of the initial 6-month period, the relationship is re-evaluated by both sides, and if the relationship is determined to be worth continuing you may qualify for a purely “profit sharing” arrangement


Your time will Jay will start off with a 4-hour Intensive/Extensive Deep-Dive 360-Degree Analysis of:

Hidden Profit Opportunities, Overlooked High-Yield Assets, Underperforming Revenue Activities, Underutilized Resources & Relationships…

  • Maximizing What You Are Doing Now to Drive Revenue—While Systematically Adding, Fortifying, Replacing Underperforming: efforts, activities, expenditures with far higher-yielding/lower risk lower cost superior replacement approaches…
  • Performing as required: marketing makeover, strategy restructuring, business model remodeling, brand repositioning, competitive advantage enhancement, add new easier relationship starting vehicles as well as profit multiplying ancillary product/service additions…
  • Perform PEQ/Optimization process to discover the highest performing, but under-valued marketing approaches, sales processes, markets, packages you aren’t fully capitalizing on.

Add, fortify, create systemized Three Way to Grow a Business Model (Multiply sources and thus the number of buyers, increase ethically size of purchase, multiply either frequency/utility value of repeat purchases).

Where applicable: Strategizing/Initiating Three Advanced Way to Grow Business Model (i.e. Penetrate one new market every year, introduce one new product/service every year, acquire on pure earn-out one competitor or complementary business every year).

  • Formulate: A Power Parthenon, i.e. multiple pillars of market access vehicles, each functioning as its own mini-profit center
  • Integrate the Strategy of Pre-eminence into your entire organization, elevating your market status, team collaboration, company unified passion, purpose drive.
  • Quantify each and every performance metric so we know where and why, and how to reallocate resources for optimal current and future yield.
  • Convert to three-dimensional thinking, replacing mere revenue minus expense approach by adding yield factor into ALL calculations.
  • Turn On (Or Turn Up) Your Nine Drivers of Exponential Growth.
  • Install multiple Advantage Factors in all you do.
  • Produce highly integrated, reverse engineered, well hedged, low risk, even lower investment-required 100X profit growth strategy.

All of these will systematically be addressed in the first six months of the advisory process.


You’ll receive a Complete Digital Collection of Jay’s Resources

1.) Entire 12 Volume Set of Reference and Specific Business Growth Books and Manuals > Total Over 4,000 Indexed pages, covering everything from mindset to, methodologies, to universal principles to case study examples

2.) Ten Full-Length Special Situation Expert Series Programs. Worth $65,000 include:

  • Best Performing Universal Principles laid out and presented two different ways
  • How to Supercharge those concepts once they are firmly performing in your business
  • How to Use Other People’s Resources instead of capital to grow your business
  • Two complete courses on growing expertise business or using expertise for marketing advantage
  • Course on a starting ten different categories of successful businesses from scratch—using no capital/no risk
  • Course on Creating passive income by controlling other company’s untapped assets and market access
  • A complete course on Thinking Differently than the maddening crowd you compete against
  • Three hundred issue real-world, problem-solving clinic
  • Two full-length million-dollar mastermind marketing intensives—each different
  • 200 question Cat Scan assessment instrument personally diagnosed/assessed by Jay

One Final Point…

It’s expected. While Jay has an exceptionally impressive worldwide success rate, there are no guarantees in life. There are even fewer in business. 

When you apply and get accepted for Jay’s six-month audition process—it’s because Jay sees exceptional potential existing in a long-term, profit-sharing relationship with your business.

Nevertheless, all Jay can promise is his very best efforts and that he’ll do everything possible to advance this into a long-term, mutually rewarding profit-sharing arrangement.

But nothing can be guaranteed to accept enormous expertise channeled to your business through Jay’s guidance and recommendations.

And, even if you can’t yet afford to invest in consulting now, Jay wants to generously invest in YOU and your business with no strings, whatsoever.

So, the materials provided on this page will help bigger companies gain confidence to call and it’ll help smaller businesses gain no-cost guidance to grow bigger on their own.

If you are ready to start your business growth journey…

Contact Rob Colasanti

Phone:  (727) 480-8853

Email:  RobColasanti@abraham.com

Or book a call today by CLICKING HERE

Resources Galore! Here You Go… Enjoy!

My goal for the resources on this page are really very straightforward…To provide you with actionable strategies that you can use to grow your business beyond anything you ever expected, or even hoped.

The information here could be worth hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars if it were to be sold. What it’s worth in additional profits to you could be many times that – if you apply it.

So, I invite you to bookmark this website and return again, and again.



What do Daymond John at ABC Shark Tank, Dave Asprey of Bullet Proof Coffee, and Anthony Robbins have in common?

They all attribute a large part of their success to the mentorship of marketing and business super consultant – Jay Abraham.

The man Forbes magazine calls “The Real Thing.” Forbes listed Jay as one of the top 5 executive coaches in the Country, Inspiring an entire generation of marketing experts who credit him as their primary mentor.

And Right now, Jay Abraham would like to share with you one of his most powerful business strategies:  Giving unconditionally. So get access to over 800 hours of priceless strategic marketing and business growth expertise.

Videos, Audios, interviews with legendary business icons, and best-selling books outlining Jay’s strategies that have generated billions of dollars in business revenue, no opt-in required, and no cost for any material.

50 Shades Resource Page


Special “Entrepreneur Disrupted” Mini-Series with Jay Abraham and Dave Asprey

Click the title to listen to each episode:


Get ready for something a little different. This is a new mini-series jam-packed with powerful business advice that arms you with the foundational key knowledge needed to be an effective entrepreneur.

In this introductory episode, get to know marketing legend Jay Abraham, and founder of BulletProof Coffee, Dave Asprey, as they team up and share with you their philosophies – preparing you for all that is to come throughout this powerful master-class series.


Jay and Dave challenge you to examine your business and entrepreneurship-focused ideas. Learn how to filter and determine which of your ideas you should be pursuing – and which to discard completely – as Jay and Dave share their own experiences and the insights they gained from following their own ideas.

Disruptive Business Models – Part 1:

Prepare to re-examine your business model unlike ever before. Jay and Dave discuss disruptive business models – what they are, what they look like, when to give content/products/services for free vs. when to charge clients, various business models they have encountered and the lessons to be learned from them.

Disruptive Business Models – Part 2:

Jay and Dave pick up where they left off on disruptive business models. This episode explores the mindset necessary to support your new disruptive business model, along with the actions you should be taking to make it all happen.

This includes entering and disrupting existing industries, where and how to invest your money and time, and effectively hiring/socratically interviewing to build a team that will represent your disruptive business model.


Jay and Dave go full force into what it really means to hire the team that is going to be the catalyst for your wild business success. They cover how an entrepreneur knows that it’s time to bring someone new on board, along with determining who to hire – and how to do it.

They cover how to properly communicate your vision to your team, the value of finding mentors, hiring A-players as opposed to B or C-players – and how that can actually save you money in the long run.


Jay and Dave shift their focus towards firing – when, how, and why to do it. This is an essential part of a business that often get’s overlooked by starting entrepreneurs, and when it is – it can be ugly. T

hey don’t hold back as they get deep into the obstacles and challenges that are met with firing, how to realize when someone is no longer pulling their weight, and most importantly – firing with compassion and how it is beneficial not only for you and your business but for the employee you fire as well.

This killer episode has values and belief systems that every entrepreneur should be taken deeply into consideration and evaluate thoroughly. Adopting these belief systems will save you countless hours, possibly years, of struggle and allow you to lead yourself and others to greatness in a much more efficient manner.


Learn to be a powerful Socratic interviewer.


Outsourcing is easier today than ever before in history – but is it always the right move to make? Jay and Dave go deep into the question many entrepreneurs are asking themselves today: “do we outsource it, or do we do it ourselves?”

They discuss both the advantages as well as the challenges that come with outsourcing – and how convenient and easy doesn’t always mean the right fit.

Learn how to avoid incompetency and ensure that whoever you outsource to is congruent with the message you and your business represent.

Bonus Plans:

Most believe giving bonuses is one of the greatest incentives for hard work. Today, Dave and Jay challenge that philosophy.

They approach the topic of bonus plans from an unconventional disruptive viewpoint. They get deep on how to use bonus plans effectively and efficiently – how, in certain places, they can work wonders, whereas in other places they actually serve as a distraction.

They go over the forces that motivate us all to work harder and offer alternative methods that achieve this result within your team without the use of bonus plans. They tackle the case of providing bonuses vs. giving higher wages.


How do you know how much you should be paying the members of your team – and how do you go about doing it? What different forms of compensation can you provide? How can you negotiate for your own compensation and avoid settling for your lowest offer?

Dave and Jay answer all these and more.

How (and When) to Incentive:

If you can’t enjoy the process of what you’re doing – is it really worth doing it in the first place? Today is all about incentivization.

Dave and Jay guide you in creating and instilling both an element of fun and inspiration with those you work with – a philosophy that does not apply just for business, but also for all aspects of life and everyone you interact with.

Dave and Jay cover which parts of incentivization are important – and which aren’t, the art of gifting – the right kind of gifting showing true genuine appreciation to those you work with, creating an environment both where people want to be and where they feel special – along with how flexibility is one of the greatest incentives you can offer.

Hack Your Employees’ Brains:

A Bio-Hacking look at how to improve and enhance business and employee performance.

This covers how to use food and technology to boost cognitive function and bring more of the brain’s potential online and a few even more eccentrically disruptive concepts.


Do businesses even need to pivot in the first place? Today’s episode is on an issue that every company, no matter the industry, faces – the need to pivot.

Oftentimes, companies come across an obstacle they see no way around and think their only option is a dramatic pivot – laying off half the team, dramatic changes to company structure, going into panic mode to save what they’ve worked so hard to build…

What Jay and Dave address here today is whether this needs to be an issue in the first place.

This episode answers what a pivot is, when it is needed, how to do it, and whether it is needed in the first place. On top of that, why a fluid business is, in fact, better than a business that pivots (more on that in the episode).

As always, Jay and Dave share their own approaches to integrating these factors into their own businesses.

Disruptive Business Growth – Part 1:

What do you do when the business you’ve worked so hard to create begins to get stuck and hits turbulence? Jay and Dave consider this very issue. They cover:

  • The foundations of growing a business
  • How to grow what you’re currently doing. Along with the most effective methods and personal actions Jay and Dave use themselves.
  • Discovering ways to get unstuck from downward growth.
  • Learning to be well-rounded and connect with a large spectrum of people – most importantly, changing your worldview.

On top of all that, Jay shares his philosophies on growing upside leverage, powerful referral systems, the most important/effective business growth drivers – such as the importance of testing, strategy vs. tactics, and so much more – all backed by his own personal case studies.

Disruptive Business Growth – Part 2:

Jay and Dave pick up where they left off on the fundamentals and nuances of disruptive business growth – continuing to add more distinguished insights to those delivered in the last episode. These range from:

  • Having the right people to support you along the way – especially when mastering systems-based thinking and putting together a structure.
  • Telling your story not just intelligently, but making it absolutely enticing.
  • Jay’s personal advanced three methods for growing any business.

Facebook Q&A:

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. In this final episode of our Entrepreneur Disrupted series, we decided to have some fun and answer a handful of questions from Facebook. Jay and Dave answering questions on topics like:

  • Why and how to find investors.
  • Practicing personal affirmations.
  • Starting a business without going to business school or having formal education.
  • Monetizing your podcast.
  • Ways to reach out to influencers and bring them value.
  • Valuing your time and choosing when to say no.


Ultimate Entrepreneur Special Podcast Series with Tony Robbins

What you’re about to hear in this 5-part series are direct extracts from when Jay shared the stage with none other than Tony Robbins, during Tony’s world-renowned Business Mastery event in Amsterdam.

Business Mastery is a 5-day, live training program that Tony leads, where participants can expect growth within their business of 30 up to 100% – or more, all within 12 months – and you’re going to get to listen to it, right here, right now, as our gift to you!

These segments are rapid-fire, Q&A hot-seats that Tony and Jay conduct of the seminar participants. They ask them to distill what it is that they do, which industry they serve, who their market is, and what the big issue and challenge is that they’re trying to overcome.

Then, Tony and Jay follow through with real-time, personal transformations and business makeovers they orchestrate right there on the spot. This is direct, concrete, purely action-oriented advice that targets the core of the specific obstacles these entrepreneurs are facing.

Business Mastery with Tony Robbins: #1

Business Mastery with Tony Robbins: #2

Business Mastery with Tony Robbins: #3

Business Mastery with Tony Robbins: #4

Business Mastery with Tony Robbins: #5


Special Interview with Jay Abraham and Dave Asprey


BulletProof Video Interviewing Jay Abraham: Biohacking Secrets For Success From the Greatest Executive Coach & Marketing Strategist In The World


Dave Interviews Jay – Part 1:

Join us for this two-parter interview as Dave digs deep into Jay’s practices and systems for maintaining his status as a top performer.

Dave Interviews Jay – Part 2:

Welcome back to the 2nd half of the interview Dave Asprey conducted of Jay.


Enjoy a video featuring Jay in action.