Jay Abraham’s Beyond Exponential Live – Terms of Service Agreement

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Yes, Jay, I’m excited to take advantage of your offer to participate in the beta versions of “Taking Your Business Profits Beyond Exponential” – live $15,000 version GRATIS in Los Angeles on May 3 – 4, 2023.

I’VE READ CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY the commitment stipulations to securing my seat:

I PROMISE that I will be attending both full days of the event, and understand fully that you request a good faith, totally conditional, and refundable deposit of $500 to confirm my seat.

I understand that whether I attend live or virtually, the deposit will be necessary to confirm my commitment and intention to fully engage in the program.

As long as I show up and stay for the entire, two-day, 8+ hour a day event (live or virtually), my deposit WILL be returned at the closure of the event. If I attend but then don’t show (and stay) on Zoom or in person (and yes, I am aware that I might be continuously called on throughout the two-day encounter and if I’m unresponsive) you will retain the modest deposit.

Also, an important detail for me to keep in mind is that there will not be a replay.

AND yes, I may bring another person for a 2/3 price reduction, meaning – not $15,000 but $5,000 per guest, two guests maximum, IF space is available that is…

How guest participation works:

  • I need to provide a deposit of $500, to secure the spots on the waitlist for all the seats I’m requesting.
  • You will start to assign guest seats after all the primary attendees have made their selection on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Once you confirm my guest request has been accepted I will be asked for the remainder of the payment (for my guest) within 7 days.

What I can expect from the event:

The event will be two “Jay Days” meaning, the equivalent of four normal Beyond Exponential session days. It will be intensive, comprehensive, and highly interactive – which is why it’s mandated I attend AND participate for the entirety.

FINALLY, I understand that you will arrange networking for both live and virtual attendees – however, if ANYONE is found trying to game the networking process to their own selfish commercial advantage during networking times, they WILL be removed from the event immediately (forfeiting their retainer). So, I pledge I will attend in the right ethical spirit.