Business Bucket List Bonanza – Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Dear Jay,

Count me IN!

I am committing full-out to participate in your 13-week, virtual, two-hours per session, unlimited business growth workshop entitled “The Business Bucket List Bonanza.”

As a highly rewarded experimenter, I’ll be gaining a wildly integrative, well-presented, composite understanding of how to take my business profits BEYOND EXPONENTIAL using the 30+ geometric growth categories that comprise your proven and proprietary system.

When I successfully implement your approach, Jay—I’ll finally be able to open the profit flood gates so an endless list of heretofore unachievable results can start pouring-in, continuing and compounding…for the rest of my business life.

I understand these weekly sessions will be powerfully interactive and that you fully expect me to ask questions, pose my specific business scenarios, share my perspectives, perceptions and realizations when asked to do so during each mind-stretching session. You will allocate adequate time and attention to ensure that the collaborative component of this experience is a beaming success…and I agree to do my part by contributing meaningfully throughout the journey.

Furthermore, I agree to put “colossal” effort into each and every homework assignment I’m given. I agree to do this for the benefit of myself, my company and the beta test group you’re carefully assembling.

I understand that agreeing to all of these participation-related requisites is why I’m being accepted into this limited attendance focus group and being given a $10,000 fee reduction. Plus, it is why you are generously giving me gratis admission to the mainstream version of this workshop when you host it in the future at a MUCH higher price point.

Jay—There may be an instance or two when I truly cannot participate in one of the 13 sessions due to an unavoidable schedule conflict or unforeseen crisis. If that should happen, I know that I will have access to the session recordings to study afterwards so I won’t miss a single breakthrough idea you provide and so that I will still be able to complete any homework you’ve assigned in a timely manner.

Finally, Jay—I’m committing to you that I will stay in the program for the full duration.

I understand and agree that if Iapply, execute, and implement these methods for all they’re worth and fail to achieve explosive growth (by at least 3X my investment) to my bottom line and bank account by month 12, as long as I show you simple proof that I did my part and that profits failed to multiply — my participation fee will be on its way back.

Jay, let’s do this!

By taking the affirmative step of purchasing a product, service or membership, buyer attests to have fully read, understood, and accepted the terms of this Purchase Agreement contract and the Terms of Service, and warrants to the Seller that said affirmative digital acceptance shall be deemed to be the same as if you had affixed your signature to this Purchase Agreement contract.